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Which will be your new MMO home?

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With Wildstar coming to an end, I would like to talk about other MMOs out there.


We all know WoW, some wildstarers hate it just for being WoW but around and around, WoW is pretty know phenomen so lets skip talking about it.


Also, since GW2 has its own topic on these forums recently, lets skip that one aswell.


Now, I am taking a huge break form WoW, since I am not happy iwht nex expansion, which, under better circumstances, would be ideal time for me to dust up expeditions and housing and leveling in Widlstar. Alas this is not possible. So lets list some options, I tell you what I know and maybe inspire some of you or even let you inspire me with new ideas.


BDO - Black Desert Online


Currently my semi-idle MMO I am playing consistantly but not really actively. Despite all claims about P2W and community being weird and unfriendly (like seriously they kill you for taking their mob) BDO has lot of stuff. Taming horses, gathering resources, cooking and fishing, alchemy, purchasable houses in every city, all of them able to be home nad decorated, however decoration of house is very limited compared to WS, action combat, one of the best action combats in MMO RPG out there and gorgeous graphics that clings towards realism compared to cartoonish WS, graphics of the kind that will make your GPU fan roar aloud.


It is not free to play though, need to purchase a copy.


TESO - The Elder Scrolls Online


Similar to BDO and WS in several aspects. Realistic graphics mixing together with combat more on pair with WS, it even has what we call telegraphs here. It is kinda unique, very elder-scrolly feeling to it, focused on exploration, game interaction and immersion. However, being elder scroll game, characters are naturally ugly, especially elves. It has housing and from waht I heard, not tested myself yet, good housing with lot of decoractive options. I am enjoying it at the moment so far, finding out whats new since the release when I played it.


Oh - it is also buy to play.




Actually the reason I am giving this here is cartoon style graphics, that looks like improved WoW (before WoW got actually improved itself, it is kind of an old gmae today), it has the old tab targetting and one of the race is pretty muhc three chuas going everywhere together. You heard me. Three. Chua. Together. One of the poorer options to go to but it is still an option. World is interesting and very russian like. You can see it on the architecture of random houses in the world, colorful, as if you were visiting one of those russian villages kept for tourist purposes.


No housing as far as I know, but it has astral ships. And is free to play.




Tab targetting, older game, trying to capture vanilla wow feeling, has plus points for great housing (basically same housing as wildstar, but plots are smaller) and also for the same philosofy Wildstar had - every class can fulfill mutliple roles (aka rogue tanking!).


Free to play, but Trion is greedy company.


Everquest 2


Tabtargetting high fantasy gmae with housing that has nice decorative options WS-esque. Sadly, limited only (as far as I know) to inside of the houses, that are rather small. Game was somehow complex for me to really get into it, but it was really an explorative experience. I remember collecting feathers and butterflies on the go, completing their collections for rewards, hunting orcs to increase damage against orcs, that sort of open world exploration things. Also crafting minigames reminded me of what widlstar has.


Free to play, even though some races nad calsses are limited I think (unless they removed it recently)


Fortnite - Save the World


Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out. I played fortnite before its battle royal madness. Fortnite that has been lately renamed to Save the World. It is not actually MMO RPG, but a cooperation action focused heavily on building and leveling multiple characters AND weapons AND traps in your inventory. The graphic style and ingame plot story humor is very similar to Wildstar. If I say very I really mean a lot. It is an option for Wildstar fans to take a glimpse of that overwhelming cartoonish graphical feeling and sci-fi slightly black humor Wildstar always had.


Buy to play


Final Fantasy XIV


Not my first choice, especially due to its combat that I find slow paced and boring (slow + tab target = disaster for me) but the gmae overall if quite enjoyable. It has one of the better communities that will help you out or just start conversation if you feel like tlaking to strangers. It has housing, if you are lucky enough to buy a house (or at least an apartment) with some decorative options, characters are nice and the game is weird, but weird in japan sense, so it is like living in the anime. You only need one character so far as you can freely swap classes and simply level up everything on one character.


Buy AND pay to play.


Phantasy Star Online 2


If FF14 is weeb game, PSO is the definition of weeb. It MMO from Sony, sadly strictly for japan audience. However there are fna made patches that translate  large chunk of the game in english, it doenst require VPN and if you manage to create an account, you can play without much troubles. It is literally Anime the MMO, from plot to characters, it has action combat and "housing" even if it is just your personal room on your organisation spaceship.


Free to play




Well thats it for now. I might be able to think of something later on, looking forward for all your ideas and opinions.


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Heading off to Maplestory 2 for the time being. 

It looks to be fairly casual, there's a controlled guild size, meaning that a lot more small communities pop up than in other games, so I feel a lot more comfortable and happy there than anywhere else. Main attraction points I would say would be user generated clothes, furniture, building house and taming a large variety of pets, collecting trophies and exploration :)

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Hi, I'm not a regular here, so I have to admit to feeling a little guilty that I'm one of the people y'all can blame for Wildstar shutting down. :(  I should have showed up more often. Should have been more active, etc etc. Too late for that now.


Anyway, I just stopped in to say that I'm a long time member of Rift and as Jayvi said,  they do get many plus points for great housing. As far as plot size, though, that was a little wrong. There are several sizes of plots from smallish to very VERY big. Item placement is SO easy even an old idiot like me has no problem. To get an idea of some of the ways people have decorated, I'd suggest doing youtube searches for Rift Dimensions. Or, look up one of the member's website called RiftDimensionAddicts.com


As far as greed, all game companies are a little greedy. Some more than others, like Wow and SWTOR.  But really, I felt like Wildstar was more restrictive to free players than Rift but I'm not going to debate any of that. It's a matter of perspective and what you want from a game. I only dropped in to tell you that if you love housing, the housing community there is really great, and making your dream buildings is fun and easy.


Oh, another thing that's really cool is the ability to personalize our clothing. However, that's where it could get into actual money. Not necessarily though. Once armor is unlocked (from quest or whatever) its unlocked on all the alts.  Mix and match outfits, make some with crafts, dye them.  No restrictions on 'type' of armor. Like, some of my clothies are wearing armor that's actually chain or metal but I happened to like the look. Other way around, too; plate wearers in cloth and leather.


That's all I wanted to say. If you've tried Rift and didn't like it, well that's ok.  I respect your opinion, please respect mine. I don't work for any game company so I've no horse in the race, I just wanted to pass along an invite to join our community.

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Seconding the Rift housing is awesome thing. Though I always struggled with the placement controls compared to WildStar's. They're functionally the same, but for some reason I have a harder time with precision in Rift. *shrug*


I really don't know where my after-WildStar home will be - and by that I mean, which MMO I'll go to for raiding. WoW and FFXIV are the most likely for that. I'll likely have more time to devote to GW2 and Rift, as well, and I've been dabbling in ESO for one IRL friend. But... it just depends on where my other WildStar friends end up wanting to be. I don't want to leave them. :(

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I've said it for years. There probably just won't be one. Wildstar's the only MMO that managed to capture me, all the others held my attention for weeks at best whereas this one's kept me since the tail end of closed beta. Me and some friends keep trying out new ones but they never last more than a week or two, and a pretty consistent theme seems to be "I kinda was hoping it'd be like Wildstar again."


This game should have at least set new industry standards for housing or costume customization. But instead we've just got... Crap out there waiting to cap off incredibly generic art styles and storytelling, almost always based in feudal era fantasy type settings with the same reskinned races or "we have 5 flavors of anime human that all have the same customization options, but different defaults." Maybe with a splash of "it's an elin from Tera to appeal to the lolicon crowd but we called it something different."

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All I have left now is SWTOR, and I haven't touched it in almost a year.


I think it might be time for me to just move on from the MMO genre, there's nothing left at this point that grabs my interest.

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