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Grassroots - Social/Raiding Guild

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Grassroots is a a very well-organized social raiding guild seeking mature(ish), respectful adults to join our community either as a social member or raider. We're always helping each other out with their spec, rotation, gear, raid attunement etc.. No experience is needed, just try to be active and want to improve. We hang out on TeamSpeak chatting about random stuff all the time and do prime dungeons together between raids.

We try to listen to every voice in our community to build a home that everyone is happy with, not just for the top 5% of players.

If you are new to Wildstar we have tons of guides on our forums (many open to the public, take a look!) and a great community of people who are always willing to help out out those who ask.

If you are more experienced/returning player we have some of the best players in their class to help you out with improvements and getting the most out of the game and your character.


To progress all the raid content while having fun doing it and discover new friendly people to play with.

We won't rage at you for failing in dungeons or raids, but we will help you learn why you died to help you improve for the next time.

We want to show people all the content this game has to offer, we are not elitist jerks about it nor do we try to poach other people from other guilds, we just like to have fun and perform well through teamwork and co-operation.


Actually yes  :D composed and sang by the talented "Sharm"


Our current raiding schedule is Wednesday DS, Thursday GA, Sunday & Monday RM at 7:15pm UK time each day. Although progressing well in Redmoon we are still clearing Datascape weekly to gear our new players (and get more pinkies!). Attendance it not mandatory but we do like you to join at least one or two raids each week if possible.


If you are interested, you can either apply on our site http://grass.shivtr.com/ or contact Shirii Marbles, Merwoc Ashterion, Sonj Stalker or Some Thing for a chat/invite in-game,
or join us on TeamSpeak for a chat : grassroots.ddns.net:9900

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Currently accepting all classes, we're a little light on Medics (healers).

No change, where'd all the medic healers go?  :huh:

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One more bump for the road, we're still active folks!

We did drop the Wednesday raids due to low signups. We now raid on Thursday, Sunday, Monday. Our main focus is Redmoon.


Classes needed.. Well it varies, everyone is welcome but I think we're especially welcoming of engineers and warriors.

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