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  1. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    People say they are sorry for carbine people and all well maybe some of them But i blame the higher up for the failure of the game , They could have updated the game like year ago and Did so more better marketing , Could have appealed the the wow Player base and they are begging for player housing --- Ding !!! bells go off . But yet these higher up did not care , They gave up and turn there back on the game . and on it people This is just as bad as the only half ways close game to wild star is Phantasy Star2 . This company is in japan and keeps telling people they will make a western server but yet they dont . it like *putting there middle finger up and western people * So to me the companies wanted this to die no matter the cost
  2. without wildstar

    never played witcher at all most games do not appeal to me and well Wild star was the only one that hit the heart , I looked forward to getting house work done then logging in to wildstar
  3. without wildstar

    All i can say is im not going to any other game for awhile , after this . maybe 6 months to a years .. sad to say when wildstar dies so does Nc soft the i will never play a game from this Company Wildstar is the only one i played
  4. how can NC soft be going broke when the stock market says different https://markets.businessinsider.com/stocks/ncsoft-stock they say this about nc soft future? https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/ncsoft-q2-quarterly-earnings-preview-1027451694 So why cry tell are they slapping the faces of wild star players>?
  5. Path Suggestion Any one

    I thought THE EXPLORER path would be fun , But it is not you really have to be a Master at parkour to be any good at it . I did one Quest of it * SURVEILLANCE: Barkblight Nests* i fell like 20 times and could not get it , Any suggestions . on the best path for a stalker ? im going to really have to re roll this Character to something else . it is not worth the Stress or aggravation i already have THE SCIENTIST on 2 other toons Thanks for any ideas or thoughts
  6. Class, Instance, Leveling, Crafting, Plat Making & More Guides!

    thanks you for the time and effort for these videos , they have helped me out alot