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pho u

where's pavaler point?

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pho u   
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I don't know how to access it. tried google, and asking around in game. no one answered... so I'll try here. 

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If it's your first time to go to Palaver Point I highly recommend doing the Redmoon Terror intro quest which should guide you straight to it. In addition you'll get a decor item for your housing plot that allows you to instantly teleport from your house to Palaver Point after you completed the quest which will likely be quite convenient in the future.


You can get the quest from Ish'amel the Bloodied in Thayd and Illium. Locations in the spoiler below.

Thayd, just west of Champion's Corner



Illium, next to the PvP vendor at Conquerer's Square



The other route to reach Palaver Point is through the open world transit terminals in Algoroc (Exiles) and Deradune (Dominion).

These terminals are located at the Deadstar Ravine in Algoroc and the Grimvoid Landing in Deradune. The spoiler below has screenshots of the terminal locations in the area.

Deadstar Ravine terminal



Grimvoid Landing terminal


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Just adding to the above, doing the intro quest is necessary to unlock the daily quest at Palaver Point.


Also if you are not sure how to get to DeadStar Ravine or Grimvoid Landing on foot to access the teleport terminals, just select the optional task in your tracker and press [F]. This should lead you to Ish'amel's  dinghy, which will fly you to those locations.

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