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[Suggestion] WildStar Cupcake Edition (Trial)

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-Can only communicate to other trial account users or account whispers but can not send requests.

-Currency limit, no trading, CX/AH and mail. Trade Skill Tier limit.

-Level limit 14. Daily limited PvP played matches. 

-Can not reach the already set decor limits, halve them or more.



-Unlimited play time.

-Upon hitting 14 give them the Housing starting quest no matter their location, can not be declined and give them a usable quest item to teleport straight to housing.

-Upon entering the Sky-Map give them a handful gold to play around with decor from the Housing Vendor, try to make this amount usable only for this purpose.

-Upon entering Housing don't show them the tent, pre-build them the Cozy Exile Human/Cassian House.

*Removing all housing level restrictions would be ideal and can be tuned for harvest plugs and has been something I've ached for

*Can queue with only other trials and account friends to run Housing Expeditions to get a taste of group dynamics and a hint of what an actual dungeon is like.

*Housing Expeditions in Group Finder would be a feature I welcome with open arms, perhaps for subscribers enable Expedition Plug owners to host in match making.



-If people are exposed to the housing system after sampling the combat mechanics chances are they'll

want more and get hooked I think. If these people can log in anytime to tinker and show things off that's gotta ensure spread of good word to mouth.

-This will pool more people to PvP 6-14 so current players won't have usual 20 minute queues leveling alts and they won't infect the 15-29 bracket where organized pre-mades start happening, my opinions and what I've seen.


Con: (really am thinking critically and un-biased but this is all I got)


-Doing the opposite and worsening the 6-14PvP Bracket though when I don't know how much worse it can get currently accompanied with a 10-20 minute queue. 

*My thoughts can defiantly be improved on but imagine if something of this sort popped up on Steam? I'd love to hear you ideas and addition/retractions!


TL;DR - Similar to WoW's trial model emphasizing on Housing. What are your thoughts on this date and these numbers?

WoW Starter Edition launch date mid-July 2011 (Q2)

Blizzard/Activision Quarterly earnings from 2009-2014 (See Q1'11 forward)


* = Suggestion not limited to this topic.

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Would like to have this discussed quarter 3 is coming at the end of this month and while I'm pleased with the game and the strides thus far it bothers me.. I, family and friends haven't seen a single advertisement for the game that wasn't one of those stupid banners from websites that target ads from your cookies! 

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I think the level 15 would be a better limit so they can check out adventures... maybe level 20 to see the first dungeons.


And yeah, now that the game is shaping up more they need to start advertising to get more people to come in and try it.

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