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Barbaric/Savage Costume Set

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Howdy do~! ^^

So I happened upon a few bits and pieces of the Barbaric Costume set in one of the Auction Halls, though I'm afraid I didn't have the funds to buy 'em...
So I decided I'd do a little bit of Googling to see where exactly they came from, and it seems they are drops from Discoveries?
While I'm aware that the Discoveries are these glowing digspots on the ground. I'm afraid I'm not sure from which region to look...

Might anyone know where I can find them?
And on that note, would anyone know the location of the discoveries themselves? ^^

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Hi there ho there!


If memory serves the Barbaric costume can be found in the Crimson Badlands and possibly also the Northern Wastes. These are level 50 daily zones, not to be confused with their level 3-7 counterparts. 


I can't provide you with a map of discovery locations but some addons such as ZenRadar and possibly also Perspective (I think atleast, and you might need the GitHub version) can be used to track Discoveries within several hundred meters. That will hopefully make it easier to find them.

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I'm  not certain, but if Crimson Badlands has the Barbaric set, check Wilderrun discoveries for the Savage set.

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