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  1. This gave me new insight! I just notice in my Machine.ini file there's this line "sound.volumeMusic=0.3blabla then I remembered lowering the music volume to 0.3. So I changed the in game music sound to 0.9 to see if it will be change in the file and it did to 0.9blalba. This made me think, where are the rest of the sound options? Why it shows only the music sound? What if I manually add all the sound lines and change the folder to Read Only so it wont be changed anymore? Problem is I dont know what lines I need to add :/...
  2. The problem presist... I can turn off and on the sound device in device manager to bring the sound back but I really wished for more permanent solution.
  3. Well, when I came back there was no sound...again. I decided to check Device Manage and disable my sound device off and on while the game is running, and it worked! The sound is back. Finally I can play in peace :).
  4. I honestly don't know what's going on with this game. After deleting EVERYTHING related to WS using special program, and reinstalling it on steam, the sound is back again. I need to go do something and be back in couple hours, truely hoping the sound will stay when I load the game again.
  5. I just did thorough cleaning with program, will restart pc and install game again (steam) hopefully it will work, then take care of the sound if it's still a problem...
  6. The line wasn't there so I added it. Didn't solve the problem. I think that I installed and uninstalled the game so many times, something got to be causing trouble... Steam won't let me start the game at all anymore (error 0x800702E4). I'll say it again, 1) this is brand new laptop, 2) everything worked fine WITH headphones the first day. This is so frustrating :(...
  7. That's one of the first things that I tried...
  8. I didn't reboot my laptop before reinstalling. Also, my laptop is brand new. Windows 10. Downloading the game from steam doent work anymore (error 0x800702E4) so I had to download the game AGAIN for the 6th time now directly from WS website. Tried to run it in admin and window/borderless window. Still no sound. I'm starting to lose hope here :(...
  9. I accidently tried to run WildStar (instead of Steam_WildStar) as admin and it just made things worse. Now I get this error message 0x800702e4. I reinstall the game and I still get that message. I've never had such a frustrating start with a game. Back in the day I even had pirated games that gave me less trouble than this - used to be P2P - almost 4 years game. This is not okay and I know I'm not the only one with that problem.
  10. Hello, new player here. I heard of WildStar long before its release in 2014 and knew that one day I will try this game. 2 days ago was that day. WS had the best first impression among all other MMO that I played. The smooth graphic, great voice acting, NPC with character, the interactivity in battle, diversity of race and class, the plot, music etc. I had alot of fun playing the first day. WS didnt felt like typical MMO, more like RPG game with online option. Then came day 2 of playing (yesterday). I logged in to find out there's no sound. So I thought it was probably my headphones, then I'll just unplug it no problem. Still no sound. I tried everything: Checking the mute button in options and volume slides Deleting WS folder from AppData Checking sound mixer Repair game, checking for sound driver update Reinstall both in steam and directly from WS website Restarting pc Close all apps Still no sound (or respond from support), not even in opening screen, character screen, loading screen. Nothing. I cant stress how disappointed I am. WS had the best first impression among all other MMO I've played. Playing a game with no sound is like watching a movie in foreign language with no subtitles - you get the idea of what's going on, but you dont really enjoy the movie. Edit: Ok this is strange. The sound is back! After installing the game from WS website didnt solve the problem, I decided to delete the game and install it on steam (for the 4th time) because I prefer the game to be connected to steam and seeing that installing from WS website didnt solve the problem, I have nothing to lose. So after reinstalling WS on steam, the sound was back! I have no idea why or how but this is still frustrating. Now I hope it wont happen again. EDIT: Speaking the devil...I logged in again just now and no sound. I'm so close to give this game negative review and put it on the shelf forgetting its existent. A game that came out almost 4 years ago CANT allow itself to have such bugs. This is not exceptable.
  11. No Sound

    I just tried it and it didnt work. Firstly I deleted the folder then launched WS - fail. Then I deleted the folder again and restarted my pc - fail. I'm reinstalling the game now, hoping it will work.
  12. No Sound

    I have exactly the same problem! Yesterday was the first time I downloaded WildStar and I played with headphones and everything was just fine! Today I login and NO sound AT ALL. I checked EVERYTHING. The mute box, the sliders, restarting steam and laptop, sound troubleshooting... Nothing solved the problem. This is very disappointing considering the amazing first impression I got from this game.