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Wildstar Roleplay Primer

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From http://tinyurl.com/wsrpfaq


Q: How is the RP community here?
A: Pretty large and diverse!

Each server has an OOC chatroom to meet other RPers. On Entity, this is at /chjoin WSRP and on Jabbit, it's /chjoin LFRP. /chjoin is the command to join any channel should you want to join more! 

There's also a good amount of circles, guilds, and events! You can find a list of these activities on theEvent Calender. 

Guilds, Circles, and other Events can be found on the forums under the Entity or Jabbit 

Most RP occurs on housing lots, which require you to be level 14. However, you can still join the channels before level 14.

Q: What server should I join?
A: That depends on your region! If you're in North America, Entity is the main server, and it is an RP PvE server. If you're in Europe, Jabbit is the server and it is also an RP PvE server.

If you're playing on Entity, I strongly recommend having a look at our RP primer with everything you need to know, found here! 

Q: Where is the chatroom? 

You can find us out of game if you're on Entity at The Entity Discord or if you're on Jabbit, the The Jabbit Discord !

Q: Should I play Exile or Dominion?
A: On Entity and Jabbit, both factions have a large RP base and regularly hold events and are involved in plots. In Wildstar, you can also use add-ons to speak cross faction as well. You should play whatever you'd think you'd enjoy!

Q: Where can I find lore?
A: All over! We have a collection of lore gathered at this site under Roleplay Resources on the top menu.

Loremageddon is a collection of the official Wildstar lore of the game.

You can also check out our timeline at the site!

Q: Are there any add-ons I need?
A: None you need, but there's a lot that are very useful!
You can find add-ons at Curse , and we have a list of useful RP here! 

Q: What are circles?
A: Circles are like smaller versions of guilds. They give you access to a chat channel specific to the circle, as well as a tag over your head. You can be in up to 5 at once, and are great for RP to allow players to be parts of multiple different groups!

Q: What are the site rules?
A: The site rules can be found at our Code of Conduct . In a nutshell, be nice to one another!

Q: Where can I learn more about RPing?
A: The Roleplay Resources topic on the top menu has some good links to what RP is and a little bit about It. There's also our Roleplay Resources forum that has a good amount of information!

Q: What class should I play?
A: That really depends on your playstyle and what you think you'd enjoy! Every class is capable of being a DPS, with everyone given a second toolbar to switch between a secondary build so you don't have to choose between DPS, Tanking, or Healing. There are 3 classes capable of healing (Spellslinger, Esper, and Medic) and 3 classes capable of tanking (Stalker, Warrior, and Engineer)

Q: Where does RP happen? 
A: All over! A good amount happens on housing lots however - you cannot access housing until level 14 unfortunately. The WSRP Housing Directory has a list of active lots, as well as hours of operation!

Q: I had a character sheet I made in the past, but I can't find it! Where'd it go? 
A: We archived a lot of the older character sheets during a forum reorganization, so if you want us to put your character sheet back on the main forums, just poke a mod and provide the link for us to move the thread back! You can find the original post by clicking your profile and your old posts.

Q: What are all these currencies? What do they do?
A: Each currency is pretty modular - A PvP currency for PvP gear, a raid currency for raid gear, an end game currency for end game. Ishaori put together a great guide to help you figure all this outhere! 

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The Discord server you refer to as dedicated to Entity RP is actually the universal Wildstar server that includes all servers.

There is another server, which is specifically dedicated to Entity RP, conveniently named Entity_RP, which you can join with this adress: https://discord.gg/4JDrpHY



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Posted (edited)

The Discord I refer to as the Entity RP discord is the main discord for Entity Roleplayers used by the Wildstar-Roleplay.com community.  While your side project is noted, that is unrelated to WSRP itself, which is what this thread is about.

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