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Wildstar Loot Tables WIP

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Hello Nexus!
I've recently returned to your wonderful world with a few friends. I think many of you have seen me around and trust me when I say its been refreshing. I played during launch, and when we were hit with the "DDOS Wall" I slowly watched as Nexus melted away. This ultimately resulted in myself making my way elsewhere always thinking if her in the back of my mind... Alas, I am back! And this time, I plan on experiencing all the raids this beautiful game has to offer... that's another story though!

With that being said, and the return of myself and a few others, we have run into a few issues in regards to gearing and the new content out there. This was mainly in regard to where I needed to go, to find the gear I wanted. So I have started to compile a loot table of my own that is a bit easier on the eyes than some of the others I have seen. I by no means wish to downplay the work that has been already put together (because it was phenomenal), just wanted something a little easier for myself to discern. So without further ado, the link to my "new" spreadsheet will be below:


Please feel free to post below of any inconsistencies as I update the spreadsheet, or take a look at the "Intro" tab if you would like to get in contact with me directly.

Hope to see you all in Nexus!


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