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<The Final Frontier> raiding guild

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One of the oldest guilds on Wildstar and started on the first day of headstart, The Final Frontier is continuing to hold its doors open to any and all who wish to join us! Above all we prioritize respect and creating a safe environment for all of our players. 


We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, we were 8/9 in Datascape and staring into the face of Avatus. When staring for too long we took a break, then reformed a bit and now currently 8/15 in Datascape.


We are particularly active, especially during raid nights which are 8:30 pm -11:30 pm EST. Our regular hours of activity are between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST.


What we ask of any interested recruits is be aware of our no discrimination policy, both IN and OUT of guild!


EPGP loot system is used for distributing loot (See this link if you are unfamiliar with EPGP).


Raid Times

Friday - Sunday:     8:30 - 11:30pm EST


Point of Contact

Verana Bloodrose (Guild Master)

LannAF Soleaar (Guild Officer)

Mattylicious Flex (Raid Lead)

River Echosong (Wildstar Officer)

Soliorah Jayde (Wildstar Officer)

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Posted (edited)

Hey all!

Just a quick update. We are still recruiting!

To address some recent in-game questions:

- you don't have to be level 50
- you don't have to be a raider
- you don't need a minimum level of Heroism

to join us. That said, we have had a few Avatus kills since our last post, and we are currently focused on RMT progression, so if you'd like to join our raid roster, do let us know! (this includes if you're not level 50 yet but intend to raid)

Current loot system is need based; declare an item for mainspec (MS), offspec (OS), or costume; where more than one person requests an item for the same reason, we /roll off.

Update to in-game contact points

Verana Bloodrose (Guild Master)
Mattylicious Flex (Raid Lead)
Epsilon Fairbreeze
PVP Farm

You can also send me a message here on the forums! (Hover over username, select message in the popup)

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