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Found 19 results

  1. So steam...

    Alright, re editting the whole post because reading is 2hard4people Steam pop decline, do you think people are simply switching clients due to issues such as IP verification? Or do you think more are just leaving the game entirely, and so far, do you think Steam has had a positive impact on the game now that we are over a month in?
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting tickets resolved? I sent a ticket last week about removing my Authenticator, since I switched phone... Gotten one reply on that subject, and answered... waiting another week just seems... lazy support... No I don't think they suck, just tickets normally shouldn't stretch over a week, then there's something seriously wrong.
  3. So i recently found out from Jen Gordy they are adding a guarenteed "Pristine Genisis Key" drop to Omna this week.This key effectivley allows a player given it, to skip the attunment process, and if im not mistaken also the entire 20man raid Genetic Archives. Personally my initial reaction is kinda negative. I thought the point of attunment was to prepare players for the difficulty curve and have them feel they have earned somthing. This defeats the purpose of attunment and allows players to skip content, i have no issue with the quality of life changes being made to the attunment patch, the content still has to be beaten. BUT NOW IT CAN BE SKIPPED! To me this is the first official change to the game that is catering to casuals and goes directly against the hardcore mentality of raiding content. The key should have been for alts, not fresh characters. It defeats the purpose of the ATTUNMENT! and feels like a slap in the face if i can now pay my way into raiding....... Thoughts people?
  4. Well I'm never going to up my rating

    So because of the games terrible launch with pvp (much better now btw) i have been doing practice grounds sense the start of july, but for half of june i was doing rated bgs, so today i look at my rating and its 881...I AM *cupcake*ED
  5. Patch today destroyed the Bago Jump Adventure [Dominion][Pergo] as I was using Galeras Stone Walls. No one was able to ever complete the course and furthest known progression was by Cats making it to Section 5 of 8. I will make a new one soon for anyone interested. The BagoPrimer course though still remains intact if you want to jump. 3-4 weeks of work and testing gone. I am sure other people have had to redo their homes today. 8/1/2014 NEVER FORGET, I have to say though, I am going to be somewhat hesitant to build something intricate that takes weeks to perfect if a patch can destroy what was already placed. I am sure they have their reasons but the wall sizes didn't seem like a big deal to me. Maybe I will build another great challenge that will push people to the limits of their movement skills, who knows, pretty devastated right now. :*( Sad day: http://imgur.com/a/uKwGt Former glory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKwZhublT7w
  6. Stuck thinking of you....

    Hey guys.....i'm sitting on the side of a road with a broken down car....just wanna get home and jump on WS life be cruel... plznomugging kthx
  7. Legit Disappointed

    I kind of took a break from MMOs after WoW. I dabbled in Aion and Rift but none of them cut it for me because I'm a huge PvP guy and the arena experience wasn't there. When I found out that Wildstar was going to have arenas, I was really freaking pumped. The arenas in WoW were the most fun I've had gaming and I was excited for Wildstar's take on them because of the whole "skill shot/telegraph" mechanic. It also had a cool fresh futuristic look but that's besides the point. Here I am now as a support Medic with my brother playing as a Stalker. We both have a TON of PvP experience and take pride in being pretty good at it. We get crushed over and over again in 2's. Fine, not a great comp. He rolls a warrior, grinds it to 50 and spends about 5 plat on gear, nothing crazy but we figure it's a good start. We get crushed. Now I know this is a solid comp. but we're still getting worked. So what's the deal? Everyone we play literally has 2 times our shield and is putting out twice as much damage. We're getting out geared so hard. I'm fine with that, we need to work toward better gear, and I did that in WoW arenas. In that system you get matched up with people around your rating and unless one comp was way stronger than the other, the better team would win. Every week me and my buddy would work toward better arena gear, and our rating would climb. YOU CAN'T DO THAT IN THIS GAME. You can't play this game for the PvP/Arenas, you are required to do super end game raiding to get PvE gear to PvP. It's f*#$%ed and it's frustrating. Why even have "PvP" gear in the game? My prestige gear is collecting dust in my stash. I bought high end crafted gear to find a good mix with the "PvP" gear (because the whole Offense/Defense stat is broken) and it just doesn't come CLOSE to the raid gear. You can't climb the ladder, there is literally only one way to go but down unless you have these epic raid pieces. Now, I know I'm going to get flamed with stuff like, "Then go back to WoW $#%@," etc., but I don't want to. I honestly like Wildstar. I like the core of the combat, the telegraphs, the dodging. I like the World of Nexus, the housing, the classes and kits. But I can't play this game as is with the arena so broken. I'm @#$%! sad about it and so is my bro. We're actually both unsubscribing today and I hate it but neither of us see a point to playing anymore. Anyways dudes, that's my rant. I usually don't post about...anything, but I feel vested in this game and I'm hoping Carbine reads this and makes some changes to bring us back. <3, Ex-Wildstar player
  8. The "Drum of the Deep" object cannot be interacted with. Server: Ascendency Faction: Exiles
  9. I got to 1445 today

    today i played a bit of arena and i was very happy to reach a rating of 1445. i was looking forward to getting my 1500 gear. but it was all just a distant dream.. came across 8 boosters/rating tanks, lost all 8 matches in a row and now im at ~1150. what an amazing pvp this must be. the sad thing is most of those 1800 gear players even suck, its not the first time me and my teammate have beaten such a team but the amount of damage they can dish out in an instant is riddiculous. coming from a game where armor had no meaning in pvp this stuff really pisses me off. i see my self rarely logging in anymore because of this and i refuse to pay for my 1500/1800 gear. i take a guess, if this won't be fixed soon many players will leave and many have already left.
  10. I just wanted to take a min to thank the devs for giving away free stuff for the 2 step security auth. I will now go to the cops and demand they give me money for locking my own door. If they do not I will go to the forum of those cops and complain that the neighborhood is not safe because my house got broken into and there response time was too slow and they didn't give me money for my stolen stuff. THANKS! (meep meep me honking horn on my new retroblade)
  11. Hello Carbine. You have been known to do some pretty sketchy things in the past, and this one is heartbreaking. I was fortunate enough to get the (Savage Eldan Gauntlets) from the dungeon that you have to imbue. With you guys changing the stats on the gloves, you happened to take away everyone in my guilds gloves, and im gonna guess everyone else who has said gloves are gone. I still have the quest for them http://puu.sh/9SPsz/a7a6a02b35.jpg This is getting out of control. Those are the BiS gloves that you get from imbueing the raid, and my guild is one of them that is actually able to do it. Please give me my gloves back, I don't want to lose everything else like you have taken from me in the past like data fragments for crafting and everything else.
  12. Has anyone from Carbine made any comment on this? I haven't seen it mentioned in any patch notes, and it's not in the PTR patch notes either. Is this intended? Why? I'm aware that it's a relatively minor issue in comparison to most other things, it's not game breaking, but it's sort of heartbreaking to see. The trees are pretty much never harvested, they're just standing there every time you run past. Personally, I've just started farming in southern grimvault instead. It just feels sort of wrong to run around in the 45-48 zone to farm level 50 mats. It doesn't make for very much exciting outdoor pvp as I had hoped it would. I won't attack people that are leveling. It's a rather stark contrast to how it was to gather mats in WoW vanilla where everyone fought to their death to get to that juicy black lotus.
  13. Feeling like deleting my Esper

    Just dinged level 50 and as a major fan of pve I went to the AH to purchase a level 50 weapon and join a veteran dungeon. Already being aware of espers not being the most effecient because of lack of moveability and some abilities not working properly, I still held my hopes high... Oh boy... Lets just start from the beginning: *everything mentioned is from a PVE Dmg dealer POV* Telekinetic strike (Stationary!) This ability feels good because of its range that allows you to ignore certain boss movements that melee would otherwise have to avoid (yay). However the Tier upgrades are horrible in every way possible. Tier 4: Ignores 25% of the foe's Shield <-- For PvE? ... really? there's no way that makes logic sense in a boss fight perspective when other classes would melt shield on the boss anyway in order to wreck health. Tier 8: Grant yourself a psi charge stack, at 6 stacks gain an additional Psi point. this is a very underpowered ability. with a repetative casting, after 25 spells and using a finisher at every 5th psi point, your "additional" point would go into void as it'd overlap your cap. Mind Burst (Finisher) again a long range ability with some high dmg potential. with average tier bonuses. Tier 4: Deal 7% more magic damage over 4.0s.. Except for the tooltip being somewhat misleading, it's a below average effect that you barely take notice of, 7% of 1000 = 70 dmg / 4 = 17.5 dmg per tick. Sounds like a good amount, however since it's percentage scaling, it means that it's flat out horrible for early geared / low leveling but really good when you're raid geared. Tier 8: a 5 Psi Point Consumer grants an Empower: Increases Critical hit chance by 15% for 7.5 sec. <-- Best Tier upgrade the Espers get ( it's damn good though ) Concentrated Blade (an ability with its potential wasted.) the ability doesn't show its casting telegraph and that makes it a bit of a guessing game, but if you're in range of with y our Telekinetic strike and you're facing your opponent, then it'll most likely hit, though it's rather easily prevented to trigger if terrain is bumby or uneven. Tier 4: Decrease delay to 3.4 sec instead of 4.4 (only useful for pvp for quick burst, in pve it'll be used in rotational sequences and those will be build around the activation time of the ability, wether if it's 3.4 or 4.4, it doesn't matter. Tier 8: Increase charge count to 3. <-- that's dumb as ... the moment you start using the ability in a pve rotation, it doesn't matter how many charges it initially had, it'll still be used in a rotation where it'll fit in a casting sequence that'll be used the moment a charge becomes available, and having 3 charges will only be useful in burst periods. Spectral Swarm - The Ai is broken so they attack targets even though they're invulnerable whilst there vulnerable targets running around. Tier 4: 12% life steal. Tier 8 Deals dmg when they die. Main issue, they die from aoe attacks on boss fights instantly, so the fact that they can attack and have lifesteal becomes useless, it's basicly a "spawn 3 banelings that tries to hit a flying barrack" Haunt - genuinly a great ability for pve with the whole magic resistance reduction, too bad the tier bonuses are rubish in a pve. tier 4: push foes back 4m tier 8: removes a dash charge from players and reduces NPC threat by 10% And that's about the only PVE abilities for a Dmg dealer that's worth mentioning. I like how all dot effects are represented as a spectral pet that hits etc. however those pet dies easily in pve and becomes worthless and including the fact that their AI is so messed up and they'd rather attack the boss while it's immortal than the adds that spawn. Restraint and crush fails to land SO many times because the terrain is uneven and the ability hits underneath the surface or can't find pathing and decides to land infront of you instead. the radius of impact is also rather low since mobs barely hugs each other and the larger they are the more sad it becomes to use those abilities. BUT crush is required as it's the only long range interrupt armor breaker and restraint helps clearing trash more easily in dungeons. Espers are lacking so bad in PvE dmg dealing that it shouldn't even be an option. I'm sure that the Class dev crew are aware of the issues and are working on a rework.. but the fact that this was released as a "finalized class" open game release is kinda sad in itsellf. anyway, I just felt like putting it out there even though it probably has been a couple of hundred times. Makes me sad to have to give this game a punch in the gut, but I really enjoyed the small amount of time I got to spent in beta on warrior and I hoped for a similar experience playing esper after release... not really feeling it. Feeling more like deleting my character and cancel subscribtion and wait for another ORPG to dissapoint me :x
  14. Crappy Stalker!

    This is me officially joining the crappy stalker club enjoy fellow forum stalker haters i'm with u! Never have I ever seen a worse class. And you know we are no strangers to these type of games. Ever think of I don't know not screwing over the rouge class? Think hard about it. Very few games I know can do this right but come on now at least try or at least look like it. Everyone knows that you guys love warriors and hate stalkers thanks! Really...I mean you really love your warrior don't u. Going to drop my sub now hope your happy! Only thing that could make this a worse class is to make the stealth go away altogether. Never mind I know you guys don't listen anyway.... Never felt so let down... And I feel like kinda betrayed. Gave this game a shot I just don't know what to do anymore. I gave it all the time I had u know the whole two weeks.... Very good shot though I mean its not all bad well some part are bad I just dont know. Everyone is hating stalkers right now...can't you tell I mean just read the forums. You guys really need to get on the ball with this. Of course once again I know your not really listening. U guys really need to address these bugs and broken skills. U devs really need to do abit more beta testing on this before you release it. Please take this advise and listen. Never once again never have I played such a broken class. Everyone...EVERYONEEEE hate it. Very broken and sad class..sad state indeed. Everyone agreess with me just once again take a look. Really guys please...take a look at this and fix it! I'm done for now I just wanted to join the club of broken class stalkers. A full commitment to the class is what I'm thinking of right now is really needed. I just wanna tell you devs how i'm feeling, I gotta make you undertand. Anyway thank you for asking us how we are feeling though I'm sure your too blind to see it.
  15. Dear Carbine, I spend a lot of time and money to gather materials for crafting and I do not appreciate being screwed over. Earlier today I spent about 20k vouchers 7 Data fragments and a lot of other mats to make an Adventus Chest that bugged out and made me lose everything. I fear that it is about to happen again. http://i.imgur.com/Jw2m3N5.jpg There is me staying at the crafting table and you can clearly see that something is wrong. The pattern in the very corner claims that I do not have another one and if I leave the craft I will not be able to do it again unless I pay another 8k vouchers. That is not fair at all. Please send help. Your pal, Ayru
  16. Are you serious?

    wow, just wow first electricity now this, bolt caster was the only good dps ability we had going in pvp now you ruined it, just wow. Engineer General The synergy between Bolt Caster and Bio Shell was so strong that it allowed Engineer to output DPS numbers considerably higher than other classes. While we enjoy the play style, the damage output was unfair by comparison. Here are the changes we made to address this issue: Bolt Caster was changed from 5 lines to 3 and the damage per line has been increased (but the total damage possible decreased.) This will make the ability a more consistent performer regardless of the size of the target Bolt Caster Base Shoots 3 projectiles, down from 5. 7.25 damage per level, up from 4.92. 22.87% Assault Power , up from 15.51% Minor Tier Bonus2.02% Assault Power per tier, up from 1.26% Bio Shell’s cast time and damage have both been decreased due to the strength of the Tier 4 bonus and partially due to its synergy with Bolt Caster. Bio Shell Base1.9s cast time, down from 2s. 19.1 damage per level, down from 20.18. 60.29% Assault Power , down from 63.76% Minor Tier Bonus7% Assault Power per tier, down from 8.35%
  17. So am I the only one with super long ticket ques? Been waiting 3 days now for a response, I am usaly not quick to bash the support at launches, but this... *sigh* And my brother waited 4 days then got a automated message saying hes issue was resolved, but they had not done anything at all. No phone to call either. -_-
  18. So lets get the base of this story~ I live with my mother and her husband (my step father) since 2005 i think and i havent seen my dad since, im not old enough to move out Story~ So obivously as you know if you pre order you get the 3 day headstart and (automatically activated upon launch) free 30 days. So i pre ordered Wildstar right before the start o the last closed beta weekend. I mainley saw the need to pre order, other then this game being FREAKING awesome, because of the free gametime. I got out of school on the 29th which gave me a whole day to get things set up for the 3 day head start all nighter stuff... but then my mother reminded me i have plane tickets to go see my father (in costorica). obviously i cant get mad because its my father, who i havent seen in 9 years. it was a couple hours until the launch of headstart and the trip would take 15 hours (first flight was 10 -_- was a drag... i have terrible acrophobia and we flew over a thunderrstorm which obviously has a ridiculouse amount of turbulence and the littliest kind of turbulence can make me have an anxiety attack, i also got that thing where all you face liquids gets frozen on the top of your eye and then when u decend it all comes out, oh god that was excruciating, the next flight was 5 hours was pretty cool, but towards the end of it i got air sick felt like i was going to puke and could barley breath.) So i did the math and was like "alright, im only missing like 5 hours of the head start". Then i get there to find out my dad lives 3 states away from the airport (3 miles) with TONS of traffic on the way and a dangerouse mountain that we have to drive through that occasionly has mudslides and car pushing waterfall during the rainy seaso (june, & july,). So that took up most of the day. I was like "NO WORRIES, i only missed one day i can still gind to be almost level 50 by the time the game actually launches". Then came the saddest part... the internet D: its so bad ;~;. No games can startup and the ones that can have a 2.5- 10 second delay. Websites like this take about 3 minutes to load and media websites such as youtube, and twitch, have to be played on the lowest setting to barley run the video smoothley with no stops. I dont get back to hawaii until july 18th which leaves me less then a month to play, i can still plaay during school but ill be more busy with the worrk that i probably could only play wildstar for less then 1/18th of my day. Plus with all the stuff my parents and friends want to do when i get back i probably wont be able to play during the time im back and the time school starts. xD So i cant play the headstart, the free 30 days is useless, and i might barley be able to use my guestpasses. Q_Q #PrayForMe xD
  19. Hello, So i recieved an e-mail telling me I could be in the beta for this coming weekend but when I attempted to run the file I downloaded in order to play this weekend I recieved an error message like this: Any ideas on what is going wrong? Thanks.