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Found 4 results

  1. Heyo, just redownloaded Wildstar, but not after getting the Legend Pack DLC (for all the sweet stuff in it plus the free signature and C.R.E.D.D)... However, despite my Steam account showing I have purchased and installed the DLC but I cannot seem to find any indication ingame that it was bought (I may as well have thrown $110 out the door at this point)... Is this because I need to get my character farther along in the game (just started) or is there something I need to do, because I don't want to go too long without figuring this out... any help would be epic! Thanks in advance
  2. Hallo! Ich habe mir vorhin im Steam Shop das Hero Paket gekauft.. Nun weiß ich aber nicht wie ich das aktivieren kann. Es steht zwar dass es installiert ist, aber wenn ich das Game starte dann habe ich nichts von den Sachen die ich mir gekauft habe.
  3. How do you apply Steam DLC to your account? I played this game a long time ago, and decided to give it another try since it is now on Steam, I bought the Adventure Pack, but now I don't know how to claim it in the game. edit: nevermind, i just had to take the filters off.
  4. The new bundles

    So with Steam launch came a bunch of DLCs / Store Bundles which are the Adventure, Hero and Champion (called Legend on Steam) packs. What I'd like to know is about the brand new items in those bundles which are pets, mounts, the Black Hole house and a costume. Now that costume, the Gilded Ascendant Costume Kit (Hero pack), I'd really like to have. But to pay 4k Protobucks / 46 euros just for that costume, since I don't care for the rest of the bundle, seems a bit much. -_- So my question; will these new items be available at a later time in the Store as seperate items or not? I'm assuming they will be given the fact that most bundles contain items that are also available as seperate pieces in the Store but I'd like to know for cetrain.