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Found 845 results

  1. Housing challenge points GONE!

    Whenever I'm doing the challenges and change house plots, all my "Housing" challenge points reset back to 0, either by going back to my place or going to a different plot, making me unable to get any of the rewards, this doesn't happen with my main Gatota Panzapancha but many of my other characters are affected by this bug.
  2. In hopes to reignite the flare of RP in the forums I'm making this thread for players to share their plots with the intention or generating roleplay. I'd like to encourage others to share their housing plots/communities also and see the many wacky and wonderful creations we've come up with. I'll start off with a couple of plots known to Jabbit EU.
  3. Is it possible to zoom out farther and see more of my surroundings?
  4. I haven't gotten into the housing side of Wildstar all that much, but I have seen a few interesting places. This left me with some questions and some suggestions for a Wildstar expansion that may be feasible. First of all, my questions: 1) What is the limit of how many objects can be placed on your housing plot? 2) Does this limit change with a neighborhood? 3) Can I move the FABKit spots and house around my plot or are they permanently rooted to the center of the plot? 4) Are there any terrain manipulations besides adding terrain objects? Last Question and possible suggestion: Could you build a dungeon with traps and combat on a housing plot? Just imagine the idea of user generated content to add tiny dungeons to their housing plot. Carbine can add holo-tokens of enemies across the Nexus to loot tables and vendors. From there, a single housing plot can link only X many dungeon segments to a user generated dungeon. Being part of a neighbor or circle or special community project, other players in your circle can expand upon your dungeon. Maybe, have enemies be scaled based on crafted equipment.
  5. I have a fabkit in my inventory no idea how to use it nor can I find any tutorials on youtube.
  6. Ikthian Crabcrawler Table

    Hello builders. I've been fiddling with some Ikthian pieces lately and after looking around some, I couldn't get my hands on an Ikthian Crabcrawler Table. This post https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29647-challenging-decor-item-reward-list/ would indicate that it formerly came from the Flying Saucer FABkit. As well all know, those challenge rewards have been moved to the renown vendor (including, as that post states, the Flying Saucer's other two prizes: Large Hay Bale and Ikthian Holding Tank) so I'm wondering if anyone else still has access to it? Obviously this isn't the end of the world because the Ikthian Landing Pad serves a similar purpose, but it would be nice to have the option.
  7. Hello, people. After I had a lot of fun stuffing every decor item onto my main's plot, I decided to make something themed with my alt and recreate the Outsider's realm from the game Dishonored. I don't have the second game, only the demo, but it looks different from the first, so I tried to mix it up a little. These are my fairly recent screenshots and I have a few questions regarding decor: Are there more rocks etc. ingame than there are in the housing shop? Or maybe something more earthy? Are there items I can use to make bone charms or the gear-stuffed heart? Is the Cassian house or the Exile house better suited for this? The red and gold of the Dominion doesn't really fit into my scene, but maybe those parts can be changed? Are there other animals (like jabbits and rowsdowers?) you can put around your house? Corpses might work too, but mean looking rats and whales maybe? Or fish? Are there lamps/buoys similar to the ones in Dishonored, or do I need to frankenstein some myself? My plan is to build one other house next to mine and make the rest of the ground hard to access/uninteresting, but I don't know how many items are too much. I'm already at about 450. Do you think that would be too much clutter? What do you think? Cool, or meh? I am rather proud, to be honest.
  8. I wanted to make a snow landscape inspired by Whitevale, but the fact that the snow is more grey than white, makes it really hard. I ponder what happened, as most of the other ground remodels matches the name of the landscape they're aimed to portray, but Whitevale doesn't match at all. Here's an example of how Whitevale looks, and how the remodel ground looks: The real Whitevale ground: Housing Remodel Ground: As you can see, the snow on models, like the snowy hills and the Ice pond is actually white so it matches the color Whitevale would had been, while the ground is grey - almost like Farside's ground. With December right around the corner and all the Christmas-themed décor in the store, I would really appreciate if the ground could be updated to actually look like that winter landscape it's supposed to imitate.
  9. [Question] What is this sky called?

    http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2016-11-07-dungeon-chase-november-1121/ On the picture for this Dungeon chase intro there's 3 different skies as rewards and two are listed: Torine Twilight Skybox Forgemaster's Delight Skybox I'd like to know if anyone know what the last Protostar-skybox is called?
  10. Community deco disapearing

    Deco that i allocate to a community plot just disapears this happens mostly on characters that are part of a community but dont have their plot parked on that community.. come on carbine.. im spending real money here and don't need things to just vanish up in smoke. Consider this a bug report.
  11. Redmoon Brawl - Contest Rules and Prizes

    Contest Rules: Rules have changed since 1st tournament. PVE gear will no longer be permitted including shields and gadgets. By participating in this event you agree to abide by the rules below: 1 Amateur bracket players: PVP avg ilvl 68-69 gear with 1-5999 heroism. 2 Pro bracket players: PVP ilvl 70 gear with 6000-11999 heroism. 3 Matches/bracket order will be determined by random player roll. 4 No potions, food bonuses or other buffs will be allowed. Fight with your own strength! (Campfire buff will be available and permitted for all to use however.) 5 Duels will have a time limit of 5 minutes for Pro, 3 minutes for Amateur. 6 In the event of a stalemate where the time limit is met, the player who has the most combined healing and damage wins the match. 7 Rules are set forth by the event hosts, and any disputes are subject to their judgement. 8 No abusive language of any kind towards opponents, spectators, or event hosts will be tolerated. It's just a game, folks. Prize List: Pro Bracket First Prize: 25 Plat, choice of mount or pet, choice of 3 decor pieces, interstellar bragging rights Second Prize: 15 Plat, choice of mount or pet, choice of 3 decor pieces, planetary bragging rights Third Prize: 10 Plat, choice of mount or pet, choice of 2 decor pieces, capital city bragging rights Amateur Bracket First Prize: 10 Plat, choice of mount or pet, choice of 3 decor pieces, Notoriety as an up-and-comer Second Prize: 7.5 Plat, choice of pet, choice of 3 decor pieces, self respect on a job well done Third Prize: 5 Plat, choice of 2 decor pieces, pat on the back applauding your grit Mounts Carnivore Assault Transport Dread Crypt Hoverboard Kit Falkron Hoverboard Kit Freaky Tiki Hoverboard Kit Ice Hunter Hoverboard Kit Industrial Borebot [blue] Lopp Hoverboard Kit Velocirex [Alien] Woolie [War] Companion Pets Augmented Razortail Darkspur Elite Chompcabra Dreg Patrol Scarab Felitron Ghostpaw Greensnout Garr Interstellar Frizlet Lonely Lost Larvae Scorchwing's Hatchling Skeech Beastlord Snow-Covered Snoglug Strain Corrupted Jabbit Stumpy Costume (may be substitiuted for a mount or pet) Celestial Costume Set Combat Construct Costume Set Jack Shade's Stylish Costume Set Papa Phineas' Winterfest Costume Set Skeletal Costume Set Decor 10:04 Lightning Bolt Apparition [Draken Female] Apparition [Human Female] Apparition [Granok Male] Artemis Zin Aurin Gondola Burning Track Coiled Cable Cratered Asteroid Diorama Base [Desert] Dominion Emblem Dominion Screen Dominion Wall Panel Dorian Walker Drooping Skull String Lights Eldan Datasphere Eldan Dome Eldan Stasis Pad Equivar Floating Platform [Protostar] Girrok [skeletal] Green Tube [Eldan] Ground Remodel [Tropical Island] Ice Giant Interior Floor Remodel [super Zax Man] Interior Wallpaper Remodel [Chua Invaders] Interior Wallpaper Remodel [Pixelvine Lagoon] Jack Shade's Head Jack Shade Effigy Jack Shade's Favorite Wreath Kezrek Warbringer Laborotory Display [Eldan] Life Elemental Osun Door Plushie [Olive Garr] Plushie [Red Malverine] Plushie [Rowsdower] Plushie [Tawny Malverine] Plushie [Yeti] Poison Spore Tree Repair Construct Rime Scaled Boulderback Safety Dancer [Mechari Male] Shelves [Protostar] Sky Remodel [Omnious Sky] Sky Remodel [Platform Skyline] Sky Remodel [starfall] Snowscape Exile [Female] Snowscape Kurg Spiked Shady Lamp Post Swordmaiden Stone Door [Torine] Arcterra Far Trader Fabkit Darkspur Floor Piano Fabkit Gingerbread House Fabkit Ice Pond Fabkit Retris Tower Fabkit Tournament Ground Fabkit Underground Casino Fabkit Dyes (may be substituted for a decor piece) Blue Chill Grimgourd Light Blue Ice Yellow Green Soulfrost Supernova White We've made attempts to make things as fair as possible, and though we know we're not going to be able to please everyone, we hope players can have fun and enjoy a little love for the PVP community! Those who attend will be given access to a link which will show the brackets and their opponents, and will be updated throughout the event to show winners of each match! Hope to see you there! Special thanks to Alamin Nimala, Laywing Dammit, Gigi Sawcreek, Iarlles Wen, Phlowbie and the Buttallion, Viska Kobor and <Legacy> for making this event and all the amazing prize offerings possible <3
  12. Dueling Tournament!!

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping to open my plot for RP the last weekend of September! It's a space station that, since being taken over by Marauders, is a place where anything goes, for a price... The station houses an arena that holds the most action packed, all-out brawls, where the best of the best can slug it out to thrill the crowds! Saturday, September 30, I am hoping to host a dueling tournament! We will have separate brackets for both pve and pvp focused players. If you are up to the challenge and want to show off your epic skills, reply below or send an ingame mail to Akiko Starfyre on Entity. The amount of intereat will determine the success, so if you're interested, please spread the word!!
  13. Bug with the quest 'Watch Party'

    Okay, so I finally gathered up enough people to do the quest. I was standing inside the circle. I waited till everyone that said they were coming showed up. Then I tried to click the TV, HOWEVER, the TV at some point stopped being a clickable object and I had to zone out of my own plot and back which is super slow loading now after the communities launch and I either have to try and beg people to come do it again, hope some player with multi accounts is just afk'ing on a plot or (what I'll probably wind up doing anyways) just say TO HELL WITH IT! Why the hell does it need to be a group quest for super low returns? Just make it like the trick'or'treat and just visit people's houses or something. Either way, please fix this cause this has happened a few times and I don't know why it does that.
  14. [Suggestion] Zone decor

    I noticed that while we can get ground texture to match many of the zones like fx. Celestion, Malgrave and Wilderrun, + a good amount of different décor items to match them, some iconic items are missing. Take Wilderrun par example: One of the special details at that place is the special palm trees with white, fan-like crowns. They don't exist as a décor item, nor does the cliffs and animated carnivorous plants. (from what I know of) I really loved the dungeon chase event and I thought it could be an option to present a new theme. Alternatively they could also be bundled up as a décor package, just like the Alien Décor Pack that gives access to some unique Farside-themed items. I am biased for Wilderrun and Malgrave items for my own building projects, but I am quite sure there are plenty who can bring other suggestions in for zone-themed items they wish were accessible for housing. (Feel free to add in) The insta-hill package is also really popular, and I thought maybe an insta-cliff to merge with the texture and give a more edgy shape to the landscape would be a cool variation, up against the smooth round ones. Thanks for your attention!
  15. Let me start off by saying that I think the new housing feature "communities" is a neat addition overall. But I personally feel like it was pushed out the door way too soon and there wasn't much thought in making this feature, in all honesty. Example One: Why cant the owner of the community/ a resident of one change how their plot would be positioned on the map? not being able to position the way your plot is going to be on the land is a tad restrictive. I'm not saying "let us put the plot anywhere we want" but at least allow us to rotate it. So we can position the floating entrance platforms where we want on the community plot. Like so. Instead of having them stuck like this. Example Two: Why are we restricted to only 5 plots per community plot? why can't we be allowed to increase the amount of plots allowed on them to something like 10 - 30 or what not? it'll be interesting to walk around an actual community of plots on the community plot itself. for example here is what a 8 limit community can look like (aside from the borders. this was just a quick photoshop job on my part) I'd say it doesn't look that bad of a plot. The only tough part would be finding which plot is yours. Since there is no labels or addresses on the plots themselves in the community. Which leads me to my last example. Example Three: Why is there no address on the plots? I mean the only way I can communicate which plot is open or what not is by saying "top right" or "bottom right". Which isn't a good means of identifying a plot. It would be better to have an address or even a number on the plots on the "your community" menu thing. It wouldn't be hard to add in all honesty. Just a number on each of them can do the job. There is a few more grips I have with the community feature, like why is their no tele to each of the plots entrances at the community entrance to why can't a owner or person with the authority remove a plot from the community plot right then and there? But I digress here as I feel like I made my point. But If this wasn't rushed or what not then why hasn't this stuff been implemented or even thought about adding?
  16. Community Housing Guide

    Introduction Hello and welcome to this guide for the Communities feature of Wildstar Housing! This guide is meant to cover all new aspects you need to know to get into the Communities feature and hopefully answers all your questions. If not, let me know in the comment section and I’ll see about adding any answers to the guide to expand it. :) Throughout this guide I’m assuming you’re familiar with the housing system itself, such as Landscape options, Remodel options, placing / moving / deleting decor, usefull addons, tips and tricks and so forth. If you’re new to Wildstar and its housing system altogether however consider checking out this guide by Eidolon Zephyrhawk to get you started with housing before taking on the challenge of building a Community. Unlock specifications In this first chapter we’ll quickly cover all the requirements so you can quickly see if you’re eligible to create / join a Community to begin with. Prerequisites Below are the specifications for creating or joining a Community, the costs and where a Community is obtained. The prerequisites to create a Community are as follows: Your character must have their own housing plot unlocked by completing the level 14 quest Housing of the Future in Thayd (Exiles) or Illium (Dominion) or by buying the Jumpstart Pack from the In-Game Store and must always visit their plot at least once. Your character must have Signature status or the Full Social Access perk from the Cosmic Rewards program. Your character is not part of a different, already existing, Community. The prerequisites to join a Community are as follows: Your character must have their own housing plot unlocked by completing the level 14 quest Housing of the Future in Thayd (Exiles) or Illium (Dominion) or by buying the Jumpstart Pack from the In-Game Store and must always visit their plot at least once. Your character is not part of a different, already existing, Community. Costs You must have 50 Platinum or 600 Service Tokens on hand to create a Community. Being invited to, and joining, an existing Community is free of charge. Location The vendor (Protostar Community Director) from which a Community is bought is located at the entrance of the Protostar Housing Initiative in Thayd (Exiles) and Illium (Dominion). Ask a city guard in either city for directions if you’re having trouble locating the Protostar Housing Initiative. Community purchase warning Buying a Community does not mean this feature is permanently unlocked for a character. If a Community is ever disbanded you must meet all requirements mentioned above once more to create a new Community. Community social aspects In this chapter we’ll be having a look at some of the social aspects of Communities, such as the member count, nameplate affiliation, ranks and permissions, inviting characters (including alts) and so forth. The skyplot Communities compromise a massive space with enough room to fit in 5 full player houses. These houses are all connected to via a shared space known as the “Common area”. Below is a layout map of the Community. Member count Communities can have as many as 20 members but keep in mind that only 5 plots can be placed on the Community skyplot itself at any given time. Any character who is part of a Community but does not have their plot placed on the Community will retain access to their individual skyplot. Community name changing and name plate affiliation At the top of screen, to the right of the Community / House plot name you will find the Community information panel. The leader of the Community can choose to change the name of the Community here at the cost of 1 Platinum or 10 Service Tokens. Community members can set their nameplate affiliation to show the name of their Community. This is done by opening the character panel (Default key: P) and selecting the “Change Title” option at the top of the character panel. Inviting (alt) characters New players can be invited by members who have the Invite permission. Players are invited in the following way: Press the O key -> Go to the Housing tab -> Go the Community subtab -> Click the Add Member button in the bottom left corner. Players with the Invite permission can also invite their alt characters to the Community. The invite will automatically be accepted as long as the alt character meets all the requirements to join a Community. See the prerequisites for joining a Community in the previous chapter for details. Ranks and Permissions Just like Guilds a Community comes with its own set of ranks and permissions. This system can be accessed as follows: Press the O key > Go to the Housing tab > Go the Community subtab > Click the gear icon in the upper right corner. The default ranks of a Community are Leader (exclusive to a single character), Council and Member but players can add more ranks or change the names of existing ranks as they see fit provided they have the required permissions. The Leader has all permissions by default and cannot be revoked for this rank. The permission overview is as follows: Non-permission based actions and restrictions Players who are members of a Community can always use the “Donate to Community” option found in their personal plot’s Crate menu. More information about this feature can be found below in the chapter Community details (subsection “Shared Crate”). Unlike decorating the Common area the requirements for decorating any of the five plots on the Community requires Roommate status with the owner of the plot using the slot. This option set privately through the Housing menu. It is impossible to decorate the area in which a plot can be placed if nobody is actively using that particular slot. If a slot is available on the Community players who do not have the Reserve Community Plot permission can still temporarily place their plot in an open slot through the Community information panel (found at the top of the screen). The plot will automatically be removed if the character is offline for a prolonged period of time. Community details In this last chapter you’ll find an overview of specifications regarding Communities such as decor counts, the Shared Crate, vendors, entry points, Holo-Crypts and so forth. Decor counts The amount of decor that can be placed on a Community varies depending on the decor limit unlocks that participating accounts have themselves. A Free-to-play account with no additional unlocks will have maximum of 500 Exterior decor count and an additional 500 for the Interior. Accounts with all the decor limit increases unlocked (can be both F2P and Signature) can place 2.500 decor in the Exterior area and an additional 2.500 in the Interior spaces of their homes. In addition to the numbers above each plot can place 50 Special decor, 40 Lights and 5 Mannequins. Note: Does not stack with the Exterior or Interior limits. The Common area of the Community only provides an Exterior but allows for 4.000 decor to be placed and the accompanying Shared Crate has a maximum storage of 5.000 decor. Note: In addition to the numbers above the Common area can handle 50 Special decor, 40 Lights and 5 Mannequins. Does not stack with regular decor count. With these figures the maximum Exterior decor count for a Community can vary between 6.500 and 16.500 decor while the Interiors depend completely on what the respective accounts involved have unlocked and will vary between 2.500 (500 each) and 12.500 (2.500 each) decor. Shared Crate Below you find more details about the so called Shared Community Crate. Much like the Crate on a regular Housing plot the Shared Crate is used to store decor before being used to decorate a plot. Specifically the Shared Crate is used to decorate the Common area between the five player plots on a Community. It is possible to add decor to this Crate in two ways: 1) Buy items directly from the Housing vendor (an option found on the Housing hotbar) while standing in the Common area of the Community skyplot. 2) Add decor to your own Crate and then, while you have your Crate opened on your own plot, use the new Donate to Community button to remove the item from your Crate and add it to the Shared Crate. Note: This is a one way street and items cannot be send back to the player who donated the decor once the process is complete. Warning: Disbanding a Community will cause all decor in the Shared Crate (or decor placed in the Common area) to be lost. Entry points & Visiting a Community Communities have a total of six Entry points, these are the landing pads located throughout the Community skyplot. The first, and most important, Entry point is the Community landing pad, this is the location from which all players who do not own a plot on the Community enter the Community when visiting. The other five Entry points are located in the upper right corner of each of the five house slots. Note: Only used by the respective owners of these plot slots. The list of Public Plots available for visiting (found at the top of the screen, to the left of the Housing plot / Community name) has now been divided into two distinct sections. The first section, called Individuals, contains a list of plots which currently have their Visitor status set to Public. Players can either select the name and click “Visit” or enter a specific name instead and then select “Visit”. Note: This list can also contain plots which are placed on a Community. If players visit a Individual plot which is placed on a Community they will not enter that player’s plot directly but instead enter the Community via its main landing pad entry point. The second section, called Communities, contains a list of public Communities available for visiting. Note: All Communities have their Visitor Rules set to Public by default. Can be changed to Private by the Leader in the Community information panel. Exit teleporters & Renown vendor holograms Communities have a total of five Exit locations and Renown vendors, these are located at the five landing pads associated with the respective house slots. Note: Does not require a player’s plot to be placed in the respective slot in order to be available. Holo-Crypt Contrary to individual plots the housing plots placed on a Community do not have individual Holo-Crypts. Instead there is a single Holo-Crypt located on the Community’s landing pad which serves as the Resurrection point for the entire Community. Holo-Barriers Although the Holo-Barrier, with its hexagon shaped pattern, is removed between the slots on a Community it still shows up on the edges of the Community itself if you get close to the edge. Holo-Barriers will still show up around the six landing pads on a Community and around certain FABkits while trying to build near them.
  17. Dreadtalon Tribe - Mistgloom Falls

    Hello! Zub here with another housing post. I finished this plot a long time ago for the Dreadtalon Tribe, but I finally got around to posting it on here! Plot Info: Owner Name: Dreadtalon Tribe Server: Entity-NA Here at Mistgloom Falls in Wilderrun is the village of the Dreadtalon plot! Built around a torine shrine that houses a powerful life elemental, the Draken have become custodians of this powerful elemental, as well as this area of the forest. The village is surrounded by dense jungle, a floodplain for the river that drains down from the waterfalls. As you can see, the Dreadtalon make sure visitors know who's territory they are entering.... Down in the jungle is the infirmary, more accessible than the rest of the village in case of injury! And at the edge of the jungle are the falls themselves! At the top of the falls is the village proper! And up on the high ledge is the lounge where the Dreadtalon Moot's are held on Mondays! And that's that! Please feel free to visit if you like! I'm very happy with how this plot turned out, especially since I didn't have much experience with foliage before working on it. Also credit to Jazad Spineshot, who helped to decorate the village! Thanks for stopping by! ~Zub
  18. Issue with Mannequin editor

    I realized something when trying to edit a mannequin's costume the other day. When trying to edit it to hold a pistol, I couldn't assign one to it as the character who owns the plot is a warrior. I had an alt Spell Slinger come over to try and edit it, but even roommates are unable to access the editor. Is there a way to allow for a mannequin to equip any weapon other than what the plot owner is able to equip? Even if you place the mannequin as a roommate, you still can't edit the costume. You can only place it (INB4 toggle build mode off; I know, you still can't edit the costume).
  19. Protomon Go! initial launch

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J6tNTU0Xgw Hi everyone, the Protomon Go! team is proud to announce initial launch! - Hunt protomon in the open world on your datachron (Celestion, Algoroc, Thayd, Ellevar, Deradune, and Illium) - Your captures are saved to the Protomon Server - Bring the team you build to housing to battle it out with other Protomon trainers every night at Katia-run protomon battle events - (coming soon) build your own protomon arena and host battles any time you want - (coming soon) nicer art for the UI and protomon sprites - (coming soon) protomon hunting across more open world zones, dungeons, and raids - (coming soon) more gens of new protomon to collect and battle with https://mods.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/268971-protomon-go Brought to you by: Esper, Peppercorn, Noriack, Jellifer, Jenny, Helmina, Jayden, Nish, Kelzam Big thanks to Smooth McGroove for allowing us to use his acapella for battle music! Also, if you're playing, /chjoin ProtomonGo for announcements and general game discussion!
  20. Hello everyone! Thought I'd post about this place here to keep the housing forums moving along :) . I recently completed this commission for Vaxxis Zettai! Plot Name: The Retreat Server: Entity (Dominion) Owner Name: Vaxxis Zettai A luxurious Highborne Mansion built on a skyplot, this edifice to Highborne dominance is sure to impress even the smarmiest of your highborne peers! Outfitted with its own Landing platforms, luxurious grounds, servants quarters, and guard barracks, the mansion can support all of a highborne's needs! Here are just a few shots of some of the interior spaces! Grand Entrance Hall Library Bathhouse Trophy Room/Vault/Armory And here are some close up shots of the weapons down in the vault. I don't usually add these but I thought they turned out really well! Sword Pistols Resonators Again the plot is Vaxxis Zettai if you would like to see the whole thing! If it is requested I will upload more pics for people, but I definitely think this is a plot best experienced in person :) Thanks for reading! -Zub
  21. So there is a problem with housing decor and it's the fact that there is a lack of numbers. When you get a decor not on the housing vendor or reputation vendor (meaning you can buy it multiple times) you will end up with an insufficient number of the item you want and no realistic way of being able to create what you want in your house until you spent years farming it. So what i'm proposing is apply to most if not all decor, a system that is already in the game for some items, and that is when you first get a unique item and right click it you'll unlock the same item for purchase in the housing vendor. (for a fair price depending on its rarity) This already happens with items such as the daily reward dominion scanner for example, as soon as i got it i could get more from the vendor. I think this will fix the lack of numbers in decor and make peoples's housing dreams more accessible.
  22. Salutonifications! I've been gone many long times and I heard there have been a ton bunches of changes to the housings! Hard to find a good happy places for info anymore and having peruseded the forumtalkers I knows some new stuffs but still having the questions. Can you be the helping, please big thank you? Fabkits, can I removes them and keeps them and be moving them now? Is there being a good place to be finding the pictures of new decors and kits and other bits? If I am removing the collectorating piglet spaceshiper house and am puts another house and then changes my mind, can I get my piglet spaceshiper house putting back? I'm thought I am seeing somethingy about sky things? More than one at times of the same? Thanking you bunches much and many appreciatives! -Twinklebinks
  23. Portale? Portale!!!

    So nach einer ganzen Weile, nutzte ich meine Zeit mal wieder kreativ-produktiv und schreibe einen Forenbeitrag! Worum geht's: Seit längerem habe ich hier und da erwähnt, dass ich das Housing in Wildstar ungemein gut, aber oft wenig nützlich finde. Abgesehen von der Bank findet sich nur wenig was ich tatsächlich gebrauche (abgesehen von kreativen Heimwerksprojekten). So geht es sehr vielen Spielern, wenn man sich mal RND durch die Häuser anderer skipt. An sich sehr schade! Doch da ist noch mehr. Der Ansporn einen anderen Spieler zu besuchen liegt oft nur knapp über der Montagsmotivation eines McCafe-angestellten nach einem durchzechten Wochenende. Dies führt dazu, dass man auf seinem Plott (es sei denn man gehört aktiv zur RP-comm) meist sehr alleine ist. Um genau diese beiden Punkte zu umgehen habe ich mir 2 Dinge überlegt, welche wie schon oben gut ersichtlich, mit Portalen vllt nicht zu lösen, aber um einiges angenehmer gestaltet werden könnten. Auf den Punkt gebracht: 1. Warum besucht keiner mein Haus. Einfach weil keiner Bock hat zu sich in Haus zu porten, dann deinen "cyclkxkadh CyberbladerunnerXXX" in das Suchfeld einzutippen (oder die F-list zu nehmen), um dann einen weiteren Ladescreen in kauf zu nehmen um endlich bei dir anklopfen zu können. Lösung: Ganz einfach ein Item. Welches für einige Sekuden, wie etwa Campfires oder Toys, auf den Boden gestellt werden können. Jeder der dieses Gerät anklickt kann (wohl mit einer gewissen Abklingzeit) in das Housing des Spielers porten, welcher das "Portal" gestellt hat. 2. Für was habe ich ein Housing: Diese Frage ist für mich persönlich als Housingjunky leicht zu beantworten, anderen denen das Bauen nicht so sehr gefällt, werden vllt noch die Bank oder den Vendor erwähnen. Doch mir fiel da noch etwas anderes ein. Lösung: PORTALE! Klar wissen wir dass es FabKits gibt, welche uns in verschiedene Gebiete porten können, bei Playern die jedoch ihr Housing wirklich als das nutzen für dass es gedacht war, funktionieren die FabKits oftmals jedoch einfach nicht! (!Designgründe!) Hier würde ich mir gern Interaktive-Decor-portale wünschen. Gerade nach dem Rapidport und allerlei anderer Vereinfachungen, was das Reisen auf Nexus angeht, sollte das möglich sein. Das Redmoodportal gibt schließlich auch schon. Dies würde das Housing sehr viel nützlicher bzw zu einem Gateway machen. Hier würde es mich freuen wenn man Portale vllt auch nicht nach geworfen bekommt sonder sie zB RND bei Worldbossen droppen würden. Noch etwas: Wo wir gerade bei Interaktiven Portalen im Housing sind... WIE COOL wäre es bitte, wenn es eine Art Decor gäbe welches interaktiv in andere Housings leiten würde. zB. einen schlichten Würfel! Klickt man diesen an, oder used ihn mit "F". Teleportiert er einen in dass Housing eines Nachbar oder Twinks. Dies würde sehr viele Möglichkeiten bieten. Stellt euch für ich baut am Rand eures Housings (mit dem Thema Stadt) ein "Fake-Kaufhaus" mit Türe. An dieser Tür macht ihr den "Würfel" und verlinkt das Housing eines Twinks. In diesem Twinkhousing greift ihr das Thema dann auf und gestaltet es als Kaufhaus. Spielerisch wäre es als würde man in einem kleinen Ladescreen das Haus dass man eben noch von außen sah, betreten. Ob man dieses Würfel dann "coden" würde in dem man ein Feld hat, in dem die Zielperson einfach eintippt. Oder noch cooler es ein Tradebares Item wäre, welches man anderen Schenken/verkaufen kann damit sie Zugang zum Housing erlangen, wäre dann noch so ne Frage :P Was haltet ihr davon? Euer Cpt. Incen Kong :D