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Found 25 results

  1. 7Day Guest Pass - Login problems

    Hi I got two 7Day Guest Pass Keys, so me and a friend wanted to try out wildstar. We both validated our keys, but can't log into the game. It keeps bouncing us between the EU and NA servers with the message "no valid wildstar key found for the X Datacenter, changing to Y Region" and vica versa. I already wrote a ticket 6 hours ago but got no reply so far except for the automated one. Maybe someone has experienced this problem and could give me some advice on how to deal with it? Thanks in advance Greg
  2. Restrictions: -Can only communicate to other trial account users or account whispers but can not send requests. -Currency limit, no trading, CX/AH and mail. Trade Skill Tier limit. -Level limit 14. Daily limited PvP played matches. -Can not reach the already set decor limits, halve them or more. Features: -Unlimited play time. -Upon hitting 14 give them the Housing starting quest no matter their location, can not be declined and give them a usable quest item to teleport straight to housing. -Upon entering the Sky-Map give them a handful gold to play around with decor from the Housing Vendor, try to make this amount usable only for this purpose. -Upon entering Housing don't show them the tent, pre-build them the Cozy Exile Human/Cassian House. *Removing all housing level restrictions would be ideal and can be tuned for harvest plugs and has been something I've ached for *Can queue with only other trials and account friends to run Housing Expeditions to get a taste of group dynamics and a hint of what an actual dungeon is like. *Housing Expeditions in Group Finder would be a feature I welcome with open arms, perhaps for subscribers enable Expedition Plug owners to host in match making. Pro: -If people are exposed to the housing system after sampling the combat mechanics chances are they'll want more and get hooked I think. If these people can log in anytime to tinker and show things off that's gotta ensure spread of good word to mouth. -This will pool more people to PvP 6-14 so current players won't have usual 20 minute queues leveling alts and they won't infect the 15-29 bracket where organized pre-mades start happening, my opinions and what I've seen. Con: (really am thinking critically and un-biased but this is all I got) -Lag? -Doing the opposite and worsening the 6-14PvP Bracket though when I don't know how much worse it can get currently accompanied with a 10-20 minute queue. *My thoughts can defiantly be improved on but imagine if something of this sort popped up on Steam? I'd love to hear you ideas and addition/retractions! TL;DR - Similar to WoW's trial model emphasizing on Housing. What are your thoughts on this date and these numbers? WoW Starter Edition launch date mid-July 2011 (Q2) http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_Starter_Edition Blizzard/Activision Quarterly earnings from 2009-2014 (See Q1'11 forward) http://www.statista.com/statistics/282740/activision-blizzards-net-income-by-quarter/ * = Suggestion not limited to this topic.
  3. Hi, New player here, currently using a guest pass. So, the trial in Wildstar is to give you a week of play-time and/or all the gameplay experience there can be up to and including level 20. The max allowed path level for a trial account caps out at 12, which you get when character reaches level cap anyway, while the gold and renown caps are extremely generous - already 20 on my first toon, and not even close to reaching them. Every bit of housing is accessible, every bit of character customization, skills, AMPS - all in all, I think it safe to assume the philosophy here is that, should you get to the trial level cap and like the game enough, purchasing it will allow you to continue with your progression past it, and right where you left off. It even allows you to gain experience even after you get to 20 - you simply aren't allowed to get to 21. Awesome! All fine and dandy! Except for one small problem - mining. It's capped out at Novice 1199/1200 in trial mode and refuses to budge toward Apprentice, in stark contrast to all the claims out there (and on the official site, too) that you're allowed to progress up to (and including) Apprentice level. Because that certainly is the case with my crafting skill, which I managed to get to Apprentice, as well as craft a handful of Apprentice-level items (albeit with reagents obtained from salvaging). So... why is this limitation in place? It's not like gold farmers can abuse mining titanium on trial accounts to accumulate gold - I assume this is precisely the reason why AH, CE and most chat commands are disabled for guest pass users (and it seems to be working fantastically - haven't spotted even a single spammer, at least on my server). It's also a slight discrepancy to the philosophy of "pick up from right where you left off", because, if you really want a smooth character progression in *all* aspects, you need to buy and activate the full game as early as level 11, *not* 20, as advertised. I'm simply wondering, is all. This is not a whine thread - I already purchased the full game and will be activating it upon delivery of its physical copy ('cause I'm an old-fashioned cupcake like that). I'd love it if someone enlightens me on the logic here, because I sure as heck don't get it.
  4. So, I recently bought the game, played up to almost level 10 on two different characters and almost beat the game on another character. Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave....I STILL DON'T HAVE MY 3 GUEST PASSES THAT I WAS PROMISED WITH PURCHASE. So where are they? Do I have to turn a trick or two in order to get them? IJS I'm not impressed with Customer Service.
  5. Guest pass

    Hello people, i wanted to ask if someone have a extra guest pass to play with my friend! i can reward a humble bundle game if you want. Thanks!
  6. Guest pass

    Hello people, i wanted to ask if someone have a extra guest pass to play with my friend! i can reward a humble bundle game if you want. Thanks!
  7. I gave my friend a guest pass yesterday and it did not work - for some reason she had region issues, and the support told her today that her guest pass does not work because she does not have a subscription plan... I am a bit confused. I got them post launch, so did we have only a month to give it to someone? Was it only for that period? Because another friend used his like a week or so ago, and it worked (had the same region issue though) :( so please help. /thanks
  8. Hey Everyone! I was lucky enough to get a guest pass from one of my friends, but it was his last one. I told a friend I would try to get him a pass because he really wants to check this game out, and I know he will love it. Is anyone willing to part with one? Let me know! Thanks :)
  9. I know it's the same story as everyone else. My girlfriend and I were planning on buying a digital copy of the game, then using the guest pass to try playing together before buying another copy. I bought, installed, activated, and started playing the game and did not receive any email with guest passes, and this has been so since 48 hours ago. It's frustrating not being able to play because we want to play together and don't want to progress beyond each other, so we've been sitting on our hands all holiday weekend waiting for support to reply to our ticket. It sucks coming to this, but if anybody has an extra guest pass to spare for my girlfriend, we'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.
  10. Hey there, yesterday I upgraded from a guest pass to the full game and I still cannot talk in zone chat, join a guild, or have more than 3 characters. I submitted a ticket but still have no response. Any idea how long it should take for it to recognize I have a full account or is there some clientside fix I can do? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, While I am sure anyone who wanted to try Wildstar has gotten their hands on a guest pass already, I was finally give my 3 guest passes after having to put in a support ticket. So if you are still looking for a guest pass (or just want to watch an awesome stream!) I will be doing a giveaway on my twitch.tv channel. Time: June 28th @ 8:30pm EST Place: http://www.twitch.tv/slayus or just click the LIVE! link in my signature Just to warn anyone who wants to stop in and just watch, I will probably be playing Tera (not Wildstar) due to that being the game I play with my fiance :P So come one, come all! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, hell... tell EVERYONE! The guest passes will be given out randomly during the stream (usually only go for about 1.5 hours). See you all Saturday! :D
  12. Guest Passes

    Hey guys, Im trying to figure out how to claim the 3 Guest passes that people would get from Pre-Order Haven't gotten them yet from email (i saw a thread saying we get them in emails) So how do we get the guest passes?
  13. I purchased the digital edition of Wildstar off of Green Man Gaming with the 20% voucher thing on the 7th (almost a week ago). I realized later on, after a friend asked me if he could try the game, that I was never sent my guest passes. I opened up a ticked yesterday and got the "check your spam, promotions, junk, etc. and wait up to 48 hours." As I said before, it has almost been a week since I purchased the game. Where are the passes?
  14. Hi everyone, I just got a guest pass from a friend, and I was wondering...If I ended up liking it, would I be able to subscribe to it?
  15. This the Title states i'm happy to be able to give out a guest pass to someone willing and desirably?!? wanting to play Wildstar and learn all the gathered greatness it holds to its combat all the way to the greatest housing! Rules to win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX2Iq42pxkw&list=UU_Som-hlxAywWxGHzv35tNA 1. Comment on the video posted. 2. Like said Video. 3. Like official Facebook Page. 4. Win A Freaking Epic Guest Pass!
  16. Guest pass

    i was just wondering...if you get a guess pass and make some characters and then get the full game, do I keep my characters?
  17. If anyone has an extra guess pass that they don't need, could I get it please? I have a friend that wants to try it out before purchasing, but I haven't been able to get my guest passes from NC Soft. Thanks in advance!
  18. I saw on various places like reddit and some twitch streams that a lot of people give away guest passes. It seems that most people are fine with giving them to whomever claims it. I just saw this language in the guest pass email though: "Just remember that these passes are intended for you to share with friends, any misbehaving on a guest account may have repercussions for the associated account as well!" Is this actually happening? Can people who share their guest passes just to be nice be at risk for having their account banned? What if your real life friends have no interest in MMO games and you want to give away the codes? edit: Correction the quote was on the guest pass support page not the email I received. https://support.wildstar-online.com/entries/63202917
  19. I purchased Wildstar more than 48 hours ago, and I haven't received my Wildstar guest passes. I purchased this from Green Man Gaming, but I was under the impression that all activated accounts receive the email with the three passes. Whenever I tried to open up a ticket, they just said that they were escilating it so it can be viewed and helped. Its been another day since then, and I am annoyed. What's going on? Why am I not getting the stuff I payed for?
  20. Looking for guest pass

    Hi all, I have a friend who is really wanting to try wildstar! He said he won't play unless he can try it out 1st. Is there anyone who has an extra guest pass I may pass along to him so he can see how great the nexus is?! It would be greatly appreciated!!!
  21. Hi, I made an account yesterday, and a friend is interested, too. I've looked around a bit, but I was wondering, where exactly can I send Guest Passes from? TIA, and sorry if its like blatantly obvious or something ^-^''
  22. I was hearing peopel talking about sending guest pass for there friends to try the game idk if they really exist or not but can you? i want to let my friend see the game so he can buy it
  23. Guest Pass Trade

    I purchased the game today and am waiting for my guest pass codes to arrive. However, I'd like to play with my brother. Would anyone be interested in giving me one of their NA guest passes, and I can give you one of mine once the email arrives? (Saw this in another thread and thought I'd give it a shot.) Thanks. EDIT: I got one. Thanks!
  24. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the guest passes after activating your serial code? I purchased my standard edition from greenmangaming and activated it yesterday, but I haven't received my guest codes yet.
  25. 7 Day Guest Passes

    Hey guys just wondering where we get the codes for the seven day guest passes that you get with the preorder.