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Found 11 results

  1. Winauth and reformatted computer

    I have the PC version of Winauth which I am using. I had to reformat my computer but I have the secret code. Can I use that that code to set up the Wildstar authenticator by adding it and using that secret code. Or is that code only for removing the authenticator on my account ?
  2. WinAuth Issue

    I downloaded the winauth program to my computer last night, it was working perfectly. When I started up my computer this morning, the winauth window popped up and asked for my password. I successfully signed into winauth but no other screen popped up for me to interact with. When I try to right click the winauth icon, it only says I am already signed in. I am essentially locked out of WS without the auth code so I'm stuck. Grrrr...this is why I stuck with the physical key fob for WoW. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Problem solved, opened a ticket
  4. I just format my pc and i can´t loggin anymore cause i use google winauth please help. So yeah yesterday i format my pc and i forgot to dissable the google winauth and i can´t get code to log in cause it was bound to the pc before format it... Please answer fast ( sorry if my english is bad i speak spanish but i understand perfectly the english ) Tnx
  5. I see questions about setting up 2-Step Verification on Windows keep coming up, and I do feel there is a need to have this explained especially for the less tech-savvy. So I have written up a rather lengthy and comprehensive guide on how to get this done. Please note that this is mainly intended for people that need every step carefully explained, so it is very detailed - but better that than leave something important out. Hopefully this will help someone. :D This is a guide for Windows. You DO NOT NEED to have or use any kind of SMARTHPHONE for this to work. All you need are: Windows, WildStar account, WinAuth (link below) WinAuth: https://winauth.com/ More authenticators: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/94262-need-another-reason-to-use-2-step-how-about-a-mount/?p=957825 Full guide: http://i.imgur.com/IrizxrK.png (one huge image // for linking purposes)
  6. Just a heads up for those who do not have a phone, and are worried about their account being hacked. There is a program called WinAuth that will allow you to sign up and use the 2step verification authenticator on your PC. You can even link to your Microsoft account and encrypt the data to be only accessible from your computer and even limit it to your account on that PC. * EDIT - Remember to save the 6 digit "Seed" code that you are given by WinAuth. Don't simply save it to your pc in a notepad file either. Make sure you have it saved to a secondary device or even written in a notebook you know you won't misplace. * It only takes a few minutes, but it's worth the piece of mind. It will also help to curb the accounts that are being hacked by bots and free up the staff at Carbine to do more important things like tackle bugs, and bring us more awesome content ;) It's a really simple process. Simply log into your wildstar profile https://account.wildstar-online.com Then select "My Account" at the top of the page. Then down to Account Security and select the option for 2 step verification After that all you have to do is simply get the verification code from the following page and hit "Continue" At that point you go into WinAuth and select "Add" (Yours will not have the blue icon yet). Then Choose the "Authenticator" Option at the top of the list. On the box that pops up, make sure to name the Authenticator "Wildstar" or something similar that you will remember. Enter the code you received from your account page when you entered the 2 step verification process into the box below step 1 in the above image. Then click "Verify Authenticator" and finally enter the six digit code you receive from the box below step 3; into the verification on your account page and your done! You now have 2 step verification, and a little piece of mind. I hope this helps some of you out there that don't have the ability to sign up with a phone. See you on Nexus!
  7. Desktop two-step auth WARNNING

    If you happen to use two-step authenticator like WinAuth, make sure you save the number generated on the QR page because if for some reason the WinAuth Client does not save the number or the desktop program you use you will be waiting for support for days and not able to deactivate because they want that code to deactivate the auth. Would be nice if they told you to save that code.
  8. Bonjour, Pour rappel, dans notre charte de guilde : Aussi, nous nous sommes penchés sur le problème de n'avoir ni iOS, ni Android ou smartphone. Voici donc une solution pour ceux et celles qui veulent se sécuriser malgré ça. Tout d'abord un rappel de quoi il s'agit. Il est possible que vous n'ayez pas accès à ces applications pour une raison X ou Y. Heureusement il existe une solution : WinAuth. Il s'agit d'un authentificator que vous allez pouvoir installer et utiliser directement sur votre ordinateur. Il fonctionne comme les applications citées plus haut. Voici un guide rapide pour le mettre en place. Télécharger l'application ici. Copier l’exécutable à l'emplacement de votre choix. (Perso', je l'ai mis directement sur le bureau pour y avoir accès facilement, puis en démarrage automatique au lancement de Windows.) Lancer l'application. Vous devriez avoir quelque chose comme ça, mais vierge (sur l'image, j'ai déjà un compte lié à l'appli'). Vous cliquez sur Add. Le menu s'ouvre, vous laissant le choix du type d'authenficator. Vous sélectionnez Google. Le menu suivant s'ouvre. Name : Pour savoir à quel jeu/compte est associé à l'authentificator. Icon : Bref... 1. Lorsque vous allez activer la vérification en deux étapes sur votre espace de compte NCsoft/Wildstar un code ou QRcode unique va vous être donné. Il faut le copier là. 2. Pour vérifier et lié le code cité précédemment. 3. Voici votre première clé de vérification. Du coté de votre profil NCSoft. Validation en deux étapes : AJOUTER. Vous arrivez ici, où deux choix son proposés : QRCode ou un code en texte. Vous copiez donc le code donné dans l'emplacement 1. de WinAuth, puis vous cliquez sur Continuer sur votre profil. Là, il vous demande un code de vérification. Sur WinAuth vous cliquez sur le 2. . Un code est généré en 3., que vous copiez sur votre profil pour effectuer la vérification. Une fois validé sur le profil, NE FERMEZ SURTOUT PAS WinAuth, et validez bien l'enregistrement avec le bouton OK de WinAuth. Une fois ceci effectué, vous validez. Vous voici avec une vérification en deux étapes activée et disponible. _________________________ Maintenant, en jeu ça donne quoi? Vous entrez normalement vos ID. Une fois validé, vous avez une nouvelle fenêtré qui vous demande un code. Et c'est là que l'on fait appel à l'authentificator qui génère un code temporaire pour vous donner l'accès à votre compte. Comme vous pouvez le constater, il y a un décompte à droite du code. Soyez rapide mais néanmoins précis. Le code est valide 30 secondes, mais reste affiché moins longtemps. :) Dans le cas où vous avez fermer l'application WinAuth avant de valider l'enregistrement jusqu'au bout, vous risquez de bloquer l'accès à votre compte, car même pour désactiver la vérification en deux étapes, il vous faudra le codé généré par l'authentificator WinAuth. Attend des retours pour savoir comment débloquer ce genre de situation très dérangeante. Sachez cependant que cela n'est pas censé vous arrivez si vous suivez les instructions à la lettre. Sur ce, j'espère que tout ceci aura été suffisamment clair ! Vous n'avez plus d'excuse pour ne pas avoir la validation en deux étapes ! Bon jeu et à bientôt sur Nexus avec le GREUH !
  9. WinAuth

    Just tried logging into Wildstar only to find out the that WinAuth stopped working. I cant log in or disable it since you need it to be working in order to stop it from not working in the first place. This is possible the worst contraption anyone has ever made to "protect" cough break cough an application. This cant be fixed by me aqnd ill need to wait 20hrs+ to get one of the 10 people at carbines support center to fix this. This is ridiculous. Friends also have the same problem.
  10. WinAuth is a 2-step authenticator that can be run from one's desktop or other devices. It is compatible with Google Auth etc. One can set it up as if it were Google, renaming the file "Wildstar", if one wishes. When you set it up via the Wildstar accounts page, both it and Wildstar agree that they are synchronized. When you boot up Wildstar and get the code panel, however, and then boot up WinAuth again, WinAuth has not saved the Wildstar file and will not provide any codes; it simply asks to be configured all over again. Obviously, if you do so with your old "secret code", it is then out of synch and no code it generates is accepted-- not that you'd want to have to set it up anew each and every login anyway. I do not use an Android 'phone and have no wish to use Google auth for various reasons that need not be repeated a thousandth time on the Internet, by myself and others. Is there some way to get WinAuth or another digital 2-step to work with Wildstar, or should I just forget about it? The only "Important Info" thread that has been discussing this was closed, so I thought that I'd post here. Any constructive responses would be much appreciated.
  11. Wildstar Authenticator

    Set up my authenticator using WinAuth. I followed the steps that I found on reddit and saved it as "Wildstar." Now when I go to play nothing happens, the Wildstar I saved isn't there. So I don't get the 6 digit code to log in. I also can't remove the authenticator without the 6 digit code. Anyone have any clue on what to do.