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[Holo-Wardrobe Bug] Spellbinder's Chest has no functional dye channels on female characters

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I came across this when trying to dye my favorite jacket on an alt. After testing across a few of my female alts, I discovered that the Spellbinder's Fusillade/Invigorating Vestments, the Slinger early pvp jacket, has no functioning dye channels. I know for a fact that it does for male characters.




As you can see, the jacket should be a godawful bright red or yellow color, but instead retains its original appearance.


Compared to my mordesh, or Draken:





Where it works flawlessly.

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Any word on this @Sunshine or other devs? This has been broken since at least the F2P launch. Would be nice to use this jacket on my female alts. 

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