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Found 654 results

  1. For the better part of a year, I've been trying to drop my traditional action/shooter game craze, grow some patience and play something truly unique and worth dedicated my time into (I'm generally a solo player). I decided to start a clinical OCD-fueled search of sorts, downloading and playing tons of free MMO's to find the one for me. It's been an entire year flipping between games and I am still looking. So far, the one I've stuck with the most is LOTRO because I grew up obsessed with the lore. I only put about 40 hours in until the pattern of doing mindless fetch quests and the dated mechanics became very repetitive..I don't feel like I'm really enjoying the game, more like I'm doing chores. The world is very rich and all but I feel like I'm missing out on much better, more modern MMO games when I'm playing it. My brother bought a Guild Wars 2 the day it was released, so I tried using his account to play that without the f2p stuff. It was a fine game, I played on his account for around 30 hours or so.. but I began to notice it seemed to fully enjoy what the game had to offer you NEEDED friends with you. I know the game shares bonuses or whatever but that's not quite what I mean. I still want a game also specifically tailored to be enjoyable in solo play rather than feeling like you're playing to become the best on your own accord, I just want to have consistent fun. That's when I did some googling, and I'm not sure how related it is to GW2, but I found the term "theme-park MMO"..I saw it getting alot of flack from players on forums, but it seemed to cater to my play style. I'm not big into sandbox gameplay, I get bored super quick. Looking more into that led to me being reminded of a game I heard of years ago, The Secret World. I remember hearing about it during its original release and I had no idea it went F2P, so I uninstalled GW2 and installed Secret World Legends in its place. This was just a week ago. When I began I was enthusiastic, it seemed as if it were made for me...story driven, amazing premise, good weapons & upgrades system..it didn't take more than 4 hours into the game to realize the only thing unique feeling about this game to me was the "secrets" "legends" "mystery" gimmick- which, mind you is a cool and unique idea...but the aesthetics of the game its presentation gave me an experience of something I've played a billion times. It quickly grew to feel like just a late 2000's style console single player campaign. Huge turnoff for me. I'm aware there are more MMO's to try. There is WOW Tera RIFT ESO and many more (I sadly can't run BDO) but something about most of those in my eyes get saturated into the long list of Wow-cloning MMORPGs. I see them everywhere and it's always been kind of a turnoff. So, here I am. In a final act of desperation, I went to Steam and searched through the more lesser played lists of games. That's where I finally discovered this beautiful looking, unique game Wildstar. It was quite far down the list, I don't think I would have found it if I weren't looking hard enough. Just from viewing the info on the Steam page alone I knew I had struck gold! It hits a niche kind of unique and simplicity I've always wanted in a game like this! Looking up gameplay and hearing more and more about the game got me super excited for it, I loved everything I was hearing. I'm may be just a little over 2 hours into gameplay but I'm already in love. For the first time in an RPG, I want there to be enough content to sustain me for a long time and not just experience as if it were a tour or a chore, or playing to see what the hype is about. It's really one of the funnest looking games I've ever played, and every minute I am finding something else I love...and I'm just getting started. It feels to good to be true, and the lack of players to me is baffling! The community being small and dedicated if anything is motivating me to spread the word. I've never even signed up for a game forum besides when I moderated a server once. I notice the player count has gone up significantly in the past two weeks on the Steam Charts, perhaps due to the new year or random fluctuation who knows- but I feel like a game like this can rise from the rubble with the right circumstances. If more people knew this game existed, more people would play it I'm SURE. Excuse my naive MMO lingo, guys- what I want from a game is very strange and usually off-kilter to how it's normally played, so I apologize if it seems I think I know more than I'm talking about or if I just seem like a noob. Perhaps you guys can fill me in about how you play and give me tips / ideas :) See you guys there & thanks for your time to read!!
  2. So there is a page here: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help This is the Help Topics section of this forum site. And at the very bottom there is a section called: "Contacting The Staff" It reads as follows: Contacting the staff "Where to find a list of the board moderators and administrators. Help Topic: Contacting the staff If you need to contact a moderator, or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click the link 'The moderating team' found at the bottom of the main board page. This list will show you administrators and moderators. Note that you can report content to all staff by pressing the "Report" button when viewing the content." ...... The only problem with this is I went to the main forum page and scrolled all the way down to the bottom and there was no link present called "The Moderating Team". So I am attempting here in this post in player help section (sorry if its in the wrong spot on the forums I didnt know where else to put it) in hopes of making contact with the administration team. I have an important question about forum signatures. What I was trying to do: edit my signature with a link to a picture I uploaded to photobucket that is in signature size/format and put it in my signature. What happened when I clicked save changes after providing the image link: ERROR MESSAGE [#10211] Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211] You may only use up to 0 images in your signature. Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. Need Help? Our help documentation (went here looking for staff info and got the roundabout with no link to the team as the website states is supposed to be there but isnt) Contact the community administrator (havent tried it yet but will after this post) ..... My question is... why am I not allowed to post a signature sized/formatted image with a URL link into my signature? Ive been a Wildstar player with this account for maybe almost 5 years now... although yes I did just RECENTLY sign up for the forums part of this account/website... but why can I not have any images in my signature and why does it say I can have only "0" images in my sig? Any help and answer on this from a Forum Team/Admin would be nice and info on how I can change it and get my signature image working would be greatly appreciated. I am asking here because I wouldnt wanna bother the devs/GMs in a non in game related ticket about an issue with the forums. Thanks. ;)
  3. Protomon Go! initial launch

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J6tNTU0Xgw Hi everyone, the Protomon Go! team is proud to announce initial launch! - Hunt protomon in the open world on your datachron (Celestion, Algoroc, Thayd, Ellevar, Deradune, and Illium) - Your captures are saved to the Protomon Server - Bring the team you build to housing to battle it out with other Protomon trainers every night at Katia-run protomon battle events - (coming soon) build your own protomon arena and host battles any time you want - (coming soon) nicer art for the UI and protomon sprites - (coming soon) protomon hunting across more open world zones, dungeons, and raids - (coming soon) more gens of new protomon to collect and battle with https://mods.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/268971-protomon-go Brought to you by: Esper, Peppercorn, Noriack, Jellifer, Jenny, Helmina, Jayden, Nish, Kelzam Big thanks to Smooth McGroove for allowing us to use his acapella for battle music! Also, if you're playing, /chjoin ProtomonGo for announcements and general game discussion!
  4. Into the Flames Dungeon. LFG

    http://www.wildstar-roleplay.com/events Looking for a group to help with Dominion Mission in Auroria at Kel Voreth. And if you have characters at the Lvl 20 to 30 mark it woudl be preferred. So that EXP gets distributed evenly. Dominion ONLY. 3PM EST Wednesday June 21. Also, my Birthday is on that day. :3 Anyone wanting to participate can sign up. Also wanting to do dungeon runs l8r that night. Trying to level up all my characters. Playing my Draken character Gorrfrys Longtail on ENT in AURORIA.
  5. Uhm, no thank you. Those supposedly useless quests have lots of fun lore and story tidbits, and some of us like having a bunch of quests to do. What's more, in a game that really needs some more leveling variety, at least it gives me some choice in what kinds of quests I do.
  6. 1.7, or Power of the Primal Matrix is here and with it a lot of players have come along as well. My question to you all is, do you think that Power of the Primal Matrix was marketed well? In my opinion, it was bumpy. The initial buildup through tweets and teasers was great, built some anticipation. The reveal was alright, got a lot of attention from players around the mmoverse We then had 1 of three live streams. The first one was good, a broad overview of the new systems and content coming in the patch The second one was a disaster, while I didn't despise it as much as others did, I can see why it was hated, awkward. The third one felt very professional and in my opinion was the best of the three as it showed the new instances. After that everything fell silent, we had a few articles here and there that were only mentioned on Twitter or the main website. With the launch of the update, we saw the free 50 frenzy and the patch trailer. The free 50 event was a great way to convince people to jump in or come back. The trailer was also amazing. So all in all, I think they did an okay job with the patch, I would give them like a C, 75% grade. They could have done more, email waves are something I just don't see why they don't do... a flashy email sent to everyone who made an account and checked that checkbox is free, and eaaaasy, and it gets a lot of attention from people who may have forgotten about the game. Sponsorships, while I can see why these weren't done I do wish maybe some decent streamers were convinced to stream the game. What about you guys, what do you think?
  7. Scale BG's already!

    BG's are awesome, but you can only experience it at lvl 50 now. Please, just make it so players scale to the BG's required level, so EVERYBODY can enjoy battlegrounds, not just the level 50's.
  8. Addon request

    Hey there wildstar addon devs! While messing with my video options in wildstar to see what settings I could change for the best looks:fps ratio, I came across a bugg. This bugg made my character use high texture settings, while my settings were actually on low. However, it only made my character use high settings, so everyone, and everything else was still using low texture settings, resulting in a pretty good fps rate, while my character still looked really nice. Unfortunately, after reloading the UI this bugg got fixed, and my character is now loading in low textures again. But this made me wonder, could it be possible to create an addon that only loads the player's character in high settings, while still loading everything else in low settings? I think a lot of people play wildstar on low settings, but would still like to be able to see their own character in all its beauty without losing ~10fps. If this is not possible, or no-one wants to make something like this, than its too bad cuz I dont know anything about creating addons, but I think a lot of people would benefit from this, and would love an addon that does something like this. Thanks for reading, and I hope anyone can do something usefull with this request.
  9. Wildstar: 4q2016

    It was nice to be able to track WildStar records, but I guess it's better that it's gone... hopefully people will stop repeating that game is dead/dying on every NCSOFT earnings report release.
  10. Hello all, After browsing the web I noticed that most of the questions involving Wildstar are "What does more DPS?" so I was wondering, for WoW the best (Not always the most accurate) way to answer that would be refering them to Simulationcraft (or PAWN if it was for healing). I was just wondering, does Wildstar have its own version of that? If not I'd like to try and put something together that works on the same sort of basis, that way people can see what their interested class is doing, how it's being played and how people can alter it. Thanks in advance for any replies, Jack
  11. Where do you want to go next!?

    Zones. These are what usually get me most excited in a new content update, new lands to explore, new bosses to done, new pretty things to look at, One of the reasons why Mystery of the Genesis Prime and Destination: Arcterra are my two favorite Wildstar updates. It always immerses me in the universe if I get to see things from an open world perspective, and while I don't like all the instanced zones instead of adding to the current game world, new zones will continue to be what makes me the most giddy. With that being said, we know of at least 4 major zones that Carbine has under their belt, sure there have been more through names and images. But I can only think of four major ones that I actually see actively brought up in Wildstar discussions. Murkmire: http://uploads.wildweave.net/userfiles/images/pages/wildfeed/articles/datamining/maps/wildstar-map-murkmire.jpg Dreadmoor: http://images.v-media.eu/wildstar/news/beta/wildstar-map-dreadmoor.jpg Corallus: http://uploads.wildweave.net/userfiles/images/pages/wildfeed/articles/datamining/maps/wildstar-map-corallus.jpg Halon Ring: http://uploads.wildweave.net/userfiles/images/pages/wildfeed/articles/datamining/maps/wildstar-map-halonring-1.jpg Which of these zones would want to see. Now, keep in mind it is very likely we will not see another post cap zone for a long time, if at all as Caydiem did say they moved away from open world playspaces with the release of Arcterra. But, hypothetically, if Wildstar was getting ready to announce 1.8, and we knew a new zone was coming, which of these would you want to see Personally, I would take out Murkmire and Dreadmoor, they are huge zones clearly and would be fun to explore, but both have a bit of a gloomy feel to them. Halon Ring is probably the most "finished" zone here. As there have been pictures and videos of it since before launch. I would like another moon zone, but pallavar point gravity gave me Wildstar PTSD. But a prettier Farside would be awesome. Corallus is what I would want to see the most by far, we got a sneak peak of what it would probably look like just based on the new tutorial (and maybe even Skullcano a little bit. While it looks like it could be a small area (maybe Arcterra sized) it would be a beautiful location to explore. Any new zone should have Arcterra like mechanics though. Where would you want to go next. If you have any other locales that have been mentioned, pls don't hesitate to say which one.
  12. Hey guys, I have a big problem when I try to play Wildstar. I installed the game yesterday and started it. The resolution was set to 2560x1440, which is my monitor's native resolution. I wanted to change it to Full HD (59 Hz) and Fullscreen, but out of nowhere, it always messed up the whole image and everything looked like it was set to 800x600 or so. I also couldn't change the resolution, it always looked like the whole image was only on one side of the screen and zoomed in. I couldn't move my mouse cursor to the other corner of the screen. I left the game and started the repair function in the launcher, after that I started again. After that I could set the image to Full HD (59Hz) and Fullscreen, but the whole screen flickers like hell and ingame, everything looks extremely washed out and blurry. The game also stutters and just doesn't feel smooth at all, even though my graphic chip (I play on a laptop with a 960m and an i7 6700, 8gb ram) should be good enough to handle it. I even put the graphics down on medium but that doesn't seem to work better. I got the newest nvidia drivers and everything should work fine. I already looked for a solution for the problem but couldn't find any. What can I do?
  13. Fellow Nexians, I bring news! Wildstar is now growing on steam! It has been a consistent uphill battle, Wildstar has not seen actually monthly growth since the actual steam release in June. This is huge and it shows the the Primal Matrix reveal did do it's job in generating at least SOME interest. Seeing as how steam is the minority we can say that Wildstar is growing through the main client as well, potentially more so than Steam. We have also seen many "new to the game" and "returning to the game" posts, so no one can say the game is "dying" at the moment. In honor of our new friends and returning buddies, I present GorenKillChuas Returning to Nexus Tips! Lets start with the first thing you should do when logging in for the first time in months. The game has changed a lot, and you will need to get reunited with your character. So I recommend going through your ability points and amps and seeing if your build is something you are pleased with, you should also find your way to the training dummies in both Thayd and/or Illium to properly test your damage, tanking, ect abilities, if you find you are confused with what you are doing, looking up a guide may be the best option. For guides on specific classes and specs go to http://earlygame.net/wildstar Once you have learned the ropes of your class, it may be best to jump into some content, which Wildstar has much of. Gearing yourself out though, thats what most people will be thinking of. Wildstar has many ways of gearing your character out. If your item level is somewhere in the 60s-70s, it would be best to head to Arcterra and start doing dailies, events, and bosses (bosses with a friend or another random) to start earning soulfrost, You can also buy gear with money from Arcterra for a quick ilvl 80 set, though it doesnt have the best stats, it is most likely an improvement. While doing this content on Arcterra, the best way to gear up is by collecting the contracts available every day. Contracts are a form of daily content introduced to Wildstar in drop 5. There are Tier 3, tier 2, and tier 1 contracts, every contract you complete progresses towards a bar. The bar has different reward levels, that go from 90 at the start, to 120 gear at the end, it is by far the best way to gear up. it would also be best to enter dungeons again, while you wont find the best of upgrades there anymore. Once you have completed them all you will be able to purchase ilvl 96-100 armor from the glory vendor. Glory is a currency earned from doing pve instanced content. you can buy GA gear from completing all vets with a bronze medal, and you can buy DS gear from completing the Genetic Archives raid. Speaking of which. RAAAAIDS! Wildstar now has 4 raid instances. The Genetic Archives, The Datascape, Initialization Core y-83. and Redmoon Terror Part 1 and 2. GA is now pugged on the regular and is perfect to join once you hit the later item levels of 85-100. Datascape can also be pugged, but only with top guilds and minimum ilvl of 110 from my experience. World bosses are the casual form of raid content. They will reward you ilvl 90 gear based on rng. these are mostly completed if a world boss happens to be the tier 3 contract for the day. you also have content like expeditions, which is decent for earning some quick cash, but isnt too relevant in the gearing process. Now I understand this wall of text could be confusing, so to make it simple. Get Arcterra gear, Do contracts, Do vets, pug GA when possible. And if you want, join a raiding guild to progress through DS and RMT. If you are a story nerd, you will want to do all the quests in Blighthaven/Defile, and then do the solo world story instance "Omnicore-1" and then the scalable 1-5 story instance "vault of the Archon" These can reward some cool holo wardrobe sets. Speaking of which. The Halo wardrobe is different from the old costume system, now you can save costume sets and have up to twelve different ones. So lets move on. To my favorite type of people PVPERS! Like the game itself, pvp has been more active lately and has gotten more frequent. Pvp gearing process is more simple but can take just as long. The first thing you are going to want to do is buy the blue ilvl 65 pvp gear. This will keep you from getting one shot most of the time. From there you will start earning prestige in battlegrounds. if you find you enjoy pvp contact Steel Inquisitor for an invite to the pvp circle "WeRQued4BGs" Prestige will be spent on better blue pvp gear. Once you have this full set though, you have you start grinding more prestige for the "pvp enhancers" most pvp items need two enhancers to upgrade fully to legendary. enhancers are 5k prestige each so it will take a while to fully upgrade. Warplots are also a weekly thing now so you can experience 30v30 warfare every saturday at 7:30 EST. (NA ONLY) Once this is done, it would be best to rune out your gear (for both pvp and pve sets) I recommend contacting someone of your class who is geared for either pvp and pve for what runes you should get as it does somewhat depend on which class you are. ____________ Pets and other mini features have been added to the game. You can buy pets from certain vendors with certain currencies like renown, glory, prestige, ect. Housing is as good as ever. Higher Decor caps, bigger plots, and all that have been added! Most of the content is cross faction now, from expeditions, to pvp, to housing, to raiding, to dungeons, but not Adventures as no one does them ever... :) So really this is it. I could go more in depth about all the systems in place for Wildstar, but as this is a returning players guide and not a new players, guide, I assume many people know the basis of Wildstar. Hope this helps any cupcakes returning to the fabled Eldan homeworld. Nexus is changing a lot next month, Prime dungeons will be an optimal form of gearing and the primal matrix is something all on its own. but this thread is still mostly relevant even with those changes. http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2017-01-04-power-of-the-primal-matrix/
  14. Curse & Wildstar

    Hello all, I just wanted to ask if Wildstar will ever get it's place on the latest Curse Client? Because I notice that I had to download the legacy client to get addons. Regards, Jack
  15. Is it true that wildstar is dying? Well if it is we are going to save it doing our part Is it true that wildstar is dying? Well if it is we are going to save it doing our part
  16. Hello all, My name is Jack and I am a player returning to Wildstar. I have noticed that, in comparison to other games, the community doesn't really get much support from such things as YouTube or Twitch so I figured I would help to promote it. Me and my friends are idiots, enjoy a good laugh, like to explore and like to make "Sick outplays". :^) Anyway, we have a few things in mind on what to do for content but figured we would like to know what you guys are looking for in the YouTube/ Twitch side of Wildstar, since you guys are going to be the main audience for this kind of content. If you would like to suggest some content, please put it in the thread and we will see if we can implement it into our Wildstar series, it will take some time to get it all organised etc. but we will try our best. We're looking to do content that caters to: 1) Newcomers 2) Long time players 3) People teetering on the verge on whether to get the game or not 4) Overall the Wildstar community Thanks in advance to anybody reading this or commenting, If I don't reply it's because I'm either busy or there's nothing to be said but rest assured I will definitely read your message! :) Kind regards, Jack
  17. So I saw a thread like this over in the RIFT forums, and it grew quite popular with everyone there listing their current issues with the game and what they are currently satisfied with. So I thought we could do something similar here. Where we all say what we think doesn't need to be worked on, what needs to change, what could be changed, and just ideas we have. Hopefully it takes off as I was hoping it would be some Megathread like thingy. So here is mine. What should be changed: -Adventures need a massive change, either given more reason to do them, or make them into Expeditions which is my preferred choice. -PvP needs a season 2, with new gear that is obtained through arena (3v3) content Leveling instances. Dungeons need to give the same amount of xp they did when a player was level 20 if they are no 40. Battlegrounds should be 6-49 with baseline stats, tune everyone to be about level 30. There should be an auto daily while leveling given through holo comm that tells the low level player to que for either a bg or dungeon or adventure (Depending on the daily) Hellrose bowl and Containment R-12 need some changes and need to become T3s, they are simply to well done to be forgotten The Nursery and the Black Focus need to become T3s, again, to well done to be forgotten. GA and Y-83 should become the "casual" raid content for new 50s to get a good taste of raiding, yes. I am saying nerf GA. DS and RMT can be the progression instances. Dungeons either need a new difficulty for raiding players, or need to have more incentive for everyone to run them. Right now they feel semi pointless. Make a Daggerstone Pass Reloaded, 10v10 Fix the content finder... Perhaps make a neutral city where dominion and Exiles can hang out together. For lore reasons maybe put a dalaran style Ally/Dommy segment. If worried about split in cities (some in thayd some in illium, some in new city. Just take out the contracts board and Auction house away from illium/thayd, I love these cities, but new dommy players will be discouraged if they come in and see like 3 people running around. What is good: Cross faction content is in a good state now, no reason to continue to put resources here. The leveling process is good enough, aside from removing tasks there is no reason to do anything there (no more new tutorials please) The stats are good right now, don't need another rework of that ever, (AP is soo confusing fam :/) The instanced 5 man content are perfect in terms of difficulty, challenging for new players but easy for those in DS gear. dont nerf base vets anymore Discoveries are a cool system. Dont change those World bosses are the most fun OW encounters I have ever had in any mmorpg. They are not all pushovers (Zoetic is fuggin crazy) Arcterra style zones, seriously, next zone you make needs Arcterra style content, its amazing. Overall Wildstar is an amazing game and has had many great changes over the year, if Carbine continue the effort they have been putting in Wildstar will no doubt reclaim it's spot as my favorite mmorpg and become my main one again. It is such an amazing game that we all love. We all want it to be popular, we all want more content. That's not the point here. "moar content" isn't the best feedback that can be given, maybe put some more thought into specifics. Carbine does listen, and a thread like this would probably be appreciated by them as they surely like to see our thoughts. Carbine, I salute you for you constant hard work, and with you luck for an amazing 2017, trust me, I will be here hypefully waiting for all the awesome and fun content you have in store for us. Wildstar is on a good path, and I CANNOT wait to see what comes next from you guys. So, yeah,this was entirely my opinion and I don't know if these would overall help the game, I am no designer. I chose to do a list, you could leave a 6 paragraph novel if you want. I just think this would be a good way to compile feedback. Remember, don't just reply to me, this isn't that kind of thread, you can if you want. But I want everyones feedback here. Not just responses to mine :P
  18. Dragon... Dragon? DRAGON! :-)

    It feels soooo good to be back in Wildstar again and building! Health issues had kicked my rear but now that I've improved a little, it's time to build! Tigerwhisperer's castle has become dated with the 1,000 piece decor cap, lack of glass and things like that so I've decided to build an upgraded example before crating it. While the fortress itself is barely started, I build up very fast so I could tackle a project I've been wanting to attempt for a LONG time! I'd like to share the results with you! Perched atop the fortress is my attempt at building an Arcterra, Undead, Two-Headed Ice-Bone Dragon :-D Enjoy the pics! I should be opening the plot up to the public either tonight or tomorrow night for those who would like to visit. NA, William Heartsong. If you enjoy this project please feel to visit my other skyplots listed below! Have a wonderful day! <3 https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/15541024_649282271918216_7407667158822420226_o.jpg?oh=1020804ce93d3fb0cc88d807bfcbcb2f&oe=58F3788D https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/15493725_649281958584914_4992311428408241267_o.jpg?oh=b0b2de830fe0bdb2ae282f2813be85b5&oe=58E7270C https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/15493715_649282088584901_2590718066625100569_o.jpg?oh=44236e9488eae2f361d31942da20953d&oe=58FAA6C6 https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/15369227_649282141918229_787073846260298911_o.jpg?oh=0cc3d4c2b6f5351f79239af0d2d7c674&oe=58E99DC1 My other plots? Emberlee Quenesti - Star Wars inspired AT-AT and snowspeeder Lady Hawke - Exile vs. Dominion firefight with massive bots, custom vehicles and a beautiful giant female treant Celesteria Dragonsbane - Serenity from Firefly! Valeria Starbreeze - Papa Phineas' North Pole plot! Aislyn Silvanesti - Myala's Crystal Palace
  19. Whens the rocket taking off?

    So, I haven't really played Wildstar since August, I log on nearly every day, do the T3, then log off. Wanna know why? Because that is all there is to do at this point. There is tons of content, but no incentive to do any of it, I know you are working on content, but I hope with that comes reasons to do content that is already there. We need more T3s then the few there currently are (Hellrose, Containment) We need more incentive to actively run dungeons. I hope there are some major changes coming next year that really shows this rocket, maybe something like streamlining the paths of adventures and just making them expeditions, they are basically synonyms anyway... I find that I don't ever WANT to log in anymore, because lack of player enthusiasm, lack of developer communication, and lack of statements about the future. That recap post didn't do anything, where is a state of the game, I know you said Stay tuned, but I haven been tuned for a while, since launch, and the 2nd half of 2016 has been terrible. There are crucial things we need to survive as the small community we already are. Talk to us more. Give us insight, like with the RMT art posts, Stream more, weekly streams were great. even if there is nothing to talk about. I don't know. It's hard to say what I want, because I want to much, I just want further proof that you guys are still passionate, I KNOW you are, but you aren't doing an amazing job at showing it. I miss WIldstar, I wanna play it every day again. But I just can't in the current state, I am maybe on 3 hours a week. Wildstars future could be bright, but not if NOBODY knows about the awesome things you are working on (People I knew didn't even know RMT came out until October when I brought it up)
  20. "Keep Calm" meme for Wildstar.

    Hello. Wildstar players, Brad here. I made this cool pic for the fandom. I would like to know if it could use any improvement or otherwise what you all might think about it. Comments or Questions? Send them to me here on the forum or at my tumblr. http://bradofnexus.tumblr.com/ http://bradofnexus.tumblr.com/image/150945032206
  21. Hello Ladies and Gents! I've got quite a specific request - could anyone of you provide me with the titles of songs played in Wilderruns Fool's Hope (Exile side although I don't know if it matters cause I'm still kinda noobish)? I did hear like 200 themes on You tube and none of them match the themes I desire, I'm looking forward to your precise answer. Regards Zakson Srakson.
  22. Wildstar: Awakened! The primevals are being found and awoken across Nexus, and the Dominion and Exiles seek to find them in there domains, and either ally with them. Or, take them out! NEW RAID, Trial of Osiric! Osiric has not forgotten the disrespect the Exiles showed towards his temple, but he is no fool he sees the coming danger of the strain and the Entity, and he wants to see if these "heroes" are any match against his most powerful forces, if not, than they would be useless against the strain. You will return to his temple, and enter his mighty arena. There you will face against three of his mightiest warriors. Fa'rin the skullcrusher: This falkrin warrior holds a record for most skulls...crushed in battle. Prince Plush: While never being the best at combat, the son of King Plush has always showed amazing strength and speed, with the loss of his father, he pleads for Osiric to allow him to crush the players in the arena. Zerta the greatsmith: The man(or bird) in charge of creating the most powerful weapons and armor the Falkrin have to offer, and he has some new designs ready to show off! Proving your worth in the arena was one thing, but Osiric is not yet convinced. He tells the adventurers to make there way up to the peak of the mountain, and blow the horn On the way up there are two optional mini bosses, Fori and Furi the windmasters. Found in front of the two Osiric statues. Once you reach the rock you will be blocked! High-Champion Atranoth: The mightiest Falkrin, Osiric saw him defeat over 50 of his own comrades without breaking a sweat, he does not believe the players are worthy to see Osiric in combat, so they must defeat him first. Once he dies you move on to the final boss of the new raid tier Osiric: Osiric taunts the players, and you begin his battle atop the focus of logic, Osiric is clearly far beyond anything you can throw at him, once you get him down to 50% hp he will stun the whole raid and declare you the victor, he could have killed you, but he was far to impressed to waste such talent. NEW WORLD STORYl: THE FOCUS OF LOGIC The focus of logic has been found and it is time to face Omechron. New dungeon, the primeval prototype A pell champion has located the first prototype for primal infusion deep in an old eldan lab. He has used it to grant himself incredible power, unfortunately for him, the prototype made him far weaker than any other primeval, but he is far to egotisitical (stupid) now to see that. NEW WEEKLY STORY QUESTS: THE INFERNO The Inferno is a new weekly quest chain that will open about 2 quests per week for the course of 2 months, (1 quest being a VA talking and defending quest, while the other is a kill/collect to pass further quest) these quest in total should take roughly half an hour a day, and when taken will transport you to a small series of "zones" roughly the size of Starcomm, it is all fiery as you are in the heart of the Fire Primevals domain, you seek to speak with him, and hopefully, become allies with him. New Battleground: BONESHATTER New bg, thats it really. So the point of this was...idk, pretend to be a dev again as I have done before (see: Ikthian Tide:) With this fake patch I decided to use existing assets for pretty much everything, from the eldan lab, to the Trial of Osiric, even the Inferno will just use lava effects already in place in certain areas of the game. I figured If I did something with wildly new assets than it would be waaay to unrealistic, so I did this instead, a 5 boss raid tier with 3 bosses in one room and an existing location would most likely be frowned upon, but it would be far more possible than another 7 boss tier with like 5...million mini bosses on a grand scale with new assets. Just a fun thread, don't need super elite people telling me how stupid I am and how much they would hate the patch or how "well it's not possible anyway because blah blah dead" Basically I enjoy doing things like this. And this will be my last thread for a while as I am sort of done until Carbine does something to grab my attention again.
  23. Can't install the game!

    Hey everyone So I downloaded Wildstar.exe and ran it with admin. It installs up to 90% and then keeps giving me the error: Failed downloading UI\Maps\UltimateProtogames002\UI_CRB_Revealed.tex (a02f0064) File is corrupt (a0030001) I'm on Windows 10 and have 30GB of free space on my PC (surely that's enough???) If anyone has the same problem or has solved it please let me know! I would love to jump into the game once more
  24. Pay to win or fun to play?

    Hello, I am new but this may have been discussed and I may not know the location but I was still curious on the new free system. Now I just want a debate to occur where you give out your opinion but is this game pay to win and if so how badly is it pay to win or is has it simply become so big and fun that even without the in game store. You can enjoy an overall amazing time ? Now these terms are vague but what I am looking at is gameplay, discoverable areas, content, equipment advantage, quest availability and end game difference. I really love wildstar and its unique concept and would simply love to know more about this situation as this would allow me to understand a better more full version of wildstar. Thanks in advance. Thumbs up to everyone who is posting.