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Introducing The Xcom Raid

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Greetings I am proud to announce my newest project for Wildstar, The Xcom raid. The Xcom raid will be a weekly Genetic archives raid for the public on the Entity North American server . Most of the information is on the website 


The maiden raid of this is set for June 6th 2018 at 9 pm est (1 hour after reset).

The requirements are at to at least be close to an item level of 100 and roughly 12% strikethrough for dps. (I will be fair in allowing people to raid since this is a public event and is meant to help newer players) 

if you have any other questions comment below, contact Michael Xcom on the Entity server, or go to the website and fill out form 2.

(if I posted this in the wrong section let me know I will do my best to fix it)

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two small changes have happened to this event.

1. the raid was moved to 7 est ( 1 hour before reset)

2. item level requirements have been lowered to 85 instead of 100.

thank you for taking the time to read these changes and i hope to see some of you join in the raid sometime. 

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Posted (edited)

Great to see more people coming together to set up PUG raids! The next generation of raiders starts with outreach like this. Thanks!

Couple of things. Re: the site, you can update this section



Genesis key? What is that and how do I get it? The Genesis key is like your ticket into a raid and can be obtained from Drusera in your capital city in the enigma chamber for Dominion characters and it's equivalent for exiles I assume (I have not gotten my exile to 50 yet if this is wrong contact me and I will change it)

with 'Secret Ops' for Exiles.

Personally, I think the RaidCore addon should be listed as mandatory. As you mentioned, it is really very helpful.

Also, you should add a section for Comms. If you have a discord for example, you should list the join link, and if there is a dedicated channel specifically for XCOM raids, you can list that too. People who are not the raid lead don't need to talk if they'd rather not; but listening to raid calls is really great for reaction time during fights.


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Michael Xcom here I have a couple of announcements so lets jump right into them

1. August 15th will be my last raid since past that i will no longer have enough free time to host raids let alone come to them 

2. we are heading into DS this week and requirements are ilvl 100(RUNED) roughly 17 st (in combat) and key imbued 4/4.( i don't know if there will be a full clear)

3. I still do plan to host the occasional raid when time permits so check in game and discord channel for when i will be hosting them ( i do plan to host them weekly again at some point in the future when my schedule permits).

4. you guys can use the channel for what you need it for. (if you want to host raids when i cannot contact me and i will try to get you my notes)

5. one of these days i will update the website and this forum post to be completely accurate .

6. It's been great raiding with all of you i have learned more in these two months then i had before.

7. if you need to contact me whisper a character you see with the last name of Xcom i.e Michael Xcom or Cassius Xcom or contact me on discord (eeveefriend#4414) answers will most likely be delayed though so be patient 

Thank you for reading this message and raiding with us it's been an honor. Sincerely Michael Xcom.

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