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  1. Account locked, need help

    thanks for reply copy of your DL ?
  2. Hello, I returned to WildStar after few years and now I cannot login in game any more because I need to resynch the authenticator and I got a new mobile. Also on my old account (exotrax) some how I cannot post on forums. I e-mailed 3 times NCSOFT support but still no answer. Any one can assist me please so I can get back my old account ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, Have returned to WS after a few years of break and now I cannot login anymore. Basically I have 2-step authentication with Google authenticator , but I also changed mobile in these two years so I'm unable to get the code to login. I also cannot remove the 2-step authentication because my authenticator is not synched any longer. I sent an e-mail to NCSOFT 2 days ago but I haven't received any answer yet. Any one can help me ? Thank you in advance. eXo