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Found 112 results

  1. Good job Carbine!

    So, long time lurker but first time poster. I've been playing WS since shortly before FTP and recently decided to give it another whirl. Seems all my old characters got deleted somehow (??) but as none of them were past lvl 20ish no harm, no foul which brings me onto the point of this post. Seriously, great job on the classes Carbine. You have made my life hell in picking one to main! I've NEVER, in my considerable MMO experience had as much difficulty choosing a class. You've completely nailed them all with great individual aesthetics, flavour and humor. I get it that SS DPS is in a woeful place, but for pure enjoyment? Nailed it. Medic might not be my cup of tea, but can i see the appeal in running around with two electric paddles shocking things to death? You bet you *cupcakeing* ass I can! Swarms of imaginary swords followed with a quick transformation into a leaping goat? Seriously, pass me whatever you were smoking when that idea was passed around! So, yeah, you have made it incredibly difficult for a bitter MMO vet to choose a class, and for that i commend and thank you!
  2. Dear diary...

    Dear diary: april 6th. Still haven't heard anything about chase events from Carbine, I'm starting to worry that something bad went down at Carbine HQ. I pray everyday that some day we will get words from Carbine, that we still matters and they haven' forgotten us.
  3. We need some PvP attention Keepo.
  4. please for the love of god, put some guards in illium, tired of seeing all these damn stalkers roll in and gank you 50 times while youre trying to do shit. This is the first game I've played that had a town with ZERO protection...in other mmo's if you tried to roll into a city capital, even while cloaked, you would be caught, debuffed and had to fight your way out. Theres like 30 dommies standing around watching you get massacred over and over and over all day. This topic needs to be addressed....and it's beginning to make the game less fun for me after 2.5 years of playing.
  5. As the title states. Just curious if it's still a priority or nah.
  6. Matchmaker addon error

    ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\GroupFinder\GroupFinder.lua:169: attempt to index field 'wndMatchMaker' (a nil value) stack trace: ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\GroupFinder\GroupFinder.lua:169: in function 'SetupGroupFinder' ...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\GroupFinder\GroupFinder.lua:162: in function <...g\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\GroupFinder\GroupFinder.lua:160> (tail call): ? [C]: in function 'Event_FireGenericEvent' ...geUI_InterfaceMenuList\ForgeUI_InterfaceMenuList.lua:405: in function <...geUI_InterfaceMenuList\ForgeUI_InterfaceMenuList.lua:401> got this error what do i do
  7. Hallo zusammen, Ich bin noch nicht so lange bei Wildstar dabei aber ich glaube ich bin nicht der Einzige der bemerkt hat, dass das Spiel nicht gerade an seinem Höhepunkt ist. Bugs, viele Abgänge in der Community, ... Ich lese auch eine Menge hier im Forum, wo beschwerden geposted werden oder Wünsche geäußert werden und auch Anregungen von Spielern, wie man Sachverhalt XY evtl verbessern könnte. Das spiel wird auch auf anderen Plattformen wie Youtube viel thematisiert, meist jedoch eher verrissen als gelobt. Und wenn ich mir da die Kommentare durchlese, dann seh ich viele Vorurteile, jedoch auch viel Wahres. Nun aber zu meinem Wesentlichen anliegen: Was können wir als Community tun, um Carbine zu unterstützen?! Diese Frage brennt mir schon seit einiger Zeit unter den Nägeln und ich würde gern mich aktiv daran beteiligen Wildstar zu retten. Denn was auffällig ist, ist das Wildstar momentan in einer Teufelsspirale steckt. Das Spiel bugt->Spieler verlassen das Spiel->NCSoft zieht darum Devs ab->Bugs werden nicht behoben->Spieler verlassen das Spiel... Und so kann es nicht weiter gehen, dann sind die Server zum ende 2016 abgeschaltet! Darum, wie können wir helfen?! Braucht ihr vllt ne komplette bugliste? Braucht ihr konstruktive Kritik?(die schon zuhauf in den Foren existiert, jedoch vllt gesammelt in diesem Thread) Ich hoffe der Thread wird von jemandem Offiziellem gelesen und Antwortet darauf. Gemäß dem alten Moto: "remember, the devs are listening" ;)
  8. This is unacceptable. There really wasn't any news about getting a hoverboard for helping the testing on the PTR. I didn't find out until last night when someone in entityLFM posted about it. On top of that, the hours were very limited and at a bad time. Most of the casuals/raiders left don't log in until a little bit later in the evening. Then on top of that I come home, and find out that there was an expected server hotfix. Come on, I'm speaking in vain here for the majority that go to work or have things to do during the day, just to find out that there is no chance to obtain new things for being a part of the community? No wonder people left. I am well aware the some of the devs/workers/employees from Carbine migrated from Blizzard. Have you not learned anything from over there? No LFR, cross faction queue, toy collectibles tab? No incentive for players who invest so much time into the game? How hard is it to take our ideas and put them at the top of the list? For Christ's sake, my inventory is halfway full of toys and no space to put them. More toys on the way? Thank god, I didn't buy ALL the flares yet. How hard is it to implement a new tab? But you can take the idea of the WB hunter event and turn that into a new zone and call it "new content?" So I am under the impression, that Arcterra was your salvation to holding off Redmoon Terror for a little bit longer, eh? Why develop rehashed content, instead of putting all your focus into your goals. Many guilds have disbanded and there was a huge population sink immediately after Pappy's announcement. Put yourselves into our shoes for one day, please, and look at the game from a gamer's perspective, and not from that of a developer! Please stop with the cash grabs lockboxes, it's morally wrong, and you're *cupcake*ing over the players who are committed to the game. Also make the PTR longer, it costs money to keep the server up? Business 101, spend money to make money. How about you have in-game surveys/polls if you don't know how we feel? Not everyone visits forums, and would be the best strategy at this point to get some good solid feedback. Sincerely, A pretty pissed off Player
  9. So, Arcterra was just announced, but there is still one question remaining - when's the Steam release? We all want to know, reveal the secret!
  10. Note: This will be a long post, with a TLDR at the end. I've been through thick and thin with this game, and I wanted to share my story, and my hopes and dreams with Wildstar. I've been here and there since launch, I may have not been subbed through it all, but I've had the game installed, and kept my wandering eye on the game. I've been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. It overall saddens me, but we have a future, a bright one at that, at least I believe that... Do you? Let's not focus on the game's past. We all know it's there, it's bad, but like all things, shouldn't it be left in the past? So, we know what not to do in the future? Do we want the past to ruin Wildstar's chances, like they are now? All we do is talk about the negatives of the game. There are some "I love this game" or "I like this game" but they are overshadowed by "X reason is why I am quitting" or "This is why I don't like this game" granted I'm all for free speech, and saying what you think about the game, but does it bode well for the future new players if all they see on the forums or Reddit is depressing things? No, of course not. It tells them to go somewhere else. This isn't the game. Since all they see is that kind of stuff. In a fallen state like this, we need the community and Carbine to really step it up, and say "Hey, this is a great game, join us to find out". If you aren't the type of person to do that, maybe this isn't for you though. Do you play the game, and enjoy it? If so, don't you want the game to succeed, and hopefully get into a better state? Yes, we need new content, we don't need delays, but stuff happens. We don't know what the morale is like over at Carbine, maybe they even don't? We need to show them that we care about the game. We boost the morale with the community, I am sure the morale will be boosted over at Carbine. How does that all start though? It starts from both ends, but let's start with Carbine's side of things for now. As a community we need transparency first and foremost. We need to know what's going on with the game. The state of the game was nice, but we need more of that. We need forum posts, we need weekly/monthly updates on how the game is shaping up, and what's coming to the game that's new. Whether it be good or bad, we deserve to know. We are a small, but tight community that needs to grow. We have people over at Carbine invading live streams and what not, and we have some people over at Reddit talking to the community, but it needs to happen more at the forums than anything. Carbine needs to address a lot of the communities concerns. What's going on with Warhound (PvP Server), and are the actual player numbers looking like. (Not sure, they are allowed to tell). We need communication, and we need it ASAP. This is where we come in as well, the communication part. It happens inside and outside the game, probably more on the outside right now. I'm not saying go out on social media or various websites and praise with rose tinted glasses about the game, hell no. Whether it be, telling people to just try the game and helping them out, or maybe focus on the positives about the game, rather the the negatives. Instead of saying something about the low population or what not, say the combat is awesome, and end-game is where it's at! Don't lie, we need to keep honest with present and future players. Yes, the game has it's wings clipped, but I think we can get them back. Free to play release did some things for the game, but it didn't do as much as I'd would have liked it to have done, but we can sort of redeem ourselves here... We have the upcoming Steam launch. Maybe it's not as big as free to play, but it opens up to a lot of new potential players. Steam reviews... We all know how they can make or break the game for new players. Shed some good light on the game, but also be honest with people. I write over at MMORPG.com blogs and I have spoken a lot about Wildstar, and how it can be saved, and should be saved. It starts at two places, like I've said a dozen times already. As a community, do you think we could do this? Could we possible redeem Wildstar with upcoming drops and Steam release? If you don't want to fine, that is your choice, I am speaking to the people that are willing to do this, willing to step up to the plate, and help us grow the community. It's no secret we need new blood, and I am sure Carbine would love new blood as well. I apologize if this is hard to follow along, it's currently 2 AM for me, and I am battling the flu, but I really needed to get this off my chest and unto the forums, whether I am heard or not is up to you all... Back to Carbine... We also need you guys and gals to step as well. Be transparent, talk more, and really tell us how things are going. Bad or good, we need to know. Veterans have been through thick and thin, and it would look good for new players as well, don't you think? You hold the future of the game even more than we do. You create/develop the world we love to play in, and we want more people to enjoy it, at least I do... Do you think you guys and gals can step up and just talk to us more? I know you are all working hard on the next drop, and beyond but I think also need more communication as well as content... Maybe this will get thrown to the dirt and lost in the forums, but I just needed to get it off my chest... Who knows what will happen to this post, I guess we will just find out in the future, but I would like you all to think about this, and just ponder it for awhile, whether you do or don't is up to you... As for the TLDR: Carbine and the community need to step it up and shine a more positive like on the game and talk more.
  11. Well, I'm not much of a writer or a thread maker in forums, but I felt like I needed to make this thread detailed as much as possible about the recurring bot problem we are all familiar with at this point, and Carbine's obvious neglect of the problem (no responses from them on any of the recently made threads about them). So where to start? Hmm. How about, hey Carbine, it's been some weeks now that these bots have been plaguing the 50 bracket and single-handedly destroying what's left of a PvP community that me and a decent amount of people enjoy. We've sent tickets, we've made threads for you to deal with this issue, but what do we get? Not one single response or even the slightest reassurance that you actually give a crap about us PvPers. I've talked with a lot of my BG buddies and some of them are on the verge of quitting completely, myself included, because you, Carbine, don't seem to act like you care whatsoever about fixing this bot issue and are just letting the bots sit there and rot away whatever PvP competition is left. You have any idea how annoying it is to try and keep playing the same BG over and over again just spam killing something that doesn't even react? Hoping that you get queued into that one Halls, or hell, even a bloody Daggerstone match at this point. Hoping you get queued into an actual human being with a damn brain. Actual competition. Now that I'm done venting my fuming frustration, Carbine you seriously need to get your ass in gear if you want to actually keep this game alive. You aren't gonna keep this game alive just by PvE alone. PvP queues were actually picking up before the bots showed up. Now the longer you neglect this issue, the more your game dies. It's actually ridiculous how little you talk to us about it Carbine. It's the first time that I actually felt a company didn't really give a flying shit about the game they're supposed to keep clean of bugs/bots/whatnot. Carbine, I am pleading with you. Please give us some response that you are going to ban all of the current bots running around and that you will keep banning them, because this is borderline ridiculous at how little information we are being given about it.
  12. And I know I'm not the only one. Just think of all those super sad Stalker Explorers out there forever regretting their poor life choices. Crying themselves to sleep every night, wondering what could have been if only they had a little more foresight. Being told to go die in a fire just because they can't summon the rest of their dead raid past the base pop after they drop combat. Do it for them Carbine, make their dreams come true. Path Changes for the cash shop.
  13. No, come on. The other thread is flooded with a positive response despite the title. We don't need a duplicate topic.
  14. Fixed an issue with the Warrior and Engineer Arena Season 2 Rewards. Their armor models have been swapped to properly represent their class. So are Engi's the orange set or the battery set? According to the weapons in the Season 2 preview Engi's should have the "battery" armor and not the orange one. Are new models being made for the weapons with the switch?
  15. I tried to find Carbine & Ncsoft on the site, but couldn't find either :( Or well found one with Ncsoft, but only one member there and weird as of Ncsoft is big company. Also weird how he's set the goal to 100 bucks. Maybe he forgot to say to other Ncsoft members that he will join to 2015 event.. I've participated twice to Extralife and was happy to Donate and assist. My Area for Assist has always been in Toronto Canada and i think i select same this year. If none of the Carbine or Ncsoft staff member replies and shares info about their plans for this then Shame. On that case would be good if someone from Community is joining for this and i assist him / her with helping the kids :) Some gaming companies that have taken part in past have been Trion Worlds "joined again this year", Waystone Games "Silly blind EA closed Dawngate at it's beta stage", Cryptic Studios / Perfect World Entertainment and some others. There are and have been Indie & bigger ones :) Gaming and Fundraising started for this Year's weekend if not mistaken. Extralife Staff will have 24hr Fundraising Stream starting 7.11.2015 :) Details on this page: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm? Scroll to bottom to check some teams if want to. More details here: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=cms.page&id=1095 "Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local CMN hospitals. From that $24million a sum of $6 million was raised in just 2014." Sponsored by Twitch, Trion Worlds, Ubisoft and many others. Help the younglings and make the difference :) Kind regards: Extralife Member and supporting the Children.
  16. A few days ago I bought a lockbox key and opened a lockbox at the end of vet SSM. I recieved Torine Clarity, which is a gadget that increases focus recovery for 10 seconds. The character I was playing is a Stalker. I can't even salvage it. The only value it has to the character it is soulbound to is 3g 60s to an NPC vendor. I submitted a ticket asking for a refund, and after a few automated responses I finally got a real reply: Hi there! I have reviewed the incident that you've reported and we will be unable to offer a restoration at this time. Please understand that the WildStar Support Team cannot make exceptions to this policy. Cheers, NCSOFT Support Team Cheers? Is that how you usally end an email telling a customer they've been ripped off? RIP any further spending on this game.
  17. I can't level up my character, mobs are too lagged! It's impossible to do any quest. Come on Carbine resolve it. Please! I want complete my quests.
  18. zPrix Event too short.

    Hey Carbine Devs, I just saw the zPrix event has ended and I wanted to post some criticism, not about the event itself, but about to take no care about people, who have rare time to play the game- Five days for an event is short and why do you; start another event, while there is still one running, couldn't you just start it after Shade's Eve has ended. I used my few playtime to collect enough Shades Silver and just accepted yesterday the zPrix quests, I thought the event is running the last day the whole day long. I'm a casual player and if I also like to play more, I'm just low on time. I don't say make dungeons and raids easier, I'm not the one who wants that, but events are some of the content, that is funny, easy and I can do quickly. What I wanna say with this thread is, please let events last 2 weeks minimum and don't run different events at the same time. The events itself are well done. :)
  19. So earlier this week I used a lockbox key at the end of STL and was awarded a set of soulbound pistols. Only problem is I am an Esper so they are totally worthless can't be traded or sold, and can't be used. So basically I just paid you cash for a chance at extra loot and you took the money but provided no reward. Thinking this must be a mistake I submitted a ticket to support I wasn't expecting much support in this game has always been wonky. I sent in my ticket asking for a refund of the lock box key(which seemed reasonable) or the equivalent Psyblade(I was hoping but doubted this would happen). Instead, I received this message. Lock Boxes item rewards are randomized in nature and are working as intended by the Developers. Because of this, they are not eligible for a restoration or an exchange. Opening additional boxes may provide the item that you are looking for and I wish you the best of luck in your next adventures! Please tell me that this isn't true Carbine, that you haven't created a system that asks us for money without providing items we can use. Might as well have slipped me some heavy armor pants. I thought this was probably just a problem with your code that checked if you wore light armor and not a check against your class. If this is working as intended, it's a poorly implemented system that needs to be changed. Imagine the joy someone has when they see a purple weapon pop out of a box, only to have it crushed when they realize they can't use it. Something is wrong here, and I am truly disappointed with your service.
  20. I have all the points for Cosmic Rewards Tier 1 - Tier 6. First day, no issue. After that, My tier 2 through tier 5 do not come up as being active although tier 1 and tier 6 are. All the account entitlements in tier 2 - tier 5 are not active on my account. I have put in a few tickets over the last two weeks with no success or even the usual "we are looking into it" spiel. Carbine please...
  21. Jabbit-1 is getting quite laggy and bogging down more and more as the evening progresses. It's clearly missing its daily restart. Most guilds are starting their raids soon so the restart has to be now or never (unless you want to restart it in middle of raids again)
  22. So far anyone not folling the Twitter accounts of the Carbine employees I thought I would share a few tweets that have been made lately for some rousing discussion with rumors and speculation. It all starts with.. CRB_Pranaya aka Diandra (@MesaanaSedai), the Voice Over Co-Ordinator Wildstar with a few tweets about some recording this week. Exhibits A-D: Recoding with Brian T. Delaney (@Brian_T_Delaney) who does the voices of Emperor Myrcalus / Mordesh Male / The Entity (Thanks IMDB!) - https://twitter.com/MesaanaSedai/status/652186139248340992 Beau Billingslea (@BeahBillingslea) - https://twitter.com/MesaanaSedai/status/652214246801932288 Troy Baker (@TroyBakerVA) who voices Deadeye Brightland. - https://twitter.com/MesaanaSedai/status/652268890123141120 And, Mr. "Oh yeah! You leveled up! Way to go cupcake!" himself.. Fred Tatasciore (@fred_tatasciore) - https://twitter.com/MesaanaSedai/status/652287431496982528 Further corroboration: Senior Story Designer Gary Astleford (@CarbineGary) also tweeted about the epic voice recording. https://twitter.com/CarbineGary/status/652187625609015296 Cory Herndon Lead Writer (@HernCo) also tweeted about the recordings. https://twitter.com/HernCo/status/652340480605229056 Now I realize that this could all be for the upcoming Shade's Eve event that is coming Oct. 19 through Nov. 2 but since this was already being previewed and tested by several media websites one could assume the Voice Over work for that has already been done. This is where the speculation starts. I probably wouldn't have even made this post were it not for this tweet from Product Director Mike Donatelli (@DapperDonatelli). Exhibit E: https://twitter.com/DapperDonatelli/status/652201258485354496 Yes, he did say "One of the new zones." One could therefore conclude, people of the Wildstar Jury, that there are at least two! While Shade's Eve has a new expedition I haven't heard mention of any new zones. Lastly I would like to close with a short tweet from Kristen DeMaza (@TisCaydiem) Wildstar's Senior Content Producer (illustriously known on the forums as CRB_Caydiem). Where as any true follower of the Vigilant Church can see, her attempt to cover up Thayd's DESTRUCTION! with a [REDACTED] is laughable at best. We of The Dominion are pleased it puts her in a cherry mood. Us too. I rest my case. "I like my evidence like the Exiles. Flimsy." - Treachery
  23. Vindball anyone remember Carbine talking about this before launch? I wonder is it still thought about by Carbine employees ?
  24. The launch trailer is great - and one aspect that can simply be put as "rad" - is the song. Is there any chance fans can get a full version of the song? Fantastic music with the game as always! Thanks!
  25. I used to play a Medic and stopped playing a year ago, but F2P has brought me back! While everyone is busy being fixated with your servers getting slammed by hordes of hungry gamers, (to which you have my simultaneous condolences and congratulations.) I'd like to send you some positive feedback, and say thank you for all the differences I've noticed in just a day. The main ones being things that myself and others had voiced as issues on the forums, or services we had asked for, that have since been implemented! When I put up a post requesting a way to save all those neat items I had built up, the negative elements on the forums threw up replies like this: But hey, what is the first thing I notice after logging in? HOLO WARDROBE! BWA HAHAH YES FINALLY! (I am so happy)\ I wrote up a big "Reboot Amp & Shield Surge: Why and how I think they need to change" post, and a bunch of players rabbled in the comment section before my departure. Yeah sure, half my ideas were dumb, and my post probably wasn't original, but my points were valid; and more importantly: I see that you listened! The Reboot Amp now triggers at below 30% instead of depleted, and T8 Shield Surge rewards skill in PvE with increased healing! Perfect! I love it! Thank you! And all that other content that has been added is greatly appreciated, like the level 10 dungeon "Protostar Academy", that explicitly walks everyone through all the core concepts of dungeons / raids, concept by concept. Wonderful, a massive boon to casual gamers just learning the ropes. I figure, if the things I cared about are got tweaked and made to work. Then the chances are other issues have also gotten the same attention. So, Thank you. It's great to know, that the devs are listening. We know change doesn't come instantly, and it may not be exactly what we wanted on the first attempt, the new may even be confusing at first, but it's nice to know you guys are putting in the effort to make the game we all want. (Huh, what is multistrike? is this just like an additional crit stat? Wait! Where the hell is my costumes? Why are items missing? I could have sworn my house didn't look like this. Okay all my runes are gone. No wait they are in the mail. WITH MY COSTUMES! and other items? Uuuuugh, why. There's so many items in this mail box. Whatever, I have 30 days to sort all of this out. I'm going to go shoot something instead. ) And that means: When you are done putting the F2P launch fires out, could you add a kinda... item set storage/switcher thingy to our LAS so I can flip between healing/dps/pvp without hunting through my bags. I'll write a post about it, and get some rabble to rabble around it. *Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble* PS: But seriously players give these Devs some positive feedback once in awhile. This bunch seems like they listen, and they receive SO much negative feedback from players. When they do something right, let em know, be all Thor, otherwise they might feel slighted then turn all bitter and evil Loki on us.