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Residental Renovation - Where is the Caretaker?

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Caretaker was in the first Chase event featuring this decor. He was replaced with the Security Avatar in the second and on, along with some of the decor itself. That decor that was taken out came back, every piece of it except for Caretaker.


I've been hoping to get him again for ages, and I don't understand why that particular NPC is still left out.

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Yes please and thank you!

And while I wouldn't mind if you could press F to interact with the decor for some great Caretaker/Avatus quotes, having the decor mute will be alright. I just would like them in circulation again. I humbly request their return!

Actually...seeing as they were part of Sim Chase and sim chase was Adventures, and Adventures could use a little love...maybe in the interim while y'all figure out the future of adventures, you could add these two great decor pieces, with a suitably rare drop rate, to Adventure loot? Lowest drop rate for bronze, highest for gold medal?

I'd be perfectly fine having them in Residential Renovation as purchasable decor when the sim rewards roll around, but the above idea just came to me.




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