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Found 10 results

  1. As the title says: Do they? If so how many points for the Legend Pack? Thanks for the answer.
  2. So I created a guild on the Enitity Server on NA and a friend and I have been questing and the guild still has no influence points I was wondering why that is I read on the Wiki you gain them from quests? If someone could help answer why this is happening that would be great! :) Thanks, Chybo
  3. I have created an alt that has accomplished everything in the novice tree and is still less than halfway in points to Apprentice. Moreover, making things like boosts does not seem to increase the Tech XP anymore. How do I get to Apprentice? As an extra, incidental frustration, I have unlocked the "Capstone Power Cores" for Novice but there is nothing in the tech tree that lets me make them. Is the entire Craft borked or is there some missing icon somewhere?
  4. Heyho fellow Nexians! If anyone on the Dominion side of Jabbit-1 is interested in leveling an Exile alt, I'd like to make you an offer! :rolleyes: I'm offering you a full set of AMP & Ability Points and 10p, on the Exile side. In return you would have to give me a full set of AMP & Ability Points on the Dominion side of Jabbit-1. Both of our alts would profit from this ;) Obviously, this offer won't last forever since I will start to just buy/farm those points once I'm 50. So if you're interested, let me know right now! Simply msg me on the forums or ingame @Sukuna Okami(Exile) or Naori Okami(Dominion). Cya on Nexus! :)
  5. Today I went to craft some items that I was crafting last night before servers went down. I wasn't able to put the same amount of stats as before; there wasn't enough charge. After wondering about it I realized that my talent points were no longer working. Spending 6400 voucher points to reset my talents and pick the same ones fixed the problem, but I hate spending anything to go around a bug. I highly doubt I'm going to get the voucher points back but figured I'd post about this in case anyone else is having the same problem. pissed off etc
  6. Rested XP and EP.

    Hi all, does anyone know if the current state of rested XP and the weekly EP cap is bugged or is it working like it's supposed to? I can grind my EP cap in a day (maybe 2). The rest of the week I am rested when I log in, after a few quests or a vet run the rested XP is gone. Isn't it supposed to build up so that when the EP cap resets on tuesday you are rested cumulatively? Thanks for your answers!
  7. A thought on amp respec

    I had a thought on AMP respecs... So, at level 50 it costs 50G for a full respec. I have no problem with money sinks here and there, but 50G seems fairly steep when you consider that max level characters will want to theorycraft and test out different builds. My solution is two fold: 1. Reduce the cost of respecs by half OR make it cost progressively more gold per respec 2. Allow max level players to use elder gems (say 5 or so) to respec as an alternative to gold. I think the cost reduction is good for players who haven't hit 50 and want to respec their points to fit a different build...but this is one part which I would gladly give up for the second... The second part allows max level players a reduced cost for a respec in exchange for slightly lengthening the time taken to get to max AMP/Ability points. It means players will have to make the decision between endgame progression delays (they will add up if players respec often) or a large amount of gold. It's also a way of reducing the price of AMP resets without simply reducing a price...it would satisfy many many players while maintaining some kind of cost.
  8. Adding StatPoint system?

    Hello, i have been playing videogames since i was around 3, like every other kid. but I have realized some unique systems that would make WildStar different then WOW/TERA and basically every other "easy" mmorpg out their. I personally and others will agree that it would be nice to make each player more distinct such as every time you level up you get stat points. Now some people would not like this, soo an option!!! perhaps a little checkbox that says if you want to customly make your character that way, the people that are new can have it their way, And the other people that are more advanced could have more fun with the game. In turn, this would create a more diverse and populated game. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  9. At the moment there doesn't seem to be any kind of arena points/prestiege weekly caps. This is GREAT! Please NEVER implement gating of any kind for pvp gear. This just makes leveling up new characters really demoralizing when you know that your character won't be competitive for X amount of time. Also if you miss a weekly cap you feel really dumb. I'm 100% fine with PvP gear being hard/time consuming to get, just don't put anything behind weekly point gates. Thanks, - Everyone who plans on being a PvEr and PvPer in Wildstar
  10. Please add stat growth everytime a character level up! atleast 3 stat points to choose where to put like classic hardcore RPG. this way your character will be unique from others! more character customization! Examples: Diablo 2 stats or Ragnarok Online stats. Classic games but good game play! and please don't PUT stats reset! if you want a good stat character then make a new one! And please make character stats private from everyone! NO CHARACTER STAT COPY ALLOWED!