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Found 30 results

  1. I added wildstar to steam but I can't get the overlay to work. Steam updates my status to playing wildstar but using shift+tab doesn't bring up the overlay so I can't use the chat or post screenshots. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. The Magisterium Vanguard is recruiting players for RAIDING, Leveling and other PVE related content come release. We will be AVATUS on a NA EST PVE server, name TBA. We will be in headstart starting May 31st and are looking for active, friendly players, who are in love with Wildstar and gaming, as much as we are, to join us on the side of the DOMINION. Our raid roster is currently not set in stone, and we are very flexible with times looking to raid mostly weekends or evenings to a non-rigorous, non-hardcore schedule. Here's a little about us: For starters, our guild is 7+ years old. Our Wildstar chapter is but one of several chapters in various other games. If our name sounds familiar it is probably because of that. You will find other chapters of the Magisterium in Tera Online, Guild Wars 2, ESO (small trading guild), and World of Warcraft (where it all began over 7 years ago). And now we are moving to Wildstar. We've had quite a glorious and epic experience in raiding, in particular in WoW, where we decided to go somewhat hardcore there for a few years after switching to 10 mans and moving to Illidan-US, ranking in the top 30~20 10 mans on the server. WoW chapter has currently moved to Thrall-US. After doing that stint however, and the fact that most of our members have aged over the seven years, moved on to schools and families, we are looking at a steady pace to content, nothing rushed, no insane raid schedules, just a few hours of raiding nothing over 3 hours and solid gameplay with good folks. To that end a lot of our members in the Magisterium are also Steam account friends and play many co-op games there. A good deal of our members are either former or active Military and get along quite well, the rest are a few students and working professionals, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We also do a bit of game review and streaming content, called Vanguard Entertainment, you can find that on youtube. Outside of that we're just gamers. I, Argeas Falcomwing, have had the pleasure of running the Magisterium for these past 7 years along with the assistance of our Officers, Community Manager and Co-GM Borbosha. If you are interested in joining us in game or out fo game, don't hestitate to apply, leave a post here, or contact us in game, via steam, or hop into our teamspeak. Some of us have been playing Wildstar since closed beta and pretty knowlegdable in the game as well. Look forward to hearing from ya, and as always "much obliged friend". MY IN GAME CHARS SO FAR: DoctorWily (Engineer Tank - Dominion) Kaeshrin (Stalker Tank - Dominion) ArgeasFalcomwing (Warrior Tank - Dominion) JackMorgan (Stalker - Dominion) ThomaBison (Esper - Dominion) PsyChua ( Esper - Dominion) Caladbog (Spellslinger - Dominion) Greenbough(Stalker Tank/DPS - Exile) Rooster (Warrior DPS - Exile) Rachetz (Spellslinger Support/DPS - Dominion) Our info: Guild Website: tmv.squarespace.com Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKDRs-XeQ-0T1xOWbjjTAg/featured?view_as=public Steam Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/magisteriumguild Teamspeak: ts3.magisteriumguild.com PW: chinatown
  3. Hello! I've been messing with Steam's In-Home Streaming functionality, now in opt-in open beta. I added the WildStar client to my Steam library, and while I was able to stream the game to my MacBook when the window is not in focus, and the input is making it to my PC from the laptop, when I click in the window of the WildStar client, it goes black (or white). I can see that I'm controlling the game remotely, but I can't see it on my MacBook. I tried switching from the default "Borderless Window" to "Fullscreen Window," or simply "Windowed," but this didn't help. Anyone else messing with this feature and having similar issues? The feature works fine with other games.
  4. Steam Integration

    Hello all! I did a quick search on this topic and I didn't see one, but if it's been discussed already I apologize. Has there been any word about Wildstar being available through Steam? I have already purchased mine on the site here, but I know many MMOs who have their client available through Steam as well as their web site. I think it would be nice to put the Wildstar name in front of all the Steam users out there, and it would be kind of nice to have access to the in-game stuff from Steam (friend list, screen shots, etc). Mostly I'm just being selfish and I'd like to have Wildstar on my Steam account along with all the other games I play! :) I don't see this as a critical need or anything, but just a convenience. I'm sure if it was going to happen it would have been well before now, but I'm just curious if there is a reason why there is no Steam integration of Wildstar.