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Mesha Straza

Housing Directory (NA)

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Hello Nexus Housing!

Do you have random player names written on scraps of paper littering your desk so you can remember places you want to revisit? Do you think it would be helpful to have all that clutter gone and have access to one searchable document for easy referencing? Well, that is what I finally did after years of being too lazy to type it all out! I have started a searchable/editable housing directory for NA and thought that I would make it open to everyone!


My hope that we can all maintain the list as a community by entering plot information and updating it as necessary. This list is for any NA plot that is public (or accessible by comm entry). Plots do not have to be "finished" to be included. 




**Shout out to Zemti and Kaeret for keeping such great records of their housing tours to assist this directory

** EU directory can be found Here


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