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Found 43 results

  1. RMT Achievements

    We've been working on the achievements for the RMT raid. Other than knowing (and reporting) that the boss/loot challenge for Robomination is broken, I was curious about Shooting Star (clear Stareater midphase in under 18s every time). We've wiped for it a handful of times but honestly it seems rather fast. If there is anyone out there who has it I'd appreciate it if they could talk to me about how you did it.
  2. Hello, I have more Newbie questions. :) I want to play through to level 50 with both an explorer and a scientist for both Dominion and Exile. I'm currently thinking of creating 4 characters to accomplish this. But I have questions: If I finish Everstar Grove and then take my character over to the Northern Wilds - if my character has already leveled up beyond the quest levels for the beginner areas, will I still get experience? Or will it be purely to earn achievements (which I am okay with.) I already restarted my Level 17 character because I missed some of the lower level quests, and I was still doing level 10 and 11 quests. Also if one of my characters earns a zone achievement, is that just for that character or is it linked to my account? For example if my Aurin explorer earns all the zone achievements for Everstar Grove, will my exile scientist character also show those achievements completed? Or will I need to take my scientist to both Everstar Grove and Northern Wilds to get the achievements for both areas? I'm a little bit sleepy right now, so I hope my questions make sense. Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
  3. First of all sorry for my bad English. In the past we had few topics about achievements, but I didn't found any of them with the Carbine Studios replay to the topic. We got now 2016, new raid is coming, I don't think we had any big changes to the Achievements system since release in 2014. Personaly I find doing achievements very relaxing and challanging, I think it's one of those aspects of Wildstar that are keeping me in the game and having fun. Sadly achievements are left alone by Carbine, we don't have any rewards or ranking of personal Achi rating, still it's fun to achieve them all. Few months ago we had discussion about "How to make Wildstar more alt friendly". Carbine is going to implement to the game the account bound reputation AMPs and Ability Points. Good one! Making achievements acc/faction wide would encourage ppl to make more alts. With more alts we go to the "optimistic scheme" : more alts > crowd on the first zones/ queues poping faster > fresh players looking at the players runing around lvling zones might be more willingly to stay in the game > more players/ more characters = potential cash for Carbine from spending protobucks on runing end game alts/ from new players buing stuff etc. The scheme from above is very "optimistic and did in the simple way", there is no need for us to make the whole bussines plan for it. There ofcourse will be some ppl denying the idea of more alts = more players = more cash but in many games that works. The idea of acc/faction wide achievements won't make everyone happy, I know that many players does not give a damn potatoe about achievements, but hey we got 2016, there are many casual players looking for the challanging games not only with hard raids, but also solo/small content. Acc/Faction wide achievements won't break the actuall system of achievmenets, there are very few "one shot" achievements ( I did only found one as exile - Galeras - one of the questing achivs). When we open the achievments tab in game, we got the PERSONAL rating of it, so let's make it truly personal - make it wide on the acc/faction. I would rather vote for the Faction wide option, becouse of the differences between Exiles Master Faction achivs and Domirats achivs - we got few different instances like - adventures, another zones to explore, another questline to some point. Faction wide achivements won't complicate the system as much as acc wide option. On the other hand acc wide option would encourage ppl to make character "behind the enemy line", so it also could help with the population and would make the "race to the top rating longer". New system of achivs would help us with getting more fun from the game - We won't be anymore "bound" to play only one characters to achieve everything in game, we will be able to jump between characters if one of them starts to getting boring! Let's the discussion begins!
  4. Steam Release Date

    Out of curiosity will we be recieving a release date for the steam version closer to the time? I personally would like to know the exact moment it comes out so I can download it on steam and drop a positive review. I'm also interested if we will be recieving some in game achievements through steam? For me personally achievements are everything. A lot of time I don't care how bad a game is as long as it has achievements I will continue playing to get them all. There is nothing more satasfying than... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653145403&fileuploadsuccess=1 (I couldn't figure out how to upload an image properly, Sorry) (Not exactly forum'savvy') In the future I want to see the exact same result from Wildstar. So I am really hoping we will get some achievements. A steam game without achievements (more specefically MMOs) feel like you're wasting time and not really earning yourself anything other than game time. At the end of my gaming sessions I like to scroll through my achievements and see what I have accomplished. Also I imagine if there is a achivements there will soon be a thread showing off how many certain people unlocked the moment they signed in :D
  5. how about a target over your head? "Look at me! Look at me!"
  6. Dye and Achievements MIssing

    I came back online today to find that a character that has collected almost a full 999 stack of Star ship turn ins from expeditions does not have ANY expedition achievements. also many of the DYES that come from the completion of a expedition are also missing from my character. at this point i do not know if only the expedition achievements are effected or if the problem goes deeper. All i know for sure is that i am very upset that POOF all my time spent farming is gone! Edit: I am also missing an entire level of Crafting from artisan outfitter back down to to journeyman (on tier lower) and missing all the tech tree unlocks !! looking in my crafting back a HUGE number of crafting materials used to rank up crafting and unlock the tech tree are missing ALONG with ALL THE GOLD AND PLAT spent on common materials and the actual craft!
  7. On Top of the World - Green Orb?

    I'm @ -5261, -343 in Deradune trying to climb Canopy Tree 2. I make it as far as the Green Orb and have tried clicking on the green orb to get the extra leaves to manifest and nothing happens! What am I missing here?
  8. Excited as I am for the new Master Architect changes, the Tech Tree achievements for Title: Civic Architect and Title: Military Architect appear to ignore previously learned/crafted items in the rest of the tree. As such, I'm stuck at 4/10 and 12/17 respectively, despite crafting the missing items (it didn't count the crafts, since I already crafted them prior to the patch) Seeing as how it is impossible, let alone a ridiculous concept, to unlearn it all and redo it for the titles, I feel kinda slighted on this... I can't imagine how anyone who already did every craft prior to the patch would feel, since they would just have the Protostar Hatchery counted towards their Civic Architect title.
  9. Quest bug : Simple Samples

    Stuck at : Kill Savanah Maurauders in Mammoth Graveyard. No Marauders here.
  10. I got the Omni-Potent 1 achievement for receiving 40 OmniBits. When I opened the store there was only 38 of them.
  11. Hey, While bored and achievement-hunting, I've encountered quite a few annoying bugs in the achievement system, so I thought I'd list some of those that look easy to fix and have been in the game for a long time. Paths Meals on Tractor Beams : None of the specified food counts for the completion of this achievement. Additionally, this looks like a settler path achievement, since it requires the construction of a settler project, but it shows up in the Path category no matter the character's path. Public Events From the Breach : Achievement isn't granted on successful completion of the event. Asteroid Destroid : Achievement isn't granted on successful completion of the event. Kill I Like It Rare: The Defile : The rare monster "Tainted Direweb" spawns alongside two other monsters, "Proliferator" and "Tainted Drone", who immediately start attacking the Tainted Direweb and kill it within 30s, making it nearly impossible to get the kill yourself unless you like to camp for 6h waiting for the group to spawn in one of the 3 possible locations on the map. Galactic Hotshot Divide by Zero : For players who had partially completed this achievement in DS40, while it can never be completed since DS40 is gone, the achievement counts as a non-completed objective for the Galactic Hotshot category in the summary pane, meaning the category will forever show up as e.g. 49/50. Quest Fighting with Friends: Galeras : The quest to kill Stickypaw has (or used to have) two names, "WANTED: Stickypaw [GROUP 3+]" and "Kill Stickypaw [GROUP 3+]", and only the first one counts for the achievement, leaving some players unable to get the achievement since they have already completed the quest with the other name (I'm assuming one was the quest you picked up from the Bounty Board, and the other was from an item that Stickypaw itself dropped). Social Even Gross to a Skeech : Achievement isn't granted when failing the EXPEDITION: Melting Pot housing plot instance. The Plot Thickens III : Tiers I and II of this achievement work, but then the counter is stuck at 4/8 no matter how many plots you put down. DungeonsSanctuary of the Swordmaiden Catcher in the Blight : Achievement isn't granted. There may be more that I've forgotten or don't know about, feel free to post them in this thread and I'll add them to the list !
  12. Going back to Algoroc to do some achievements, most notably, "This Crystal Better Be Worth It" and "Loftite Ambitions" and I can't do it, because the Loftite Crystals I am supposed to jump through aren't spawning. Edit: It was extra weird, over half the NPC's weren't spawning for me either. Relogging fixed it. Really weird bug.
  13. Hello there, As a fellow Game Designer a great MMO fan ( And a huge Wildstar fan, i've been playing since CBT3, a year ago ), I really wanted to share those suggestions on how to improve greatly the game, give players an incentive to do content, instead of boring dailies and farming only. I won't talk about timegates and how grinding through repetitive content to get opti/attuned sucks ( The balance between "Stuff that keeps players subbed for as long as possible" and "Boring stuff that makes you leave quickly" can be hard to get, I know ), but about how adding little rewards can improve greatly the game and add a TON of incentive to play things we left behind. First, actually the game REALLY lacks cosmetic rewards. The game has so much potential for this, seriously. The few I was able to discover were really cool, and I really want to see more of these in this game. ( The moodie mask, the squirg hat, even the glowing aura is awesome ) You can add these pretty much everywhere : Zones, paths, questing : Some rares/dungeon-raid bosses could actually drop interesting stuff for once : Minipets, hats, useful but super cool items, even mounts. These drops could be from rare to super rare, who cares ? Frankly, farming an instance to get that super rare mount is okay. The more rare it is, the better we'll feel when getting it. Paths actually feel a bit useless.. Why don't we add some cool rewards for them ? Just add some at the end of the best/hardest/well hidden missions you can find, and you'll be sure players will look for them ! Also, adding a cosmetic reward for clearing the zones would add a real incentive to finish them. Zone lvl-matching gear is plain useless for higher level players. There should be more hidden/difficult/long quests that should award more of these cool hats you can brag about. As long as it's cosmetic, being hard to get it adds a lot to the quality of the thing. Also, WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO CRAFT MOUNT PARTS ??? *hint* Schematics available with max rep *hint* Getting rewarded for completing a zone 100% would be great too ( All quests, datachrons and lore ) World boss could also drop a little something, because except for the attunement process, nobody gives a damn about them. Someday, attuning your reroll is going to be hell ( Well, it already is frankly ) because nobody will want to kill any world boss, since it's pretty much useless. Achievements : The most part of the achievements are actually useless. In many games, a lot of achievements award a little something : Minipets, mounts, whatevs.. these little rewards are a huge incentive to bother to do them. Seriously, who the hell is going to go back to malgrave to do that achievement nobody ever wanted to do if there is no little reward ? Why shouldn't we be able to get that awesome hat Ric Longshanks had in Crimelords ? ( And not by spending IRL dinero to go to gamescom, thx ) Completing every achievement in a dungeon/adventure/zone SHOULD award something. Why not give players a Stormtalon minipet for clearing it in gold with every achievement done ? Titles are good, but this isn't enough in the end. Trophies for our housing can be badass too ( and quite easy to make, art-wise ) Dyes : Well, this has been said thousands of times already, but the Dye system REALLY needs an improvement. Just fix all the dye collections, add them as rewards more frequently maybe, and PLS MAKE THEM TRADEABLE. The dyes are great for the economy, i'm still dreaming that i'll get my white Dye someday. Now let's get some ideas on which items you would like to see in-game ! Personnaly I totally loved the Guitar-axe back then in WoW, all this useless stuff is a must-have for me. Feel free to participate and give all your ideas ! Imo the best would be to give a lot of ideas that are fast/easy to implement in-game, because the time spent for creating each thing is an important point in these cases. But seriously, I would kill for that rowsdover minipet.
  14. I am listing all currently known bug that I have found related to Achievements, Quests, Challenges, Map Completion. I am also submitting Bug Reports on Live and PTR for these and hope others will too so that we can get these fixed! Thanks for the Awesome Game Carbine! (And I hope you fix the bugs for all of us! :) ) 1 ~ After doing the quest "Too Late for Mutt [GROUP 5+]" in Western Grimvault the Achievement "Fighting with Friends: Grimvault" DID NOT grant credit and the Achievement is UNOBTAINABLE! 2 ~ I was not able to complete the Achievement "Episode Completion: Redmoons and Gold Doubloons" in Whitevale due to NOT being able to get and complete the breadcrumb Quest "Missing Migisi". Therefore this Achievement is bugged and UNOBTAINABLE! :( 3 ~ I was not able to complete the Achievement "Episode Completion: Terminal Velocity" in Malgrave due to NOT being able to get and complete the breadcrumb Quest "Fancy Meeting Your Here". Therefore this Achievement is bugged and UNOBTAINABLE! :( 4 ~ There are currently NO Achievements related to QUESTS, EXPLORATION or REPUTATION in Blighthaven AREA! This ought to be fixed / changed! 5 ~ Currently after completing Western Grimvault and finding all of the Journals, the Map Completion is not Progressed Forward with all 8 Journals Found. Map completion only shows 4/8! 6 ~ All of the Resource Gathering Tools besides the Mining Tools DO NOT have the correct Tiers. Mining goes White 10, White 15, Green 25, Green 35, Blue 50 whereas all the others are ALL White Till the Blue 50. Can you make them all the same? OCD reasons! :( 7 ~ Celestion Lore Log shows 20/21 Journals and the Map Completion has 19/19. Please fix this! OCD / Completist Reasons! :( 8 ~ Galeras Lore Log shows 20/20 Journals and the Map Completion has 20/22. Please fix this! OCD / Completist Reasons! :( 9 ~ The Achievement "Elden Secret: Wilderrun" in the Exo-Lab in Wilderrun is currently unable to be completed. 10 ~ The Achievement Section "Adventures" has a Section for "Riot in the Void" which is a Dominion Adventure and yet the Achievements show up for Exiles. This isn't fun to see Achievements we CANNOT complete. :( 11 ~ There is NO Achievement I Like it Rare : Whitevale ! 12 ~ There is NO Achievement I Like it Rare : Blighthaven ! 13 ~ The Achievement in Whitevale "Lightning in a Jar" Connected to the Whitevale Challenge "Lightning Rod" is Unobtainable! 14 ~ The Achievement in Public Events : Algoroc "Security Expert" is Bugged Both when doing the quest and then after with phasing and the inability to repeat the Public Event. 15 ~ The Achievement in Public Events : Celestion "Lend a Helping Ham" is bugged for the Public Event "Ravenous Rescue". 16 ~ The Achievement in Public Events : Celestion "Weapons Free!" is bugged and does not spawn the "Flicker Bomber" during the Public Event "Ravenous Rescue". 17 ~ The Challenge "What's in the Box?" shows up under Southern Grimvault when it actuality the Challenge Location is in Western Grimvault a fairly good distance from Southern Grimvault. 18 ~ The Challenge "Get Off My Ship!" shows up under Southern Grimvault when it actuality the Challenge Location is in Western Grimvault a fairly good distance from Southern Grimvault. 19 ~ The Challenge "Might as Well Jump" shows up under Southern Grimvault when it actuality the Challenge Location is in Western Grimvault a fairly good distance from Southern Grimvault. 20 ~ Achievement "Scorchwing" is bugged and not being granted for killing Scorchwing either in a Group or Alone. Also the Title associated with the Achievement is already granted by another Achivement in Grimvault! "Gut Gouger" 21 ~ Algoroc Lore Log shows 17/17 Journals and the Map Completion has 16/16. Please fix this! OCD / Completist Reasons! :(
  15. According to the achievements interface, a scientist needs to complete 6 Experimentation missions to get the Splicer title. Dominion-side, I completed: The one in Deradune (flora) The one in Auroria (poisons) The one in Farside (bio-dome samples) The one in Wilderrun (strain samples) I am pretty sure I completed all scientst missions in all Dominion zones and never got more Experimentation assignments. The two missing ones seem to be Exile-only. What should I be doing to get the title?
  16. Greetings, I am a lv 50 warrior trying to complete some achievements, and I was wondering if the "Up to the Challenge" achievements are broken. First off let me explain what the requirements for these achievements are. There is usually one for each zone. You must meet a minimum required amount of gold ranked challenges, depending on the zone and how many challenges there are. Some are more than others. I am going to use the Celestion one for this example. I have noticed that getting gold on challenges doesn't seem to update the achievement always. It's very unclear on what the restrictions (if any) are on these achievements and what are the requirements. Let me explain one of the more confusing scenarios I found. I found a newly discovered challenge in Celestion that I didn't find while I was there leveling. It goes only up to Silver rank, but I have found upon completion silver rank for challenges without gold will still go towards the achievement. I get silver and it counts to my achievement. Now I go to a different challenge that I was unable to get gold on back when I was lv 13. I now managed to get gold on this challenge, but now here is where the issue comes. I look at my progress in the achievement and find it has not moved. So this is where I ask what is going on wrong here? I also want to add in, the Galeras achievement requires you to get gold on at least 33 challenges. I spent a day getting gold on 39 challenges in Galeras and not one of them moved the progression and gave me the achievement. Thank you.
  17. I'm cleaning up achievements in Algoroc and only have "Loftite Hoarder" left, which requires me to turn in 50 loftite shards at once. But because I have max reputation in Algoroc, I am unable to complete this achievement. When attempting to turn in the shards, I get a "You have max reputation" message. From what I understand, achievements are intended to be completeable at any point in progress. By that reasoning, this is a bug - once you have max reputation, it's impossible to do this achievement.
  18. So it seems there was a small oversight in the achievements. There is no achievements for getting data cubes or lore books. I feel this was supposed to be implemented and just forgotten. Hopefully they'll notice and add it in the future. :)
  19. Hello, my name is Exanimate and I am a Medic Healer. The following suggestions come from the last 4 (ish) weeks of game play and from the point of view of: 1. questing in a group only 2. a medic and 3. a technologist. I did not play in BETA. I am writing to suggest some "quality of life" improvements for our characters. I won't go into the OP/versus weak classes/fine tuning that is being requested. Usually the theorycrafting and numbers stuff is best left to people who like to think steps ahead. Me? I would rather focus on the little things in life that could be improved upon. Profession 1. As a crafter, I would like the ability to queue up multiple requests for the basic tradeskill mats (i.e. my extracts) and the basic medishots/boots (the ones that require no additives). 2. As a rune user, I would like ALL of the rune fragments moved into my tradeskill bags. Some are already there, why not move all? 3. Eldan Timber. Please let it stack and move into the tradeskills bag. 4. As a technologist I have no use for the Eldan Data Fragments (unless I am missing something). Can these be made account bound? Or, may I have a choice to hand these into an NPC for a "boombox" like bag that could contain anything? 5. The same for vouchers; no real reason for me to do dailies cause my vouchers are useless. Besides the bags, can I have the option to turn these into an NPC for a "boombox" like bag that could hold anything. 6. My outfitter group member said that there are no max level trees in the Crimson Badlands. Huh? I can get my tier 5 relic nodes and my top tier flowers from there. Why can't he obtain his Tier 5 trees? Auction House 1. When I visit the AH, I would like the Heavy Armor not auto selected for me. 2. Better query response. For some odd reason, when I search "chua" it doesn't yield results. I would have to put in Chua Mailbox. Also, when I search for a word that is in the second or third part of an item, it yields no results. For example, if I search for Expedition, I will get all expeditions. However, if I search for "creepy" for the Expedition: Creepy Cave Fabkit, no results will be shown even though there are a couple on the AH. 3. For the commodities exchange, I would REALLY appreciate a better sorting of items when I open the "create a sell order" or the "sell now" tab. Thankfully, a search filter was added but I think we can do better. Housing 1. Yes, more than 300 placed outside would be FANTASTIC. 2. Can I get more than 20 lights please. 3. The ability to add "critters" that frolic throughout my plot would be awesome. I wouldn't mind a jabbit here and there. Also, these critters should NOT count towards the 300 (hopefully more) limit. 4. More rug choices. There's less than 10 choices to keep my undead, I mean my Mordesh feet warm and none that I have fallen in love with as of yet. Character 1. The ability to dye my hair, make it so! Or even change my hairstyle. 2. I want to dye my weapons. **Note, the amount of customization that can be done in this game is bountiful. It seems rather, odd that we cannot change our hair. Character Panel UI 1. For the titles, can we get more categories to sort our titles? i.e. Quest, Adventures/Dungeons, Path, Kill, etc. Also, can the titles go in alphabetical order? My OCD goes crazy when I try to sort through my titles. 2. A better way to recognize where we obtained the title from. Meaning, find a way to have a mouse over pop up box displaying where we obtained the title from. Like, when we mouse over "The Skeech Master" it says "obtained from getting gold in War of the Wilds." Or, maybe if we double click on the title, the Achievement Panel will open up telling us where the title came from. Hanging out 1. I am not AFK when I am chatting with my circle or my guild for an extended period of time. Please stop saying I am. Mounts 1. Why are my mounts scared of the water? Thank Goodness I have my hoverboard, but it would be nice if I could mount in water. Also, please let my character know that while I am standing in a puddle, I am not swimming. I am like 10 feet tall and the puddle barely touches my toe. Questing 1. Please revisit the way group questing progress is awarded. Some quests (like the kill quests) mostly count when I am in a group. And some quests that require T also count for all of my group peeps, but yet some of them do not. It doesn't make sense. All it does is prolong the questing/leveling and just adds frustration to the leveling experience. Achievements A lot of achievements are still not properly resetting or tracking. For those of us that enjoy doing achievements, this will become bothersome quickly. Healing UI Improvements 1. When I put my tank as a focus target, the buffs/debuffs that he has aren't properly showing. 2. To help counter this, I will often have him as my selected target. Yet, this will switch (seemingly randomly) to a different player altogether. Please make this stop. 3. Name plates are still having issues. My party members will appear and disappear at random. I dislike having to use a buggy add on to display the nameplates. Gear 1. Please revisit the stats on a lot of the medium armor that is intended for Medic Healers that are located on vendors. A lot of pieces have garbage stats. I am looking at a lot of the gear on the EG vendor and there aren't that many pieces for me. **I say this with my albiet limited knowledge on raiding gear stats** 2. Please revisit the "new and improved" loot rules. From what I understand, if a group obtains gold in an adventure/dungeon there will be only a chance to obtain a purple at the end. If this is true, why spend 2937648237658476 hours in Malgrave trail just to NOT be awarded at the end. Here is my counter proposal: 1. Bronze level - chance at purps 2. Silver - one piece of purple 3. Gold - one purp, one blue and an increased chance at ANOTHER purple. (and of course anything else that normally drops like decor, patterns, etc). By no means is this list meant to be all inclusive.
  20. There are several types of rare mobs around the world (as far as I'm concerned) Generic 2-man or 5-man mobs (Not sure if you can even call them "rare") Named 2-man rare mobs, along with some named 1-man mobs, that are subject to "I Like It Rare" achievements. Named 5-man mobs Named raid target (20 or 40 man) mobs, that usually have their own achievements (1 mob = 1 achievement) I'm obviously talking about open world, not instances. While the 2-man named creatures and the raid target creatures have their own achievements I find it very strange and disappointing when I find some named 5-man mob around the world, solo it, which takes a looong time, and then: I'm granted no achievement or achievement part whatsoever I'm granted no loot I've actually reported via /bug some of those mobs, cause it shouldn't be a case to have 2-man named rares with guaranteed green or higher drops (and the drops are unique too!), and literally nothing dropping from 5-mans. What's even the purpose of those mobs? I would think they may be a quest targets, but so far only a handful are, and those don't really have to drop loot as the quests grant very good loot. So if they aren't there for quests, achievements or loot, than what for? It would be sooo cool to have them give something. My proposal is to do two things: Give them either a guaranteed blue item, or a quest drop with some loot when you turn it in Add achievements for them There could be several "I Like It Epic" achievements, that for example group all the 5-man named mobs from given continent (should it include 5-mans that already have their own quests?). And then, there could be a meta-achievement for completing all the sub-achievements. With a sweet title of course. For example: (unless you can't say "epic meal time" cause it's copyrighted?) One could also add the quests for open world raid bosses to that meta achievement to make it harder to complete. Do you think it's a good idea?
  21. I did not find any meta achievement for "I like it rare". That is very disappointing. As an achievement junkie one of my goals is to complete all "I like it rare" quests (Whitevale doesn't have it... arghhh). Even though the rares are generally easier to find than in WoW, it's still something that takes time and will most likely will not be done by majority of players. Carbine does endorse achievement junkies, don't they? If so, it would be really really cool to have a meta achievement or set of meta achievements added. And there could be a sweet title waiting at the end. For example: Do you (people) think it's a good idea?
  22. Slight improvements

    There are slight improvements that I would like to see in the game: Achievements: When I inspect someone I want to be able to inspect achievement points. In major cities this should show just by targeting someone, everywhere else: target>inspect. When inspecting it should be in plain sight and by clicking on it it opens up their achievements tab, so you can scroll through what they've done etc, also comparing achievements to the targeted person Also: After completing an entire tab of achievements, from a dungeon or something, it should change color to gold or something. Bringing completionism to this level will not only make it more fun but push people to spend more time in the game and tick that OCD . In other words, more money to further develop this already amazing game. This is a big one, as something like achievements in an online game should not only benefit the player personally, but aswell as socially. Mostly socially, because what's the point of doing these if no one can see it? (apart from the gold tabs) Statistics: It's fun to have and lots of it. total gold picked up, times killed, total kills, dual wins, raidbosses beated, total jumps etc etc. I don't know what this does to the performance of the game but it can't be to demanding on people's PC (guessing) Keybindings: When mousing over an ability it should show the secondary keybinding for that skill, or atleast have the option to turn it on. Well, that's about it, note that I am still leveling and might be bringing things up that already exist. If so, please tell me, love knowing as much as I can about, well, everything. I made a ticket (before I bought the game) going in to great detail about the achievements improvement and why (after long searching with no luck online). Also some other things I didn't mention here. I'll link it if someone's interested. Keep up the amazing work, gotta get back to the game now (it's *cupcake*ing awesome)
  23. Posting about a possible bug. I had 4,100 achievement points yesterday and today until the only 2 achievements Ive earned tonight - [Vind Baller], and [An Evil Petting Zoo] - somehow dropped me down to 3,985 instead of going up to 4,120. Restarting, Zoning, nor /reloadui corrected it.
  24. I'm working on "Up To The Challenge: Ellevar", and i've gone through EVERY CHALLENGE and i'm at 26/28. I've completed every one at the highest reward including Ravenok Racer. I've been on multiple websites making sure I found every one available in the zone, and I did. I was thinking maybe Splashin' Dash was an issue, because even though it doesn't show tiers for rewards, it still only says 'Bronze Level Rewarded' when I complete it, but it doesn't show a gold tier or how to get it. Anyone have similar issues completing? I submitted a ticket just in case.
  25. Wildstar Devs, I have a suggestion for improving Achievement U.I. There are a lot of awesome achievements in game but I feel like the way they are displayed is a bit weak. For instance, when you earn an achievement, the popup on the user's screen blends in and doesn't stand out. I think it would be cool to have it be similar to the kick ass "Level Up" popup but on a smaller scale. Along with this, it would be great if earned achievements could be posted in Guild chat automatically. That way, the moment you achieve something epic, your friends can all drool in jealousy ;). Last, but not least, it would be great in the achievement U.I. to click on recent achievements earned and be taken to the section they are in. It'll save a lot of time trying to hunt down what you accomplished and in which category. What do you all think? Thanks for listening Devs, you are awesome!!