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Found 30 results

  1. For the better part of a year, I've been trying to drop my traditional action/shooter game craze, grow some patience and play something truly unique and worth dedicated my time into (I'm generally a solo player). I decided to start a clinical OCD-fueled search of sorts, downloading and playing tons of free MMO's to find the one for me. It's been an entire year flipping between games and I am still looking. So far, the one I've stuck with the most is LOTRO because I grew up obsessed with the lore. I only put about 40 hours in until the pattern of doing mindless fetch quests and the dated mechanics became very repetitive..I don't feel like I'm really enjoying the game, more like I'm doing chores. The world is very rich and all but I feel like I'm missing out on much better, more modern MMO games when I'm playing it. My brother bought a Guild Wars 2 the day it was released, so I tried using his account to play that without the f2p stuff. It was a fine game, I played on his account for around 30 hours or so.. but I began to notice it seemed to fully enjoy what the game had to offer you NEEDED friends with you. I know the game shares bonuses or whatever but that's not quite what I mean. I still want a game also specifically tailored to be enjoyable in solo play rather than feeling like you're playing to become the best on your own accord, I just want to have consistent fun. That's when I did some googling, and I'm not sure how related it is to GW2, but I found the term "theme-park MMO"..I saw it getting alot of flack from players on forums, but it seemed to cater to my play style. I'm not big into sandbox gameplay, I get bored super quick. Looking more into that led to me being reminded of a game I heard of years ago, The Secret World. I remember hearing about it during its original release and I had no idea it went F2P, so I uninstalled GW2 and installed Secret World Legends in its place. This was just a week ago. When I began I was enthusiastic, it seemed as if it were made for me...story driven, amazing premise, good weapons & upgrades system..it didn't take more than 4 hours into the game to realize the only thing unique feeling about this game to me was the "secrets" "legends" "mystery" gimmick- which, mind you is a cool and unique idea...but the aesthetics of the game its presentation gave me an experience of something I've played a billion times. It quickly grew to feel like just a late 2000's style console single player campaign. Huge turnoff for me. I'm aware there are more MMO's to try. There is WOW Tera RIFT ESO and many more (I sadly can't run BDO) but something about most of those in my eyes get saturated into the long list of Wow-cloning MMORPGs. I see them everywhere and it's always been kind of a turnoff. So, here I am. In a final act of desperation, I went to Steam and searched through the more lesser played lists of games. That's where I finally discovered this beautiful looking, unique game Wildstar. It was quite far down the list, I don't think I would have found it if I weren't looking hard enough. Just from viewing the info on the Steam page alone I knew I had struck gold! It hits a niche kind of unique and simplicity I've always wanted in a game like this! Looking up gameplay and hearing more and more about the game got me super excited for it, I loved everything I was hearing. I'm may be just a little over 2 hours into gameplay but I'm already in love. For the first time in an RPG, I want there to be enough content to sustain me for a long time and not just experience as if it were a tour or a chore, or playing to see what the hype is about. It's really one of the funnest looking games I've ever played, and every minute I am finding something else I love...and I'm just getting started. It feels to good to be true, and the lack of players to me is baffling! The community being small and dedicated if anything is motivating me to spread the word. I've never even signed up for a game forum besides when I moderated a server once. I notice the player count has gone up significantly in the past two weeks on the Steam Charts, perhaps due to the new year or random fluctuation who knows- but I feel like a game like this can rise from the rubble with the right circumstances. If more people knew this game existed, more people would play it I'm SURE. Excuse my naive MMO lingo, guys- what I want from a game is very strange and usually off-kilter to how it's normally played, so I apologize if it seems I think I know more than I'm talking about or if I just seem like a noob. Perhaps you guys can fill me in about how you play and give me tips / ideas :) See you guys there & thanks for your time to read!!
  2. Hello. I can buy Protobucks and anything from the game store via Steam Wallet funds, but when I try to buy Signature status it asks for a credit card (I tried mine and it was refused). Some Steam MMOs like FFXIV and Wakfu can be subscribed to via Steam Wallet only, without a credit card. I hope WildStar can do the same.
  3. Hallo! Ich habe mir vorhin im Steam Shop das Hero Paket gekauft.. Nun weiß ich aber nicht wie ich das aktivieren kann. Es steht zwar dass es installiert ist, aber wenn ich das Game starte dann habe ich nichts von den Sachen die ich mir gekauft habe.
  4. Steam Wallet and Wildstar?

    Hi everyone! I just linked my account to steam last night due to the thought of a possibility of using steam wallet to pay for things (since I do not want to use a credit card) so I was wondering if I would be able to buy CREDD or Protobucks and such with my steam wallet instead? Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything, also, I live in Australia so I am not sure whether we have NCoin cards here if they are still available to use. Edit: Don't worry just found out I can use steam wallet
  5. Protobucks and steam

    Sooo.. I started playing Wildstar again awesome too see so "many" people still playing I just got 1 Problem I downloaded it on steam and I Bought 2300 Protobucks (20€) and I just got Tier 1 on the cosmic rewards Is this normal ? bc i Bought waymore and only got the 800 protobucks tier 1 reward sooo would be nice if somebody could help me out and sorry for my bad english :<
  6. Game does not start up on Steam

    For some reason, Wildstar does not work on Steam. It shows an error message saying "An error has occurred while launching Wildstar." It also shows an error code of 0x800702e4. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. So steam...

    Alright, re editting the whole post because reading is 2hard4people Steam pop decline, do you think people are simply switching clients due to issues such as IP verification? Or do you think more are just leaving the game entirely, and so far, do you think Steam has had a positive impact on the game now that we are over a month in?
  8. The state of Wildstar

    So the steam sale looks it was not a success, the game is still barren in peak hours, no new content since 3 months ago. Redmoon Terror raid seems so far away. I think this game is on its last legs. I really liked wildstar and thought it had potential but the devs really bungled this one and doesn't look a recovery is anywhere near sight.
  9. Can't connect using Parallels.

    Hey all, I downloaded Parallels Desktop 11 and Windows 10 so I could try out Wildstar, as I own a Mac. The game downloads easily, and I can even watch the cinematic. However, as soon as its time to go to the lobby, it lags so badly that there is a 10 second wait for every click. I'm not sure why, I remember WoW plays easily on my computer and Wildstar doesn't seem like it's too demanding graphically. I'm using a large screened 2013 iMac, 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB. Is this a normal problem with Parallels? My storage isn't full. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. How do you apply Steam DLC to your account? I played this game a long time ago, and decided to give it another try since it is now on Steam, I bought the Adventure Pack, but now I don't know how to claim it in the game. edit: nevermind, i just had to take the filters off.
  11. As the title says: Do they? If so how many points for the Legend Pack? Thanks for the answer.
  12. Steam Summer Sale

    Is WildStar going to get a discount?
  13. Cannot connect to steam

    Hello, so today i downloaded wildstar as it sounds like an awesome game, i downloaded it on steam since thats where i play all my games, i tried to launch it through steam and it opened some tab where it loaded something without any words or anything, after it completed it continued to let me in to the launcher, i was asked to agree with the terms, i clicked accept and it instantly opened the launcher all grayed out and with the tab saying 'Cannot connect to steam' I'm not sure what happened but i can't seem to fix it.
  14. No Frontpage Steam Ad?

    I mean I'm sure the steam release has been successful but it could really use an ad on the front page since that's what literally everyone sees as soon as they log on steam. Too expensive for Carbine?
  15. The new bundles

    So with Steam launch came a bunch of DLCs / Store Bundles which are the Adventure, Hero and Champion (called Legend on Steam) packs. What I'd like to know is about the brand new items in those bundles which are pets, mounts, the Black Hole house and a costume. Now that costume, the Gilded Ascendant Costume Kit (Hero pack), I'd really like to have. But to pay 4k Protobucks / 46 euros just for that costume, since I don't care for the rest of the bundle, seems a bit much. -_- So my question; will these new items be available at a later time in the Store as seperate items or not? I'm assuming they will be given the fact that most bundles contain items that are also available as seperate pieces in the Store but I'd like to know for cetrain.
  16. Steam Project (wildstar)

    I will be using this thread to post progress about the Wildstar Introduction video. First installment: Rough edited needs A LOT of tweaking. (Telegraphs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_FgAbH8swY&feature=youtu.be
  17. Steam Stuff

    Dear Carbine, With the (hopefully) upcoming Steam release of Wildstar, I heartily demand hope that you guys consider adding Steam Trading Cards, emoticons, and profile backgrounds. Not only would they be quite nice to use to deck out our profiles with, but they would also add even more incentive to purchase N-Coin over Steam, as the money spent impacts the amount of card drops you get. It would also be pretty dope to have a Dominion profile background to show off my undying patriotism love for the game! Also, have you considered having specialty promo items drop for other games from Wildstar? I know Spiral Knights did it with the Spiral Sallet hat in TF2 (and I think RIFT did something as well, and Don't Starve did it as well). It definitely brought some people in from different demographics, as they wanted the new hat for themselves, and the only way to get it was to play the game until you get the achievement for reaching Haven (the hub world). Of course a lot of people just played for the hat and left the game, but I know for sure a good few liked the game and stuck around. Just some food for thought.
  18. http://store.steampowered.com/app/376570/ Hype!
  19. Concerns before Steam Release

    WildStar really needs the Steam release to go well. There are some concerns I have that I feel need to be addressed before the same thing happens for the third time as well as for overall player retention. Please add your thoughts, I'm just running through what I can think of that would improve player retention and use existing content in a way where players have or feel like they have more to do. Server and game stability/performance issuesThis is going to be the make or break (again) before/as soon as people even log in. I have no idea how much it is in your power to ensure things go smoothly, but please make this a priority. Multi-queue​The inability to queue for more than one thing at once is making all the queue times substantially worse, and is one of the reasons why some content doesn't get queued for much if at all (aside for during events, which only tunnel the queue and don't address the underlying issue). Again one of the points that should be really high on the priority list. Cross-faction queueAllowing both factions to be mixed within the queue system would alleviate wait times and possibly ensure some queues could pop at all. This is especially important for low-level content. Low level content queue incentives​The nearly empty low-level queues are really not helping with new player retention; there are hardly any people in the low level queues at any time. While it's unrealistic to expect them to ever be even remotely as lively as max level queues (and even then the definition of lively varies greatly) there could be an improvement made by adding permanent incentives for people to rally down and complete low level content. Think along the lines of completion loot bags with a small chance to drop mounts/pets/costumes/decor/flairs/* exclusive to rallied content. Think linking this to contracts. Relies on multi-queue ability. Greatly helped by allowing cross-faction queuing. Perhaps allow less people to enter low-level battlegrounds, as low as 5v5. Drop the faction barrier on the first adventure. Max level content queue incentivesSame as with low level, max level queues could use some incentivising to improve wait times or to be worth queuing in the first place. Currently dungeons are being queued for, with battleground queues commonly at peak server times, most other content never gets queued for or very rarely unless during events. Wait times fluctuate. We could do with adventure queue (1-5) scaling, mercenary rated arena queue, raid queue (just a queue with no other changes for now, preset number of roles, allow group queue, try with GA first), random warplot queue (game random generated warplot identical on both sides, solo queue, consider scaling down to 20v20 for performance issues). Adding content exclusive completion loot bags with a small chance to drop mounts/pets/costumes/decor/flairs/* is a sure way of getting more people into queues. Not sure how plausible gear re-scaling would be, but the adventures and dungeons should drop same level gear and maybe closer in line to world boss drops ilvl. Honestly there should be a PvE vendor providing starter gear with pre-slotted runes that can be purchased as soon as you ding 50 with a quest leading the player there that enables people to jump into queues immediately without handicap. (While I'm here I'll mention adding increased glory per objective completed in dungeons making gold medal the best by time spent currency outcome and ensuring proto dungeons are worth running from the currency/time standpoint.) All of this relies on multi-queue ability and would be greatly helped by allowing cross-faction queuing. You're under-utilizing how much some people like farming stuff. You're under-utilizing the fact that some people only queue for practical purposes. Most of all, you're limiting the amount of available queue content by not having a multi-queue-cross-faction system in place. ContractsOnce upon a time contracts were a great resource of top level runes for all but especially end game players. Since F2P this is no longer the case and thus the contract participation has dropped as there's not much of a reason to pick them up unless you're already doing whatever content the contract happens to be for or fresh 50. Bring back top level runes/tokens with contract tier 5 rewards, guaranteed people will start doing way more contracts. Contracts are also highlighting the content that rarely gets done in the first place. Address the queue issues and contract participation will increase. Global chatPlease make an official global chat channel. This is what I can think of from the top of my head, obviously it's just a personal opinion based on what I can see in game and should be taken as such. Also, entirely unrelated, what happened with mount flair drops?
  20. So, Arcterra was just announced, but there is still one question remaining - when's the Steam release? We all want to know, reveal the secret!
  21. Steam Release Date

    Out of curiosity will we be recieving a release date for the steam version closer to the time? I personally would like to know the exact moment it comes out so I can download it on steam and drop a positive review. I'm also interested if we will be recieving some in game achievements through steam? For me personally achievements are everything. A lot of time I don't care how bad a game is as long as it has achievements I will continue playing to get them all. There is nothing more satasfying than... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653145403&fileuploadsuccess=1 (I couldn't figure out how to upload an image properly, Sorry) (Not exactly forum'savvy') In the future I want to see the exact same result from Wildstar. So I am really hoping we will get some achievements. A steam game without achievements (more specefically MMOs) feel like you're wasting time and not really earning yourself anything other than game time. At the end of my gaming sessions I like to scroll through my achievements and see what I have accomplished. Also I imagine if there is a achivements there will soon be a thread showing off how many certain people unlocked the moment they signed in :D
  22. wildstar @ steam

    well, i still have no idea what will be a steam equivalent of ncoin, because i heard that ws was about to start steam released as I read from reddit.com thank god, i'm about to spend more money with my game cards, this was a blessing for us se asians: we can buy virtual cash with steam wallet. still, there are no murkmire/dreadmoor/halon announced. (excuse for bad english) Source: (http://feed.wildweave.net/news/previews/drop-7-destination-arcterra-first-facts-overview-2-292)
  23. Serious question about Wildstar and Steam

    Hi, i am new to this game, seriously this time im done with WoW for good i really wanted to keep going but i just cant i get bored every 5 seconds when i log to the game no matter how much new content they add the game just belongs in the past. Wildstar is the only one that attracted me because its like WoW but in the future and with better races/characters. Steam is the largest gaming network that exists and its already confirmed that Wildstar will come to Steam as free to play in August, this is good cause when a game comes to Steam it means automaticly that it will gain a lot of new players and eventualy be active forever, especialy on Wildstar's case which is already known worldwide when it comes to Steam too it will gain a lot more players. My question is that will the game have any Steam DLCs to buy? because a free to play game on Steam means that if you unistall it later you will loose it from library but if you buy at least 1 DLC of the game, it gets locked in your library and you have it forever, i just wanted to know if Wildstar will have any Steam DLCs or at least the ultimate edition of the game or however its called, will it be available for purchase there? if anyone knows something tell me plz. Like TERA it came on Steam 1 month ago its free to play but players can buy its Steam DLCs and keep it in library.
  24. Hi! I recently tried to find a public Wildstar group on Steam and found that the few that there were have been inactive for a very long time. So I started my own. Now I'm inviting other friendly Steam users who enjoy Wildstar to join the group. No real requirements other than be friendly and help each other learn the game in a pressure free environment. Here is the link.. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NexusCupcakes
  25. Restrictions: -Can only communicate to other trial account users or account whispers but can not send requests. -Currency limit, no trading, CX/AH and mail. Trade Skill Tier limit. -Level limit 14. Daily limited PvP played matches. -Can not reach the already set decor limits, halve them or more. Features: -Unlimited play time. -Upon hitting 14 give them the Housing starting quest no matter their location, can not be declined and give them a usable quest item to teleport straight to housing. -Upon entering the Sky-Map give them a handful gold to play around with decor from the Housing Vendor, try to make this amount usable only for this purpose. -Upon entering Housing don't show them the tent, pre-build them the Cozy Exile Human/Cassian House. *Removing all housing level restrictions would be ideal and can be tuned for harvest plugs and has been something I've ached for *Can queue with only other trials and account friends to run Housing Expeditions to get a taste of group dynamics and a hint of what an actual dungeon is like. *Housing Expeditions in Group Finder would be a feature I welcome with open arms, perhaps for subscribers enable Expedition Plug owners to host in match making. Pro: -If people are exposed to the housing system after sampling the combat mechanics chances are they'll want more and get hooked I think. If these people can log in anytime to tinker and show things off that's gotta ensure spread of good word to mouth. -This will pool more people to PvP 6-14 so current players won't have usual 20 minute queues leveling alts and they won't infect the 15-29 bracket where organized pre-mades start happening, my opinions and what I've seen. Con: (really am thinking critically and un-biased but this is all I got) -Lag? -Doing the opposite and worsening the 6-14PvP Bracket though when I don't know how much worse it can get currently accompanied with a 10-20 minute queue. *My thoughts can defiantly be improved on but imagine if something of this sort popped up on Steam? I'd love to hear you ideas and addition/retractions! TL;DR - Similar to WoW's trial model emphasizing on Housing. What are your thoughts on this date and these numbers? WoW Starter Edition launch date mid-July 2011 (Q2) http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_Starter_Edition Blizzard/Activision Quarterly earnings from 2009-2014 (See Q1'11 forward) http://www.statista.com/statistics/282740/activision-blizzards-net-income-by-quarter/ * = Suggestion not limited to this topic.