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  1. Forum Profile Picture ?

    Perseverance is the key. Thank you
  2. What's up with that ? Did they disable the possibility for new comers to add a picture ?
  3. Settler's projects not working

    Problems are stacking up. Some projects appear as "Inactive" while they in fact aren't. Furthermore they are not displayed in the "ongoing path quest log" but in the "finished" one. And I know for sure that I didn't finish them. They are shown as "inactive" and some as active in my quest tracker, but I can't complete them. And in the same time they are displayed in the "finished" section of the Codex. It's pretty disturbing and embarassing when you want to grind your path's exp. Thanks for acknowledging.
  4. Star-Comm Station Wire: February Edition

    Thank you. Eventhough : Doesn't help much ^^
  5. Star-Comm Station Wire: February Edition

    And for a new player this update means absolutely nothing. I mean ... I don't even fully understand it. It's housing related and stuff but ... that's it. A Glory Day ? Mhh what could it be ? A Residential Renovation ? Like a contest ? Or like someone coming to my home to repair the fence ? It's just confusing tbh
  6. Making Content

    Sad to hear :/
  7. Making Content

    Why would they implement PvP if they don't want to care just a little about it ? Some people really care about PvP, especially in a action rpg. The game has alot of mechanics that could be awesome in a great PvP game...
  8. Joueurs fr actifs ?

    Je vois que les guildes qui s'étaient présentées sur le forum ne sont plus actives ou ne donnent pas signe de vie. Qu'en est-il réellement ? Existe-t-il encore des guildes françaises ? Si non: comment la diaspora francophone fait elle pour s'y retrouver ?! R
  9. Making Content

    The link lies in the PvE content, and its balance (same goes for its PvP homologous). The time invested in a brand new "user friendly / unbroken Foundry system" could be used to balance what is already existing, namely the PvE (and again, the same goes for PvP). I don't know the state of the PvE, nor do I know anything the PvP, but people seem to complain about what they have in their hand. I see it happening ten time in Albion Online where the hardcore players are spending hours trash talking the devs on the forum for not repairing their game... I dont' want that to happen here as well ^^
  10. Fixing Battlegrounds

    I find myself in an even more confused state. Anyway, thank you for your opinion. I'll try it out with or without PvP gear.
  11. A new class like Laveka...

    On another hand I think adding a new class might be a big plus in a refresh update that would advert the game and bring some new players in the process. But who am I to judge ? I'm weeks old in this game/community.
  12. Making Content

    I thought about the Neverwinter foundry as well. When the game came out the foundry wasn't the best part of it. Plus it should be a tromendous work for the devs to put up such a system of dungeon making. Albion Online for instance has no such thing as PvE content, as it is a sandbox game. But with the amount of grind to put to level up your char, you spend a huge time PvEing, and thus you find yourself in a shallow pve land most of your day. And the only part of fun of the adventure is the PvP, which is unbalanced and broken a.f. Don't make the same mistake.
  13. Fixing Battlegrounds

    You guys are freakin me out, won't I be able to enjoy the PvP as a new coming player ?
  14. A new player's question

    Thank you very much guys. I hope to see you in raid soon then ;)
  15. A new player's question

    When it comes to Lv.50 dungeons & raid we -as casual players²- might have a chance to find a group ? Or is the recruitement pretty narrow and hardcore oriented ? ²By casual I mean that we connect often, but not on a daily basis. ps: thanks for the answer :)