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Found 11 results

  1. For the better part of a year, I've been trying to drop my traditional action/shooter game craze, grow some patience and play something truly unique and worth dedicated my time into (I'm generally a solo player). I decided to start a clinical OCD-fueled search of sorts, downloading and playing tons of free MMO's to find the one for me. It's been an entire year flipping between games and I am still looking. So far, the one I've stuck with the most is LOTRO because I grew up obsessed with the lore. I only put about 40 hours in until the pattern of doing mindless fetch quests and the dated mechanics became very repetitive..I don't feel like I'm really enjoying the game, more like I'm doing chores. The world is very rich and all but I feel like I'm missing out on much better, more modern MMO games when I'm playing it. My brother bought a Guild Wars 2 the day it was released, so I tried using his account to play that without the f2p stuff. It was a fine game, I played on his account for around 30 hours or so.. but I began to notice it seemed to fully enjoy what the game had to offer you NEEDED friends with you. I know the game shares bonuses or whatever but that's not quite what I mean. I still want a game also specifically tailored to be enjoyable in solo play rather than feeling like you're playing to become the best on your own accord, I just want to have consistent fun. That's when I did some googling, and I'm not sure how related it is to GW2, but I found the term "theme-park MMO"..I saw it getting alot of flack from players on forums, but it seemed to cater to my play style. I'm not big into sandbox gameplay, I get bored super quick. Looking more into that led to me being reminded of a game I heard of years ago, The Secret World. I remember hearing about it during its original release and I had no idea it went F2P, so I uninstalled GW2 and installed Secret World Legends in its place. This was just a week ago. When I began I was enthusiastic, it seemed as if it were made for me...story driven, amazing premise, good weapons & upgrades system..it didn't take more than 4 hours into the game to realize the only thing unique feeling about this game to me was the "secrets" "legends" "mystery" gimmick- which, mind you is a cool and unique idea...but the aesthetics of the game its presentation gave me an experience of something I've played a billion times. It quickly grew to feel like just a late 2000's style console single player campaign. Huge turnoff for me. I'm aware there are more MMO's to try. There is WOW Tera RIFT ESO and many more (I sadly can't run BDO) but something about most of those in my eyes get saturated into the long list of Wow-cloning MMORPGs. I see them everywhere and it's always been kind of a turnoff. So, here I am. In a final act of desperation, I went to Steam and searched through the more lesser played lists of games. That's where I finally discovered this beautiful looking, unique game Wildstar. It was quite far down the list, I don't think I would have found it if I weren't looking hard enough. Just from viewing the info on the Steam page alone I knew I had struck gold! It hits a niche kind of unique and simplicity I've always wanted in a game like this! Looking up gameplay and hearing more and more about the game got me super excited for it, I loved everything I was hearing. I'm may be just a little over 2 hours into gameplay but I'm already in love. For the first time in an RPG, I want there to be enough content to sustain me for a long time and not just experience as if it were a tour or a chore, or playing to see what the hype is about. It's really one of the funnest looking games I've ever played, and every minute I am finding something else I love...and I'm just getting started. It feels to good to be true, and the lack of players to me is baffling! The community being small and dedicated if anything is motivating me to spread the word. I've never even signed up for a game forum besides when I moderated a server once. I notice the player count has gone up significantly in the past two weeks on the Steam Charts, perhaps due to the new year or random fluctuation who knows- but I feel like a game like this can rise from the rubble with the right circumstances. If more people knew this game existed, more people would play it I'm SURE. Excuse my naive MMO lingo, guys- what I want from a game is very strange and usually off-kilter to how it's normally played, so I apologize if it seems I think I know more than I'm talking about or if I just seem like a noob. Perhaps you guys can fill me in about how you play and give me tips / ideas :) See you guys there & thanks for your time to read!!
  2. Grüße Wildstarler, ich heiße Domy bin 26, komm aus Bayern.. blablabla :) Bin Jahrelang in World of Warcraft unterwegs gewesen, jedoch seit Legion verlor ich das Interesse an dem Spiel und bin nun auf der Suche nach einem neuen MMORPG. Habe bislang mir viel durchgesehen und bin zuletzt nun zu Wildstar gekommen. Meine Vorstellung eines MMORPG sind für mich persönlich der PVE Content und das gemeinsame Instanzen gehen und raiden! (War in WoW 5er, 10-20er Gruppen). War hauptsächlich damals ein Heiler und würde mich wieder in diese Richtung orientieren. Nun würde ich gerne gerade für den Anfang, wo ich denk ich erstmal viele Fragen haben werde einen Realm suchen auf dem ich mich wohl fühlen kann. Eine Gilde/Clan in dem ich aufgenommen werden könnte und wieder richtig fleißig spielen könnte in meiner Freizeit. :) Also an alle "Gildenmeister" oder "Gildenräte" die das hier lesen und auf mich Aufmerksam werden, würde mich freuen aufgenommen zu werden. Weiß leider nicht wielang es bei mir dauern wird das End Game (also max. Level) zu erreichen, denn mein Boost Character habe ich wohl etwas unüberlegt rausgeballert, vllt spiel ich mich ja noch mit dem ein, jedoch als Neuling einen Max. Level Character zu spielen ist anfangs ziemlich tricky ;p in diesem Sinne Rageyno (Domy)
  3. So, this thread may be a bit harder to understand, it's not asking if the game will shut down, it's not asking if the game will die or is dying, because it isn't ATM, more players are coming in and the future looks dimly bright. The point is will Wildstar ever make a true comeback like games like ESO, FFXIV, or even Guild Wars 2. The quality is there. But will Wildstar ever get enough players to become a "major" mmorpg on the market, will it ever get a somewhat active arena scene, BGS popping at less specific times, and more guilds for Wfirst competition. As a Wildstar player sense beta and someone who subbed whenever he could and only ever took a real break for an expansion of a certain game (BORELORDS OF SHITNOR) I have to say. No...not to to a large extent anyway. I do think Wildstar will improve in some areas, I think dungeon pops will happen more, I think a few more raid guilds will pop up, I think battlegrounds will surge when the 50 boost comes out. BUT, I don't think Wildstar will ever reach the heights it currently can. I don't think it will be up there with FFXIV, ESO, or even other new IP'sS such as Blade and Soul (which is garbage like comon) The reason I think this is a mix of two things: Poor marketing, and the mmorpg community, mmorpgs suck for community, one bad launch and they are gone, but two bad launches...and your screwed, Wildstar had a chance to reach those heights again, and many thought steam would bring it to the same heights, and while Steam has been a moderate success, I don't think it was as much as anyone hoped. The second is marketing, Carbine, YOU DONT NEED massive amounts of money and ads to market a video game, the fact is for Arcterra and Steam, barely any email campaigns were done...WTF? There should have been emails sent to EVERYONE who checked the "recieve newsletters" button when making an account. For both of these things. I feel the players have been doing more marketing, I tell people everyday to give the game a chance and whatnot, I go to many videos and streams and advertise this game because it is an amazing game with the best raids on the market and great core pvp gameplay. Arenas, these, while fun, will never be an active scene again. Because of the annoying prestige grind for full legendary pvp gear, having to rune all of that stuff. And the fact that f2p players cant make arena teams, yes its in the cosmic rewards for cheap, but a lot of people barely know what those are. In short, I think Wildstar will continue to grow little by little and then just kinda sit there, I think dungeons, adventures, raids, and bgs will start being a but more popular, but I dont think we will have the game be as competitive as it could have been and I don't think the game will ever come into even games like BDO levels of popularity ever again. It's unfortunate that my view has changed like this, just last week I was talking to my brother who plays WoW a lot, and I said "yeah, with steam and more marketing, and the 50 boos, I feel the arena scene will start happening again" and now a week later I have totally lost that hope. I play wildstar everyday for at least 3 hours a day, at most 8, and I ALWAYS defend the game. So please don't say anything along the lines of me being a hater, I am a massive fan, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of both the topic, and my thoughts. As a side note I do think the game could reach those heights if something along the lines of an large marketing push in between Legion patches, and a optimized console release happened. But those are so out of the realm of possibility that I don't even bother really bringing them up. So in review, the game is growing slightly, and will continue to grow, but will never reach it's competitive and non competitive potential and join the larger mmorpgs. What do you think? EDIT: I'm really tired, so excuse any stupidity found in the post pls
  4. Ok I just logged on and I found myself playing for hours Wildstar is the first game I haven't rushed to end level and I actually care about the characters and quests and also GREAT helpful tutorials like the tanking one and I just played the expidition Fragment Zero IT WAS AMAZING I seriously like how this game starts at the start and not at the end urgh But now you kept me up later than I was intending! Epidition Zero was amazing urgh the whole thing and it was totaly worth it when I rescued Hugo and the quests are awesome too and the tutorials are so friendly and easy to grasp! like Runes and etc.
  5. A few months in...

    And I am absolutely thrilled with where we are as a community, and game thus far. Bugs have been getting addressed in a timely manner, the devs are clearly listening to the subscribers, and the content is being rolled out as promised. I am having a blast as an ENG dps in pvp, I have made memorable acquintances, and every day I discover something new to appreciate in Nexus. Housing continues to blow my mind on a daily basis. The costumes I see about, the textures in the wonderful world that is Nexus, heck the cab driver hasn't even gotten old. And to think, this is only the beginning of a LOTR-esque quest that is developing and enjoying a character in WildStar. I don't pretend to know where the game will be in a few years, but I know I will look back on vanilla WildStar and say to myself "wow, it seems like yesterday and look how far we've come!" This is such an amazing experience, I never hesistate to tell someone about WildStar when I meet them, I can only hope all gamers out there in the world get to experience a little taste of the joy that Carbine/NCsoft has created for us. To my fellow Nexusians, I salute you! Together we will both enjoy, and help shape this game into something groundbreaking!!
  6. WildStar never ceases to amaze.

    There is always something new to explore, skill up, complete, and improve, and to me that's a very important aspect of an mmorpg. The fact that I am so immersed and overwhelmed by my housing progress, and crafting/hobby, have more Strain content waiting in the wings, and Carbine is releasing new content monthly as we go along, all while I keep working on getting a higher rating, developing chemistry with pvp teams, and whittling away at the attunement process, is a breathtaking relief in what not long ago was a troubling landscape of uncertainty in the mmo world. The game keeps me involved, interested, and coming back for more, I feel a living, breathing world of this standard could easily charge me 30 USD a month and I wouldn't bat an eye, the fact that I only pay 15 a month makes me feel like I am getting a deal. Such a small price to pay for being a part of something so grand.
  7. Carbine is writing history.

    I feel genuinely humbled to be a part of something this special. The vision that Carbine has realized, the effort, the time and focus it took to create this evolving work of art we are blessed to both enjoy and help shape, is nothing short of extraordinary. I think we will look back on 2014 as a benchmark, a defining moment in mmorpg history. Thank you Carbine! Now, there are a few things that really need to be fixed, I expect much of that to be addressed by the next expansion drop and more still by the end of the year, but looking at the bigger picture, this is a historic gaming experience and I am thrilled to be a part of it! WildStar has revolutionized mmorpg combat, housing, and has set the bar unreachably high when it comes to attention to detail and perfection when it comes to creating a world, content, and characters. I can't wait to enjoy the rest of the content as it rolls out, and witness the story of Nexus unfold, as new migrants to Nexus come in droves!
  8. 12 years from now we will look back...

    ...and say I was there. I was there for vanilla WildStar. I was there for open beta. I was there, for the beginning of greatness. Back when it was hard. Pioneers. Pioneers, all of us. We are writing history. We are history. We are WildStar.
  9. Launch was a borderline disaster with many people not having access to early access, and there are bugs and optimization issues that need addressing, but let's be frank: There have been many great mmos that have paved the path - EQ, SWG, FFXI, WoW, SWTOR.....but folks, we have reached the pinnacle. WildStar is the Michael Jordan of MMO's, it is the superior by a long shot, and we may never see another close, so hold what you got, and remember to tell your kids about it someday. From questing to housing, textures to lighting, pve to pvp, crafting to combat, WildStar is a c-hair away from utter perfection. Some of you are frustrated by mechanics and bugs, please, be patient and look at the bigger picture, the devs are listening. That is all.
  10. This post is about questing in Wildstar in a group / together with other people. - Intro: Questing in groups in a MMO should be fun, problem-free and immersive. But certain bugs / game-play decisions in Wildstar makes it, at some places very tedious, problematic and immersion-breaking. These bugs / game-play decisions include (may no be true for all quests / players): 1. No ability to share a quest to your group (if said group members are eligible). (This might already be in the game, tho not for all quests (that should have it).) 2. No prompt of accepting a new quest when a group member does so. (Viz. Group Member 1 picks up a new quest that Group Member 2 doesn't have and haven't finished previously, Group Member 2 is not asked whether he would like the quest as well, making him have to go pick it up himself.) 3. No way to see how far group members are in quests (obviously quest that the group members all have). Note; This would be solved by fixing problem 5. 4. Removed. 5. No sharing of quest objectives while group members are on the same quest. (Viz. both Group Members having to kill 10 Qualindrakes (my own invention), but when Group Member 1 kills one, Group Member 2 quest-log doesn't update, making the 10 Qualindrakes kills, effectively be 20.) Note; The number of kills here doesn't matter, it could be added together when grouping, the important part is that when Group Member 1 or Group Member 2 makes a kill, they both are credited in their quest-log. - Why is this a problem?: All of the previously mentioned bugs / game-play decisions are a major problem while playing in a group. They make questing in a group very clunky, annoying and immersion-breaking. This is a MMO, it's a game very focused on multi-player and experiencing the world with other people, grouping should feel normal, intuitive and be problem-free. It should be, while for some players not the correct way to play the game (some like playing MMO's solo and that should of course be an option), at least the optimum way, it should not be a hassle and a complicated game of questions; 'Did you get the quest?', 'How many are you still needing?', 'Where did you get that quest? I didn't get it' and so on. - A solution: While sorta already mentioned previously, I will here mention, in my humble opinion, solutions to the aforementioned problems. A. Make it possible to share a quest to group members. This would probably best be done via a button in the quest-log. B. Make it possible to accept a quest that another group member is picking up. The telecom is perfect for this as it makes it possible to relay the quest information and story even tho the player is not near the quest-giver. D. When 2 group members are on the same quest, make it so that the objectives in that quest are shared by group members. A problem could then arise that if 5 people are doing the same 'Kill 10 Qualindrakes', they can finish the quest much faster and still get the same amount of XP for the quest. This could be hindered by either making the quest stack, making 10 kills turn into 20 for a 2-man group with the same quest and 50 for a 5-man group. It could also be fixed by making the monsters, in this example the 'Qualindrakes' increasingly harder depending on how many group members are in the vicinity, on the quest. - Finishing Word: This is what I had to say about question in groups in Wildstar at the moment. These bugs / game-play decisions may not be true for all quests and or players, but it's something I have encountered while playing both the closed and open Beta. It should also be said that this could be applied to raids and maybe even guilds too. I feel this is a very important issue and I hope that something will be done. I'd love to hear if anyone else feel this way about the topic, if anyone have discovered more bugs or problems that I do not address or any other relevant comments. I'd also like to apologize for the writing should there be any mistakes, as English is not my first language. I also know that I have mentioned the same things a few time in this post. Anyway... Lastly, if the Devs are really listening, I very much hope that they/you will comment as well, it could be fantastic to have some professional input on the topic. Thanks for reading /Nella - Hazak
  11. Hello, I got a beta key to play Wildstar without a pre-order. However since this beta weekend is almost over, I would like to know if I need another beta key to play on the additional weekends? Or is it that once you are in the beta, you can play in all of the following beta weekends? Thank you for your time, if you know the answer please reply.