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  1. Any word on possibly getting some unanswered lore questions answered?
  2. Haha, gladly! xP Too bad you can't trade shiphand gear. *eyeballs her husband, the assault slinger, who always gets support gear*
  3. This is pure RNG. Running on my esper, all I ever seem to get are upgrades for my assault spec - very rarely for my support one.
  4. Where will you be when the world ends?

    I'll log off Antimony for the final time in her home, surrounded by her family.
  5. I Finally Got Lifty

    The race is seriously the BEST! Gotta go fast.
  6. Which will be your new MMO home?

    Seconding the Rift housing is awesome thing. Though I always struggled with the placement controls compared to WildStar's. They're functionally the same, but for some reason I have a harder time with precision in Rift. *shrug* I really don't know where my after-WildStar home will be - and by that I mean, which MMO I'll go to for raiding. WoW and FFXIV are the most likely for that. I'll likely have more time to devote to GW2 and Rift, as well, and I've been dabbling in ESO for one IRL friend. But... it just depends on where my other WildStar friends end up wanting to be. I don't want to leave them. :(
  7. While that would be nice (especially since those Protobucks represented real $), I kind of doubt it. They gave refunds for purchases since July. Alas this means I didn't get a refund for the Protobucks I bought before then but held onto without spending, but I'm guessing they're presuming we got what we wanted out of them.
  8. A repeat of the CBT closure would be hilarious and awesome. Things like the events you saw in Matrix Online and FFXIV took a lot of careful planning and implementation; I doubt the few people left til November are enough. But certainly they could spawn bosses in Thayd and Illium!
  9. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Woo congrats! Spellbreaker is such a cool concept. Enjoy!
  10. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Pretty sure this was just meant as a way to connect with fellow WS players in another MMO that is enjoyable. Given that the game IS going away in less than 2 months, I don't see what's wrong with reaching out to people we've spent the past years playing with and seeing if they want to meet up in another game.
  11. Forbidden Zones

    All the better to take in the scenery, in my opinion. :) Also, don't miss the jumping tower in Murkmire (just be careful)!
  12. [News] WildStar Signing Off November 28

    Vault of the Archon is the story instance released with Arcterra, yes. If you do everything in VoA right, you also gain access to a special room in Omnicore-1 with one extra lore tidbit. [edit] Specifically, IIRC you need to collect all the key fragments in VoA in order to access the Omnicore-1 room.
  13. Hahaha the omni-bit explosions are pretty wild, that's for sure.
  14. The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Mesmer, definitely - and with the Chronomancer specialization. It feels very support-y with the buffs and control it brings. I much prefer the original team to the group with Miss Sleuth and the others, and I was sad when I started Heart of Thorns to find that I wasn't going to be interacting with them much. Still, HoT was a fantastic story overall (even though I have nightmares about the Tangled Depths). Eventually I will get around to venturing into Path of Fire story stuff; from what I've heard, it should be quite good.
  15. I'll admit, I'm a bit sad that I probably won't get a chance to play with RMT rune sets now. :( I suppose I understand, though.