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This is why the game fails

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I played games all my life since they started appearing on computers. At that time rarely someone owned a computer. Right now everybody has it and there are more and more games, however less and less are good.

Why ?

Simple math: challenge=satisfaction. Game easy=boring. Game too hard=frustration.

It seems no game these days can find balance. Actually what most games suffer from is too easy difficulty.

Same here.

I just made account in hope of finding interesting, challenging game. What I found is no challenge at all. Why characters have health and shields if we don't need to manage it, I lose no any health even when fighting 3 monsters. No tactics required, it's enough to stand and press one button. Is it supposed to be attractive questing ? It's boring I'll never survive to end game content even if it gets harder there. And I think most people don't.


Nowadays this kind of difficulty (probably made for kids) is a disease. It's hard to find playable satisfying game you enjoy, everything is so easy, pointless.

Definition of a game is it supposed to offer challenge, when you overcome it you become glad and that hooks you into the game. Wildstar is missing that. 


This fact is also the reason many younger people actually are not aware there may be challenging games and don't see the reason why they are not attracted.


Theme is great, sci-fi exploring new planet thing. But gameplay is just "faceroll". And questing is major part of any game. Is it hard to make it enjoyable ?


Recently I've seen private vanilla server of a game that was hard at the beginning and population there was higher than retail. People prefer old undeveloped games just for the sake of difficulty.

The company figured out the thing and are opening vanilla servers again. You should learn from them, they are first to do it. They are always the first. You probably already know who I'm talking about. What do you think people miss ? less features ? Less content ? Less skills ? No, they miss thrill when you accidentally pull 3 monsters and die, reason to group other people, danger, actual need for better items and consumables, etc. The point.



Edit: I didn't find suggestion forum, so I post here. Please move to appropriate forum if necessary. 

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