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  1. I have a question about the Chronium decor pieces on the Residential Renovation vendor. Will those still be available in the future on the vendor, or will they be vanishing once this Residential Renovation is over?
  2. Looks like an awesome fan-made mod for Guild Wars. Pretty cool. :)
  3. Madame Fay - Current Rewards (6/6/2018)

    I forget, do those Ekose Shiphands and Grumpels have animations?
  4. Copying this here: So I guess this is how they're solving it! Not bad, I suppose. I'll admit I'm feeling a bit fatigued of Residential Renovation, but it's nice that they'll be available beyond Starfall.
  5. My Chronium pack isn't actually marked as multi-claim in the account claim screen. That's why I asked. Esper, are you saying for sure that one character can claim it multiple times?
  6. Hm. I'm reluctant to claim it at all to test. Really needs to be multi-claim - both for a character (like, so you can use more than just what the pack provides once) and account-wide.
  7. Chromium pieces - not multiclaim. Can anyone confirm/deny if they work as unlocks on the decor vendor?
  8. Kel Voreth

    Kel Voreth is a 5-man dungeon, so if you're trying to solo it, that would be why you're having trouble! Have you tried asking in Nexus chat to see if anyone would be willing to group with you to do the dungeon? Unfortunately no one much uses the dungeon finder tool, but you should be able to find a few people to help you knock it out by poking Nexus chat a few times.
  9. Losing Touch

    Ah you're original post gave the impression that you're were looking for a game with challenging leveling content. I definitely would love to see continuation of story. The Entity is still breathing down our necks (poor Drusera). There's the matter of the Other and the (I think) related magic employed by Osun darkwitches. There's the Halon Ring. Megadroids. Whatever other secrets the Eldan might have locked away on Nexus. There's a whole plethora of possibility when you consider all of the different races and their home worlds (not just the main ones like Cassus, Grismara, Arboria, etc - but heck, what about the Ekose homeworld or others?), not to mention the simple fact that this is a universe with interstellar technology. Carbine's writers have a goldmine of story. What they don't have, I fear, is manpower and money.
  10. Losing Touch

    I agree with you in that I enjoy a challenging, engaging leveling experience. WildStar doesn't really provide that anymore, especially with the nerf to lower level prime mobs. If you can get into a dungeon group with people who are entirely at level for the content, that part of leveling is still quite fun. The quests themselves, while not hard, are also pretty fun story-wise. Alas, most of the challenge is at level cap. If what you're really looking for is a challenging leveling experience, WildStar may not be the game for you - and I really don't like pushing people away from this game. You may want to take another peek at WoW, though. They recently rescaled and redesigned how leveling works in that game. The leveling dungeons actually take some thought (especially from my perspective as a healer) and mobs are no longer 1-2 shot kills. Zones also scale with your level now, up to a point, which means you won't run into the previously problematic situation of outleveling a zone before you've quested through even half of it. It also means you can change up your leveling paths quite a bit. Old world 20-60 zones all scale to 60. BC and Wrath zones all scale 60-80. Cata and MoP zones scale 80-90. Might also be worth checking out a perhaps more story-focused MMOs like FFXIV or ESO. FFXIV is the opposite of challenging, but it certainly puts emphasis on the journey rather than the destination. I've only played ESO for about a week so I can't really speak to the challenge, but I've enjoyed the story in the quests so far.
  11. Forced name changes?

    If you haven't already, open a ticket. Support may be able to help you.
  12. I'm Glad I've Found This Game

    Welcome to WildStar! :) It's a fantastic game! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Oh man why didn't we get the broader back in the final design!
  14. Lets see some recent screenshots!!

    Please, somebody get Kat a not-potato PC!
  15. You granted my dreams when you allowed us to expand the Holo-Wardrobe. Carbine, I'm begging you again to make my dreams come true. Please let me purchase additional costume sets. Twelve is SO not enough! I love all of the outfits I have but want so badly to create more! Let me throw some more money at you. :)