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Found 28 results

  1. For the better part of a year, I've been trying to drop my traditional action/shooter game craze, grow some patience and play something truly unique and worth dedicated my time into (I'm generally a solo player). I decided to start a clinical OCD-fueled search of sorts, downloading and playing tons of free MMO's to find the one for me. It's been an entire year flipping between games and I am still looking. So far, the one I've stuck with the most is LOTRO because I grew up obsessed with the lore. I only put about 40 hours in until the pattern of doing mindless fetch quests and the dated mechanics became very repetitive..I don't feel like I'm really enjoying the game, more like I'm doing chores. The world is very rich and all but I feel like I'm missing out on much better, more modern MMO games when I'm playing it. My brother bought a Guild Wars 2 the day it was released, so I tried using his account to play that without the f2p stuff. It was a fine game, I played on his account for around 30 hours or so.. but I began to notice it seemed to fully enjoy what the game had to offer you NEEDED friends with you. I know the game shares bonuses or whatever but that's not quite what I mean. I still want a game also specifically tailored to be enjoyable in solo play rather than feeling like you're playing to become the best on your own accord, I just want to have consistent fun. That's when I did some googling, and I'm not sure how related it is to GW2, but I found the term "theme-park MMO"..I saw it getting alot of flack from players on forums, but it seemed to cater to my play style. I'm not big into sandbox gameplay, I get bored super quick. Looking more into that led to me being reminded of a game I heard of years ago, The Secret World. I remember hearing about it during its original release and I had no idea it went F2P, so I uninstalled GW2 and installed Secret World Legends in its place. This was just a week ago. When I began I was enthusiastic, it seemed as if it were made for me...story driven, amazing premise, good weapons & upgrades system..it didn't take more than 4 hours into the game to realize the only thing unique feeling about this game to me was the "secrets" "legends" "mystery" gimmick- which, mind you is a cool and unique idea...but the aesthetics of the game its presentation gave me an experience of something I've played a billion times. It quickly grew to feel like just a late 2000's style console single player campaign. Huge turnoff for me. I'm aware there are more MMO's to try. There is WOW Tera RIFT ESO and many more (I sadly can't run BDO) but something about most of those in my eyes get saturated into the long list of Wow-cloning MMORPGs. I see them everywhere and it's always been kind of a turnoff. So, here I am. In a final act of desperation, I went to Steam and searched through the more lesser played lists of games. That's where I finally discovered this beautiful looking, unique game Wildstar. It was quite far down the list, I don't think I would have found it if I weren't looking hard enough. Just from viewing the info on the Steam page alone I knew I had struck gold! It hits a niche kind of unique and simplicity I've always wanted in a game like this! Looking up gameplay and hearing more and more about the game got me super excited for it, I loved everything I was hearing. I'm may be just a little over 2 hours into gameplay but I'm already in love. For the first time in an RPG, I want there to be enough content to sustain me for a long time and not just experience as if it were a tour or a chore, or playing to see what the hype is about. It's really one of the funnest looking games I've ever played, and every minute I am finding something else I love...and I'm just getting started. It feels to good to be true, and the lack of players to me is baffling! The community being small and dedicated if anything is motivating me to spread the word. I've never even signed up for a game forum besides when I moderated a server once. I notice the player count has gone up significantly in the past two weeks on the Steam Charts, perhaps due to the new year or random fluctuation who knows- but I feel like a game like this can rise from the rubble with the right circumstances. If more people knew this game existed, more people would play it I'm SURE. Excuse my naive MMO lingo, guys- what I want from a game is very strange and usually off-kilter to how it's normally played, so I apologize if it seems I think I know more than I'm talking about or if I just seem like a noob. Perhaps you guys can fill me in about how you play and give me tips / ideas :) See you guys there & thanks for your time to read!!
  2. I have a few issues

    I played Wildstar a few months ago but didn't really get into it. I got a new computer so the game runs better and I tweaked some stuff so now I'm having much more fun. But here are some things that bother me right now: The game is quiet, There are few combat sounds, little to no movement sounds, very little speech, no ambiance, and no music. All audio is maxed out. Lots of quests and I can't tell which ones are which based on the arrows on the edges of the minimap. I can't figure out if I can make the minimap rotate.
  3. So I have literally no idea what I'm doing

    Exactly what it says in the title. I have no idea how to build my character (tryin to be a tank, but given that I never actually try to build my character correctly in these games, I have little idea how to do it right.), don't know what abilities to emphasize, what to look for in good equipment. If someone could give me an idea of what I'm supposed to do, that'd be awesome. Thanks and sorry if I'm wasting time.
  4. Hello everyone (:

    Hello all. I am new to wildstar and new to the forums here. I come from guildwars 2 and ESO. Anyway, i've had this game since last year but never played it because i was more into guild wars 2 and wildstar at the time was pay to play and i didn't know that until i bought it. I decided to keep the game because that's when i heard wildstar was going free to play. Anyhow, im barley lvl 14 and i am really loving the game. The housing is amazing (one of my favorite parts of the game since im a simmer ^.^ ) and the lore and environment of the world is really beautiful and interesting. I would really love to find some friends or a guild that was friendly to noobs like myself and would show me things about the game and teach me stuff since im finding it hard to really understand on my own lol. My ingame name is GummyBearSummoner. Anyway, have a great day all (:
  5. I'm not sure this is the appropriate place to post this, feel free to re-locate or inform me. I've started playing Wildstar last week, and I'm Ffffing loving it. But sadly trying to recruit my friends to play have failed. I'm currently in a guild, but they aren't very responsive... neither was the last one. I'm a believer of playing a multiplayer game with a group of people/friends is the ultimate experience of enjoyment. So... Can I make new online friends to play with? Hahahaha. Seriously. I'm not a very experienced MMO player, but have played WoW for a while (got bored), and played Swtor (Also got bored), but this is the only MMO that has got me immersed, and willingly investing long hours of play. Yay! I'm playing as a Mechari Engineer, and reached level 34. I stupidly discovered how to visit other people's houses last night, and spent a good 2 hours decorating my own, and spent all my in-game cash... oh dear... Need friends to tell me not to do that! And only discovered about Character customisation... Need friend to tell me these things! And not to enter a dungeon alone! ever! So, yeah, I'd like to enjoy this game the way it was intended. With friends. Or just team mates. Whatever. If you feel the same, or would like to make another friend here, just respond here or something. It'll be fun! Peace! Mohzart
  6. I looked through all the threads here, but I still can't really make sense of the classes. This is probably because I'm super new. I've never read any news or info about Wildstar before, but I want to give it a spin. I've played a lot of MMO's, so I do know what to expect, generally. The classes I've always liked are solo-centric classes. Those are usually hybrids, but apparently hybrids suffer here? That's what a couple of other threads have said. Anyway, I'm looking for a class that might take longer to solo normal stuff, but has a higher ceiling for how difficult a fight it can solo. Lots of decision-making is also good. Which class is for me? Also, how do Paths affect this? Is there an obvious Path I should pick, given that I plan to go looking for enormous monsters I shouldn't be soloing, and then I plan to throw myself at it repeatedly for hours until it works? Appreciate any advice you can give me.
  7. PVE Only?

    Hi, I am new to the game and I dont know if its just me, but I try to switch servers and the only server I see is one PVE server and zero PVP servers. Is that something wildstar is doing to get it fixed up? If anyone can explain, let me know. (This is as of September 6th 2015, results may vary)
  8. Hello, Long time gamer excited about getting into wildstar. Not really sure where to begin. I mudded for years starting in 1996 and spent some time in WoW, Eve Online... but I also enjoy FPS. But MMO's are where my heart really lies, and I only have time for one. So Wildstar it is! I'm open to any advice and welcome your feedback on how to find a group of people to enjoy the game with. Thanks for reading!
  9. Noob's question

    Hi, I started playing Wildstar on Luminai server 5 days ago. Today i got to lvl 50 and i wonder where i can find any others to play with. There is no sign of any players in Illium. Is there any place where ppl stay at late game? And where can i find any guild? I didnt see any guilds recruiting anywhere. What should i do? It's stupid to wait for hours to enter any Dung/BG...
  10. Mystery Box Promo

    The website post for the Mystery Box Promo only says "each box you buy from April 15th until the promotion ends will get you one of the three items plus 30 days of game time." My question is; when exactly does the promotion end? I have 2 boxed copies that I am trying to save for a while.
  11. my experience

    so i randomly stumbled upon this game, and its intrigued me. I'm currently playing on trial although i think i will sub and i will try and get my friend to sub, even though i dont know enough of the game to actually know if i want.. ive become compelled to try and help lift the population, the endless threads ive seen about people trying to raise population has given me hope, because ive never seen people care so much about an mmo before, anyway too much rambling im lv 10 such noob but im finding it hard to find people who want to party up.. any guild taking noobs? would be much appreciated as ill probably quit if i dont get into active guild.. and i dont want to quit, thanks
  12. So basically my story goes as follows, I have played WoW, Runescape, and other MMO's for the greater part of a decade and found out about Wildstar about a year ago. I got onto the hype train and was playing it on release day; I quickly reached max level and wanted to run some dungeons and such to gear up but I had no idea how to do so. So I quit out of frustration, lack of patience, or nobody to gear up with (take your pick). Now I want to try this Wildstar game again, because it does have innovative material that I hope could help me enjoy it. But I need the help of the current player-base. Please help me with any tips you can give a player who is a max level warrior that wants to tank. Tips such as: how to start gearing up for raiding or any max level pve content, UI improvements such as add-ons, guides for warriors and tanking in general, literally any tip that you can think of I need. What I especially want is accessible and UPDATED material on the game for me to read about what I should be doing in-game. Like are there daily quests? Currencies that will give me gear? Reputations to grind? Community to join that still plays this game and can help me? Other things that aren't obvious, because after logging in today I am really anxious and I feel sick about all the stuff I do not know. Please, WIldstar Community, help me try and get back into this game, I want to give it an honest try like it deserves. Silvanis Tankadin on the Entity server (is this the only pve server??) Warrior Tank on the Entity server
  13. SS Playstyle question

    First off, I'm a wildstar greenhorn, and this is my first forum post. Got that out of the way. When I created my SS, I pictured him as being, more or less, the closest thing to a mage this game has, barring esper (which honestly I did try first and did not care for as much). The class, played as DPS, seemed to me a variant of the traditional Glass cannon. Which is fine...I can get on board with that, glass cannons are fun. I've played to lvl 15 now (strictly questing PVE), and am discovering that I just...am not as good at this as I thought I'd be (can't even take on some of the 2-man elites and so on). Full disclosure, I played a frost-spec mage in WoW up to 90, and so I am very kite-oriented in my playstyle, and what I've found is that it's a lot more difficult for me to do in this game with the bag o' tricks I've been given thus far. It's not a cricism of the tricks themselves....I love them, they're awesome, it's just that with each one having a 30 sec cooldown, well...I guess frost mage just spoiled me a bit. I dont have any consistent, continual way of keep baddies off my front lawn, so to speak. That being said, I will be the first to admit that maybe I'm just not using the right rotation, maybe my timing is off...or maybe I'm not even playing the right class for how I'm trying to play. So I'm asking you guys, knowing where I'm coming from playstyle-wise, what are your suggestions? Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere else...I promise I have looked but haven't found anything that really covered this to my satisfaction.
  14. It seems alot of folks are in my shoes running around in a MMO ALONE!. There seems to be 2 choices... 1) Join a guild where you'll need to rush past all of the wonderful content of a fresh game to catch up to the main group 2) Join a larger zerg style leveling guild where you are just a number, which kills the monotony of being completely alone but doesn't provide any long standing community. Yes, its wonderful to be in a guild with a bunch of high level players doing max content to reap the benefits of their advancement. However, I find it most rewarding to figure things out on my own or with players of similar experience as not to spoil a fresh game before it begins. That is not to say that veteran players that seek this type of environment are not welcome here, it is to simply say that I do not wish to be carried through the game and want individuals who share that same very basic ideal and completion level. GOALS The goal of this guild will be to build a solid core group of players that have experienced the games leveling content TOGETHER. As a GM of multiple guilds throughout my gaming life I find that these are the situations that LAST through the hardships of buggy content/difficult raiding / population fluxes / drama and all the other guild killing facets. RAIDING We will definitely have a TEAM that is focused on competitive progression. By competitive progression I by no means am implying that we bang our heads 7days a week for server firsts, but we also will not be waiting for current content to be beaten to death with the nerf stick to complete it. RECRUITMENT LF all players especially returning or new players looking for a place to level and learn the game without a carry. There never will be a class/level restriction here. After our initial pushwe will close down to a buddy system style to insure that we keep our community healthy and full of people who actually want to be HERE, not just in a guild. We will be predominately an adult guild 21+ and I would like to keep chat open and loose. We're adults I expect that everyone has a balance of respect and sense of humor. LOOT Loot when it becomes a relevant issue will be roll by class, 1 per raid until everyone gets something. Our goal is simple & fair, I have ZERO interest in a group of folks I need to micromanage over trivial things like a piece of loot (b!%ching = booting) LEADERSHIP The guild will be run by myself, a leader of each class, a banker to liquidate guild items for funding, a recruitment officer and lastly someone techy to handle our website/chat server etc needs. As this guild is just forming we are looking for 2-3 more player to fill these shoes. Please, if this is your kind of thing speak up. SIZE We will remain relatively small. This will in no way be a ZERG INVITE situation. I want our community to be remain and social, I find that the desire to log in a play is greatly increased when you enjoy the people you play with as much as the game. This pretty much covers it and I hope that there are enough people like myself that want to enjoy a new game but want some quality company to do it along the way. Please feel free to email me @ MalikAllen46@gmail.com
  15. So I wondered if raids and pvp like and use healers as much as other games like WoW. Basically whether I should play as a healer or dps, or if one is more "valuable" than the other. I'm probably going to level my esper and I'm really new, but once I get to end-game it would be nice to know. I also notice that there's no set classes, so switching between a healer/dps would be more about gear and skill sets right? I know there's also amps and such and was wondering if that's a more permenant thing (i.e. you can't just switch) so if I wanted could I simply switch from healer to dps and back easily? Or is it something that requires money, replacing skills, etc? I know it would require time to get gear, but that's not really what I'm asking. Thank you all for your help!!! Also what kind of tradeskills should I get? (Those are like professions/crafting right?) And where do I go... I'm in the second zone for the Chua after the first main zone (so 2 zones after the intro on the ship), and I haven't really seen anything related. Just wondering if I missed it or if it will come later, or if there's somewhere special I have to go. Thank you all again!!!!! :D
  16. could someone point me in the right direction of what to do with this class? im level 12, and ive wasted a few amp thingers in the assault tree and lifesteal, and upgraded 1 tier into my basic attack and backstab like move... is there a way to reset these? ..or get more action sets? i feel like a chicken with my head cut off here, and would appreciate some direction in how these stalkers amps and action sets work. thanks for the assistance

    Hey Guys! Just want to let you guys know that I am streaming right now some low level play. I am currently a level 17 stalker and moving up quite rapidly! Please stop in by drop a favorite and share the stream! I will be giving out any and all advice that is wanted that I can share and maybe you guys can give me some pointers as well <3. www.twitch.tv/kblock180
  18. So what is everyone's favorite starting zone, be it Exile or Dominion? I for one much prefer Northern Wilds/Algoroc over Celestion (even though my main characters are Aurin.) for my Exiles and for Dominion I slightly prefer Deradune even though they are pretty much 55/45 for me.
  19. This is just a thought of mine. Many players come in having a hard time due to their lack of understanding of game mechanics. I eventually want to get into doing dungeon guides, and tutorials but I figured perhaps brief videos showcasing things like MoO's how interrupt armor works and so on. This of course isn't exactly aimed at players who have MMO experience but for those who are still relatively new. It'll be an ongoing process and I feel it may benefit the player base. There are guides on websites like Wildstar wiki, but I don't typically see visual examples that may aide with a newcomer, some folks don't learn things very well by just reading text. For example, boss encounters sometimes are better seen due to their unique mechanics rather than explained via text.
  20. PvP noob looking to get my feet wet

    Hello everyone! Though I'm not a new player to MMOs, I am pretty new to PvP in general. I played a bit of SWTOR PvP casually, but never got serious into it. I kind of want to do a little more in WildStar. So I have a couple of questions I was hoping you fine folks could answer: What class is the best to learn PvP with? I'm not asking which is the most broken or easiest to win with, but rather which one has the least margin of error in playing. Which class (or classes!) is the Ryu of this game? What server should I look at playing on? Despite what I read here about guards/ganks, I would like to roll on a PvP server, but I have no idea how to even begin choosing a server. Should I go with medium population, high pop, etc? Is there a server the PvP community generally agrees is better or has a more thriving community? Are there any general guides for PvP? Of course I'm gonna look up guides for whatever class I choose, but anything that gives me a rundown of what stats (like crit, strikethrough) are good for what role, etc. would be great. Thanks so much for any help you can give! =D
  21. Also ich habe momentan mit meinen Esper (37) ziemliche probleme, bzw. die hatte ich schon sehr oft auch auf niedriegeren leveln. Kurzum ich sterbe sehr sehr oft, und komme ziemlich hakelig durch Questen. Welche Skills benutzt ihr ? Oder wie seit ihr mit dem leveln zurechtgekommen ? Telegrafen ausweichen muss man das ist Klar, Elite alleine machen auch nicht die beste idee ^^. Oder liegt es vllt an der Klasse wobei ich denke das ich die variable bin die scheitert bin ich und nicht die Klasse. Ich benutze: Telekinetic Strike (Psi Punkte generator und 25er upgrade) [ Habe sehr viel bei den Skills varriert aber besserung war nicht wirklich vorhanden. ] Mind Burst ( setze ich ein nach 5 punkten) Geist ( Tank und 25er upgrade drin) Mind over Body ( Heal ) Spectral Swarm ( 25er upgrade drin) Schockwave ( um mobs in Telegrafen zu unterbrechen ) Crush ( um mobs in Telegrafen zu unterbrechen ) Restraint ( um mobs fern von mir zu halten ) Amp´s: Hab alles momentan in Assult um mobs schnell zu Töten also mehr Assult power, Strikethrough und Empower usw. Hoffe ihr Könnt mir Weiterhelfen. :)
  22. Ok Ok I know this is over done. However we are almost at launch and I want to make sure I play a class that will be in demand when endgame comes around that will be needed. I usually play a tank. However I don't see warrior as a fun class to play, Stalker seems a bit fluffy for endgame tanking, and engineer is a "ranged?" tank which confuses me, but intrigues me at the same time. I hate playing a healer, you sit on the sidelines and catch an unending stream of crap by people that go out of their way to kill themselves. Who needs that. But the medic has been a blast to play (yes I know they can be straight DPS) and I might actually go in for a healing toon. So What class are you going to play and why. What class do you see being the main tank class?
  23. Ok Ok this really is my final rant on Engineer. So I have had terrible luck with the engineer and decided that I just lacked the skill to play it. So many people wrote some helpful suggestions and tried to help me, but to no avail. So I played other classes. I really really liked the medic and I hate healing, but it really is a great class. Then I got a wild hair (wildstar hair?)and decided to try the engineer on the Exile side. Up to this point I had kept trying Engineer on the Dominion side. Wow what a difference. I was rolling right along with my engineer on the exile side. Suddenly all the stuff that people were saying about how great engineer was came true. There shouldn't be any difference between the two sides right? Has anybody else noticed a difference in game play?
  24. Paths are kewl!

    I have read a lot of post about how terrible paths are, how they are pointless, or how they need to be changed to be more like class quest. It seems many people here have forgotten that all MMOs have quest similar to path quest but to no advantage except xp and maybe money. Have you all forgotten missions like "Mary has lost her sheep, find 10 sheep." or "The gnomes have raided my garden, kill ten gnomes." At least path missions come with unique abilities. I played three paths. Scientist: I liked this path. It was fun learning about the Wildstar world. I don't know why, but I got a kick out of fixing mining bots everywhere I went. Explorer: I love this class because I do what they want you to do for explorer anyway. I love finding my way up to the highest places in a game. I love rooting around places off the beaten path looking for hidden loot. Explorer really speaks to the way I play anyway. Settler: Ok, I played this just to see what it was about, but I ended up really liking this path. Like the scientist repairing bots, the settler runs around repairing things like broken banners and torn up gardens. It was surprisingly satisfying. On top of it all you build real world helpful things like HP boost or Ability Boost booths that help all players in your zone. You get some very cool abilities that are unique to your path. The explorer stop fall ability is by far the best ability around, hell it was more useful than many of my class abilities. Build Campfire was another great ability. I think people need to throttle back the path hate talk. The folks at wildstar advertise that path missions are not required, but if that's really true then they need to have a way to turn off the path mission pop ups.
  25. So I have posted rants about the Engineer and my trials and tribulations with that class. I cheerfully allowed myself to be abused by "gaming gods" that consider themselves so superior because they once played WoW. I did this because I wanted to invite as many opinions as possible. My personal favorite was Merriweather that expressed shock and disbelief that anybody could die before level 10. (I laughed out loud last weekend as I was surrounded by four yetis and wondered how mr. merriweather would avoid dying as a level 3 toon.) I know a bit about gaming. Way before most of you were born I was playing Pong, Indy 500, and Space invaders. I remember Ali Baba and Ultima playing them on a green screen computer. I played Warcraft when there wasn't a world, and we set up peer to peer networks to beat each other up. I have some experience with gaming. So with that said, I experimented with some other classes. I desperately want to play an engineer, but I lack some basic understanding of how to play them. Others seem to blissfully wander through the world destroying all they encounter and leaving a wasteland of pain and suffering in their wake. I just die a lot. I already posted about the Stalker. I love the stalker but as many have postulated I think the stalker will be the first to be nerfed. Also on somebody else's post about the most played toons, stalker was likely to be the most played. I hate playing what everybody else is playing. With that in mind, it was said that Spellslinger and Medic would be the least played. So I played both this weekend. Spellslinger: I liked this class a lot. Its a little squishy, but they pack a good punch. I was desperate to increase the amount of time I got to spend in the other dimension. That was just fun. I paired it with the explorer path and just had a ball. One of the least played classes? I can't imagine why. You hit your opponents with a variety of stuns, and just level them with great array of DPS attacks. Spellslinger is definitely going to be one of my first classes. Medic: WOW! Why this was on the list as least played I don't know. I had a really great time playing the medic. I HATE BEING A HEALER! Healers are always so damn squishy and boring. While everybody is killing the boss you are frantically trying to keep everybody healed, and when the dps in light armor runs into the boss during his massive attack and dies, you have to hear him *cupcake* about what a crappy healer you are. Who needs that? However the Medic on wildstar is a whole different animal. Somebody else mentioned that the class should have been named BIOTECH. I agree. This is like no healer I ever played. You can wack somebody one minute and heal your buddies the next. My favorite was being able to wack the bad guy WHILE the same attack heals you and your buddies. Quick to level, brutal dps, and hey I'm a healer! I am a fan of the medic. I weep that I am just too.....stupid? uncoordinated? old? whatever to play an Engineer (I just think they are the coolest), I find solace (that means I feel better for those of you that are too young to know who Reagan is) in the fact that I can play a Medic. Good luck all I will see you on Nexus.