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  1. New player against Purple Essence

    While it no longer affects me as I broke 10k heroism a few weeks ago (hurrah!), I maintain that the artificial nerf in dps/hps when you enter prime content below the recommended heroism ABSOLUTELY must go. If that was taken away, it would go a long way in softening the harshness of heroism floors. There was very little more annoying when my husband and I were starting out in our heroism grind to go into a P9 (well, now it would be P13) and see yourself doing suddenly 5-8k less dps than normal - meaning not only were you taking harder hits and the mobs had more HP, you were forced to struggle even more because of the nerf to your damage.
  2. Path Suggestion Any one

    Well your two other options are settler or soldier. Soldier is probably the easiest to level up, as the challenges are largely just killing this or that thing, doing holdouts, using special items on mobs, etc. Settler involves a lot of gathering settler-specific resources and building up stations in different zones - and it gets you a nice portable vendor! Either way, you don't need to reroll your character if you don't want to. Carbine implemented a way to learn multiple paths on the same character a while back. It costs service tokens, but you can buy those with omnibits if you save up.
  3. New player against Purple Essence

    At this point, I think it would definitely be helpful to provide more ways to earn violet essences (or just significantly increase the violet essence rewards we now receive, I suppose). They can always retune it later on.
  4. As far as I know, there is still a time limit to editing posts.
  5. So I started streaming W* today

    Woohoo! Thanks for being willing to give this game a boost! :)
  6. Yeah, mounts weren't a thing when I did it, and it took me forever to get the right unlocks (the correct tiers of gliding, bouncing mushrooms, etc) needed to appropriately navigate certain zones. That and I found the maps utterly unhelpful. xD Tangled Depths was really the worst of them. The story in there is quite good, though.
  7. Mentally prepare yourself before entering the Heart of Maguuma. *shudder* The most nightmarish-to-navigate zones I've ever encountered, especially the Tangled Depths. xD
  8. Level Up Simulator (Toy)

    Hah I think that's a fun, great idea!
  9. Sell Off Wildstar

    I've enjoyed it. Prime content has given me something to work toward on a smaller scale than raids. To each their own.
  10. Sell Off Wildstar

    The point of this was... what, exactly? I sincerely doubt NCSoft would sell WildStar, despite my personal fantasies of making it big and then buying it out to invest properly in the game. xD But I disagree that anything NCSoft does with WildStar will be a "joke". I'd appreciate even a small update, like a single story instance. Or hell, just prime levels to Protogames Academy.
  11. Esper healing guide

    Sure I can! I didn't post my set up because I'm not comfortable calling myself an expert on this game, and I don't want to accidentally mislead someone if by chance I'm doing something wrong. xD Esper healing has been my main thing for 4 years, but I've only done GA and DS raiding, so keep in mind I don't have RMT sets. I do have 10,125 Heroism, including all Matrix Ability Points unlocked and some of the extra AMP points. Here's my basic AMP set-up: And here's my basic LAS: I use that set-up for most things. If you don't have full Ability Points, you can either drop T4 Warden or T8 Soothe (down to T4) and just put points in where you can. Crush and Pkflame are swapped out for various utilities when needed, such as Catharsis or Fade Out. I was joking in my original post, but Reverie really does make up the majority of my healing on many encounters, often close to 50%. Mental Boon is my go-to finisher for when there's smaller periodic damage to heal. In raids, I do an equal amount of tank healing and raid healing, and I use the same LAS for both. I find keeping HoTs (Boon, Warden, Bolster, Soothe T8) rolling on the tank does quite well for single target healing, and more often than not I end up having to side-heal the raid anyway, so the extra AoE isn't wasted. Raid healing is honestly the same kind of philosophy for me, but with MOAR REVERIE for the bursty needs. PKflame on cooldown, always (unless I've been forced to drop it for another utility). There are two encounters I completely change things around for - Gloomclaw and Volatility Lattice. For Lattice, I use the following AMPs: And the following LAS: There's not much healing to be done on these encounters outside of healing the walls or healing the logic elementals, and both of those things require MoB and Mending Banner. I honestly hate this LAS but I use it when needed. xD As for stats, I balance Multi-hit, Focus Recovery, and Focus Pool, with a secondary consideration for Critical Hit (will become more important likely as I get more gear). Here are my current stats whilst wearing my healing gear in my default LAS: Rune sets I primarily use are Cynosure (for Focus Recovery and Multi-hit), Striker (for Multi-hit), and Resurgence (for Focus Pool). I also have both the GA and DS class sets (in shoulders and pants, respectively). For what it's worth, here's my current gear so you can see my runes (it's not best in slot by any means): I actually have some higher ilvl stuff for hat/chest/gloves, but I loose way too much Multi-hit and Focus Recovery by using them, so I've just been holding onto them just in case. My Focus Recovery is on the low end, so I use FR boosts and food when I know I'm going to be churning out the heals. Otherwise, Crit boosts/food are good alternatives once MH is at that nice soft cap. I have occasionally dropped into the 10-20% focus range during high stress situations, but liberal use of Fixation and the boosts keep me going strong. Disclaimer: This is just what works for me, and again it's minus the effects of RMT sets, so if you're at that point, I'm not sure I can be of much help outside of talking about what I WOULD do if I DID have those runes. I hope this helps some!
  12. Wildstar's future?

    This has largely been my philosophy since launch, and it's kept me going!
  13. Are there any devs left?

    I can both empathize and sympathize with this sentiment. A friend of mine was the kind who really put pedal to the metal and zipped through the matrix as fast as he possibly could. Myself, husband, and a few other friends simply didn't have the time or the desire to complete every essence bonus every day. It was definitely frustrating being stuck in content that offered no chance at gear upgrades just because our heroism was low. Our small group set to running dungeons together each Sunday. Every so often when I had free time, I'd hit the daily bonus. Sometimes I would be around for the world boss kills, though more often not I missed them. I'd hit up shiphands when I could and when I felt like it, though I didn't farm them in the slightest (outside of my obsessive need to farm Space Madness for the psyblade). A week ago, I finally broke 10k heroism. This was a long, slow journey, as I'm not a new player; I started the Primal Matrix right alongside everyone else on patch day. I think what made me able to deal with the frustration of watching others run high prime dungeons was that I had my small group of friends to at least run content with. Our Sunday dungeon nights were and are one of the highlights of my week. We look at what the bonuses are and we hit up the highest prime we can manage. For a while, that was just prime 2 or 3. Slowly it became more common for us to tackle a prime 4 or prime 5. Now we can do prime 7 or 8 and occasionally higher (a couple in our group are a bit behind in heroism at 6-8k). If I hadn't had that group of friends to have fun with (especially since I don't really like running with random people), I would have absolutely been crushed under the weight of the Primal Matrix. I encourage everyone to find some folk they can stick with. It makes the sense of being "behind" much easier to manage.
  14. Prime Eldan Gauntlet Imbuement

    I don't understand the point of posts like this. I'm sure you think you're being "realistic", but you're just being a needless Debbie Downer.
  15. Esper healing guide

    Reverie for days. More seriously - not that I know of. I've just been going with what works for me.