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Wildstar Streamers!

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Starting this thread to get a single place for streamers to post up their streams.  Recommending that people list the group they raid/play with and the times they stream along with their main character name and URL to stream.

Stream Title: Jazz Raidio

Character: Sylyss Dalakan

URL http://www.twitch.tv/sylyss

Guild: Phobos

Times: M, W, F 9:30-midnight EST

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Posted (edited)


Main Character: Gee String, but plan on doing a 1-50 stream.

Guild: none at the moment

Motivation: To bring more attention to this amazing game that is Wildstar.

Times:  Friday 1230-400 PST Mon-Thurs 1230-400. Times are tentative depending on RL and Work overtime.

Twitter: @gate40699481 To know when the streams are up!

I look forward to seeing everyone!!!

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