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I really think the AH needs a Makeover

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When it comes to the User Interface of the Auction House/Commodities Exchange, I really think there's a lot of things that could be improved, to make it easier for players to sell their good and improve their economy.


I'm going to make an unordered list of things I've been pondering about  - feel free to add your thoughts and ideas to it, if you have any:


The Auction House


Browsing needs improvement: Whenever purchasing something, the players are bumped back to page one. This is extremely annoying if you're fx. on page 34 out of 72. Same goes for if you accidental hit the ">>"-button instead of the ">"-button, so you're bumped to last page. They are so closely placed next to each other that it's an easy accident to make, and then you have to click 33 times to get back to the desired page. It would be a huge improvement of the AH if you could type that page number in to get straight to it.



The search function is ineffective: If you want to search for something that you can't remember the entire name of, fx a portrait, it most often says: "Too many items with that name. Try a more specific query.". I really don't get how this is made into a big problem, when I've seen it work perfectly smooth in other games?



Selling Items is a slow and exhausting process: If you have multiple items of the same type that you want to sell, you have to first manually split the stack within your bag, to later submit them one by one in the auction house, to manually type the same price for every single one of them.

It would make it a lot easier if the AH had a "Stack size" where you could submit all in a stack of 1, set a price and click "List Items" so ALL were instantly submitted -unstacked-, with -same- prize, with just one click.



Commodities Exchange


Over Complicated: I don't really understand the need for having Commodities Exchange, as all this could simply had been covered within just the Auction House. 


I don't get half of the functions in it: I figured out two of the functions: The "Buy Now" and "Create Sell Order". I don't get the "Create Buy Order" or the "Sell Now" UI? If I go into Create Buy Order > Runecrafting and want to buy 5 "Divine Class Focus - Major", I apparently can't. The "Create Buy Order" is greyed out.


If I flip to "Sell now", all items are sold to less than I could trade them for by an NPC, and I can't change the price, as a red message will keep popping up with a "No buyers found for that price. Consider lowering the price or create a sell order."

I can't see what the item would be sold for in the market anywhere, so I can't set a simple undercut price through it. What are they for? Why are they there? I don't see the need for them, so my own suggestion would be to remove them, to keep it simple and obvious.


"Buy Now" often acts strange: The purchase limit acts completely random. Sometimes you can buy a stack of 200, while other times the limit is 20, 12, 3. There's no system or logic to how much you have to split your stack up to continuously buy items until you get the amount you needed. 

I found an explanation for why here https://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/2b4y9k/why_does_the_buy_now_section_of_the_commodities/?st=j9b6qaj7&sh=aeb3fa95- But I think it's a case of "The bridge to hell is built on good intentions". I would rather just be able to type the stack size and buy it for the price it's shown to have in the UI, without any complications or confusions.


"Create Sell Order" could also be improved: I think the economy would be easier and healthier managed, if it worked like the AH: People set their stack size, price and have the freedom to undercut other items.





These are the most obvious things I've taken note of. If you agree that the AH/Commodities Exchange could use some improvements, then give this thread a like or exchange your own ideas of how to improve it!

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Ah yes, the nightmare that is the AH and CX.

The AH is indeed annoying, especially on the Housing section, which has dozens of pages and every purchase resets you to page one.
I'm not sure what's up with the search function, but I think it breaks down if the query gets more than 30-50 results and it is indeed unnecessary as the Katia Builder Toolkit addon could, up to a few API versions ago, get past this problem.

Regarding the CX, I understand the system, mostly, but it's on the complicated side.
Create Buy Order: Used when you want to buy X number of item Y for prize Z with Z being a lower price than the current cheapest sell order (for example, the cheapest offer is 1 gold per item Y but you only want to pay 75 silver per item Y). If you're fine with the price being asked for the item you can use Buy Now (more below).
Sell Now: For this function to be available one or more people need to have placed Buy Orders for the item. If that's the case and you use things function you agree to sell your items for the amount of gold / silver / whatever that the person who made the Buy Order is willing to pay (if you want more money for each item sold you need to use Create Sell Order).
Buy Now: Now this is always a weird one. Simply put you agree to buy X amount of commodity Y for Z amount of gold / silver / whatever per item (these are Sell Orders from other players). The problem is that we can't see each individual Sell Order for an item which often come with slightly diffirent prices.

Let's say you want to buy 100 of Starshard, for 5 gold each and the cheapest Sell Order is also 5 gold.
Now here's the catch, we don't know how many Starshard person A is offering to sell for 5 gold. 10 maybe? 20? 50? 200? We don't know.
So if you want to buy 100 Starshard but person A only sells 20 then for the remaining 80 Starshard we're going to check the Sell Order(s) from person B.
How many does person B sell? 50 Starshard, but for 6 gold while you're offering just 5 gold each for 100 Starshard so your offer is to low. Ergo you get the error "Can't buy X number of Starshard for this price. Consider increasing the buy price." or whatever it says exactly.

And like this it's a constant rince and repeat untill you either offer enough money for each item to cover all buy orders in range that you need or you end up buying in smaller chunks.

That said I wish the AH and CX were more like that of EVE Online (or something similar) as in that game the entire AH (and CX) is one giant menu with categories and sub-categories (like our Armor -> Head / Shoulder / Chest etc. or Housing -> Decor / Improvements / Music etc. but far more in depth) in which all items are stored. In addition everything is offered in stacks (like Commodities) ranging in size from 1 to hundreds of thousands and it's also listed individually.

Example below.
Keep in mind it's a quite bit more elaborate than you'd need in Wildstar since you actually have to go to a station / solar system to pick up the items in EVE but I've always considered this a convenient and detailed info panel for their huge markets. The only obvious thing you'd need to add are big Buy / Sell buttons and the stack size. But other than that everything people would want to know is there.

So now below is a simplified sample version for Wildstar (based on EVE's system shown above) that I quickly put together using Wildstar's AH categories


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Guess what I noticed this week! Eh? EH?




If you have a stack of items 2+ and you sell it by selecting it and setting a unit price...


If you go to the buy tab of the AH, your and other players' listings now have a number indicating stack size!

It is indicated on the item's icon to the bottom right of same.




Thank you Team WildStar!

A bit of feedback though. The text is right adjusted and gets cut off/clipped so it's hard to see/read. If y'all could fix that slight quibble that would be wonderful!


I Love that it is there though! Finally! If someone is selling one item for 20gold and I sell 6 of the same for 30gold, no one will think my listing is more expensive! YES!!!

*dances away*

[screenshot to follow, sorry I don't have one right now]

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If you go to the buy tab of the AH, your and other players' listings now have a number indicating stack size!

... I thought that was always there? I can't remember it ever not being there.

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... I thought that was always there? I can't remember it ever not being there.


It was since "forever" for me there too... just not visible good, but there.

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Oh? I've never seen it before 2018. It's nice to have, anyway. The text could use a fix for easier legibility though.

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I need to remember to put a screenshot in this thread. The numbers are right justified(?) and their getting cut off  makes 'em nigh impossible to read easily.

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