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  1. Need a good melee build

    Melee Esper is almost identical to ranged Esper. Swap Telekinetic Strike for Psychic Blades (T0) and otherwise keep everything the same. T8 Mind Burst (or Telekinetic Storm if you don't have the RMT set), T8 Concentrated Blade (although without the RMT set the value of this skill goes down a lot), T8 Haunt, T0 Reap, T0 Spectral Swarm. That gives you two slots for utility - one will normally be T4 Locus of Power for considerably more burst damage (drop Haunt to T4 if you don't have enough ability points) and then you should usually have Crush in the last slot. Projected Spirit and Fade Out are the situational skills that you'll often swap into these last slots if the fight requires them. Fixation in the last utility slot maximises damage but you'll normally need at least one out of a kick, mobility and cc break.