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Dear Carbine,


With the (hopefully) upcoming Steam release of Wildstar, I heartily demand hope that you guys consider adding Steam Trading Cards, emoticons, and profile backgrounds. Not only would they be quite nice to use to deck out our profiles with, but they would also add even more incentive to purchase N-Coin over Steam, as the money spent impacts the amount of card drops you get.


It would also be pretty dope to have a Dominion profile background to show off my undying patriotism love for the game!


Also, have you considered having specialty promo items drop for other games from Wildstar? I know Spiral Knights did it with the Spiral Sallet hat in TF2 (and I think RIFT did something as well, and Don't Starve did it as well). It definitely brought some people in from different demographics, as they wanted the new hat for themselves, and the only way to get it was to play the game until you get the achievement for reaching Haven (the hub world). Of course a lot of people just played for the hat and left the game, but I know for sure a good few liked the game and stuck around. Just some food for thought.

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