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How do I use a FABkit?

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Go your Housing plot once you have it unlocked (through level 14 quest or Jumpstart Pack access) -> Open the Landscape menu from the housing hotbar or use Ctrl + F1 -> Click one of the 1x1 or 2x1 boxes.

The FABkit is used to construct something in a 1x1 slot or in a 2x1 slot, which slot you need depends on what FABkit you've got. Biome FABkits for instance always go into a 2x1 slot while Garden / Mining / Survivalist / Relic Hunter FABkits always go in 1x1 slot.


Note 1: FABkits are 1 time use.

Note 2: Some FABkits require a certain character level to be used.

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Note 3: And don´t forget that you can only have 1 harvesting-FABkit + the Garden FABkit


Which means you can build the Garden FABkit on a 1x1 slot, the ones left and right to the large "Your House Goes Here"-plot in the center of your plot, and either a Minig, Relic-Hunter or Survivalist-FABkit on any other 1x1-slot.


As for the youtube-tutorials:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fabkit+wildstar


They´ve quite a lot...


However, if anything else fails, just ask the community either ingame or here ;)

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