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  1. Carbine Studios and the Status of WildStar

    Bosshunter challenge haha. who cares...the game is ded anyway. no need to farm stupid matrix
  2. WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Shuts(ing) Down

    This broke my heart. Couldnt believe the news when i saw them first :( Wildstar is the best MMO on the market. Had so much fun while doing housing, awesome dungeons and even more awesome raids with even more awesome ppl. Its a shame that Carbine+ NCSOFT werent even able to communicate with us anymore in the end. Like they dont care anymore. Thanks to the passionate and wonderful community for keeping the game alive as long as possible while the devs let us die. Thought that would never happen, but actually i will miss some Nexians :´( (greets to Jabbit q.q ) . Ty for a great time! I´ll never find a new home planet like nexus :´(. Time to go for me. See you on the other side o/
  3. Level Up Simulator (Toy)

    nothing will happen in this game anymore. no updates no content no toys. just redesign the same *cupcake* over and over again
  4. Last Light - My personal little Arcterra

    awesome plot mate! love the idea of a greenhouse. :))
  5. Star-Comm Station Wire: April Edition

    return, return, return. Bring something new :-(
  6. Could we please have another double prestige weekend event?

    Ye! please make it happen! Double prestige weekends are the only chance to get in several bgs a day. Would love it :))
  7. Returning Wildstar Player looking for Warrior Raid DPS Build/Guide.

    pick "lui aura" / here is a guide how to configurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2rCJHP_zRE
  8. pop

    The first thing they should change is the Primal Matrix in Battlegrounds. They should just turn it of in instanced PvP. Even if a new player want to Start with PvP it is very hard to bind them for long. Cause it takes month to get a decent Primal Matrix. In the days before you are just onhitted wich is very frustrating. Nobody new will play it for long wich leads to long queuing times wich stops the motivation for PvP ofc.Today there is just a small hard core who queues for Bg everytime. Nobody wants to wait hours for a BG pop cause it seems to be senseless to be queued. Isnt it possible to make a server across queue (like one queue for EU and NA server together)? Maybe it would increase the queuing time? Even the stop of the primal matrix would be effective. Im sure! Atm it takes weeks to get all the PvP gear. Even when you do the daily quests. Another idea would be like a open world PvP area, where players are PvP flagged automatically and can do more PvP quests or battles to get the gear faster or to gain other rewards. Ppl who want to fight just come there...without long waiting times. On a PvE server it is very rare to have the chance for PvP fight. I love open world PvP... Btw I love hanging around and exploring Thayd, smashing some heads, as a dommie. But the Guards just ruin it. Why do they have 51m Hp and onehit you when youre just in their range. Its not possible to provocate some fights there. Thats lame! Nerf them pls. Just make the game a bit more PvP friendly for the ppl who really love it, man :) Ppl are still interested in PvP...there are even circles and everything for it. It just needs a little push! Just some thoughts which may never get a hearing. :´( Greets
  9. danke schön,

    Wird in Sachen PvP noch jemals etwas passieren?! Ich habe richtig Bock auf Battlegrounds und Arena..nur leider gehen kaum welche/garkeine auf, was ich aber in anbetracht der aktuellen Lage im PvP verstehen kann. Warum wird nicht erst einmal die Primal Matrix für instanziertes PvP deaktiviert, um wenigstens ein bisschen Balance zu schaffen? Niemand hat den Nerv sich Monatelang in der Primal Matrix hochzufarmen, nur um ansatzweise eine Chance im BG zu haben. Kein wunder das es schwierig ist (gerade neue) Leute ans PvP zu binden...das kann ja gar nicht klappen. Es dauert Monate bis man etwas im Bg reissen kann. Vorher ist man nur Kanonenfutter und frustriert! Warum kommt keine neue Season, um Anreize zu schaffen? Ist es nicht möglich die queues vom EU und NA Server zusammen zulegen, um wenigstens die Wartezeiten zu verkürzen? Also serverübergreifendes BG?! Fragen über Fragen tun sich auf :D Uuuund meine letze Frage : Warum zur Hölle haben die Wachen in der Hauptstadt 51m Hp und onehitten mich, wenn ich ihnen auch nur einen Schritt zu nahe komme?! Wenn kein BG aufgeht, mach ich halt open PVP und spalte ein paar Schädel! Ich hänge gerne in Thayd ab...aber die Wachen versauen mir den Trip! Nerf pls! Es wäre schön, wenn die Leute die Lust auf PvP haben auch die Möglichkeit dazu haben/bekommen :(