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Madame Fay - Current Rewards (6/6/2018)

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Industrial BoreBot (Gold)

Mining Skimmer

Industrial BoreBot (Blue)

Industrial BoreBot (Yellow)


Meteor Hoverboard Package

Hoverboard (Meteor)

Hoverboard Mount Front Flair: Meteor

Hoverboard Mount Rear Flair: Meteor

Hoverboard Mount Side Flair: Meteor



Astro the Eavog


Miner's Weapon Container

Miner's Assault Auger

Miner's Auto-Grinder

Miner's Bore-Blade

Miner's Cordless Punches

Miner's Auger Cannon

Miner's Wrist Drills


Fighter Ace Costume Bag

Fighter Ace Helmet

Fighter Ace Flight Suit

Fighter Ace Spaulder

Fighter Ace Pilot Gloves

Fighter Ace Flight Pants

Figher Ace Gravboots


Excavator's Costume Bag

Excavator Helmet

Excavator Mantle

Excavator Clamps

Excavator Carapace

Excavator Legplates

Excavator Digboots


Ground Mount Customization: Prospector's Flair

Ground Mount Front Flair: Prospector

Ground Mount Rear Flair: Prospector

Ground Mount Side Flair: Prospector


Spacefarer Premium Dye Crate

Necromancy Dye

Pale Moon Dye

Rustic Steel Dye

Junkyard Red Dye


Underground Casino FABkit


Zombie Playground FABkit


Exceptional Rune Token

Madam Fay's Cashbag


Bag of Omnibits

Service Token Box

Random Rune Bag

Tradeskill Crate


Galactic Citizen Decor Pack

Ekose Shiphand (Red)

Ekose Shiphand (Gold)

Ekose Shiphand (Green)

Ekose Shiphand (Blue)

Ekose Dispatcher

Grumpel Spacefarer (Style 1)

Grumpel Spacefarer (Style 2)


Extraterrestrial Decor Pack

Alien Buzzbing

Alien Steamglider (Style 1)

Alien Steamglider (Style 2)

Alien Terminite

Alien Skug

Alien Skug Egg

Alien Skug Queen


Orbital Decor Pack

Dimpled Asteroid

Cratered Asteroid

Spacewalk Rock (Flat)

Spacewalk Rock (Cracked)

Spacewalk Rock (Narrow)

Planet: Gas Giant

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Posted (edited)

I forget, do those Ekose Shiphands and Grumpels have animations?

Edited by Naunet

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