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  1. Wildstar Lore: The End

    Thanks for getting it arranged, highly appreciated :). Even though a sort of open ending may arise new question, I think it suits really well in this case. Nice closure of the story I participated in over the past years with much joy. Looks like we have been fooled by the Eldan all along. This leaves one important thing unclear though: It was implied that Nazrek was helped by Omechron to fiddle with the device setting, but seeing Omechron actually helps the players this seems unlikely now. So what is the reason Nazrek did screw up, resulting in the emerge of the Strain? A planned action by the higher up Eldans to test the weapon (Drusera)? Thanks to everyone involved, I had a great time!
  2. [News] WildStar Signing Off November 28

    Around what time of day / hour will the final few hours event take place on the 28th? Kinda need to know whether to take some time off work to be there if needed.
  3. Poster

    Poster of my character I made to keep as memory of the game. The camera of my phone ain't that great so it looks somewhat blurry, but the real thing is really clean (30x45cm). Made in Datascape (Earthen Biomes) by flipping monitor to portrait mode, increasing FOV and then later blend in the WildStar logo on top.
  4. Datacubes

    I made a video with all datacube audio records for the people who are interested in the lore, maybe even after the game already closed. They are placed in chronological order (for how far that was possible) and are accompanied with a nice screenshot of the respective zone. Credits to Roselin for collecting all audio and ordering them. Enjoy!
  5. Wildstar Lore: The End

    Thanks for the response! I hope something can be arranged.
  6. Wildstar Lore: The End

    I've always been a big fan of the lore in this game. I listened to every datacube and even looked up the fate of all the Eldans mentioned in the lore. I always had the thought of asking a Carbine Studios employee how the lore would continue/end, as we didn't get (m)any updates anymore. I somehow always withhold myself from doing that, as I still had some hope left and guessed this wouldn't be provided. Now that the game is shutting down, I think the time has come to ask this question for real. @Sunshine, I know the progress of the lore might be a company "secret", but seeing it will have no use anymore: is there anyone from Carbine Studios who can tell us how the lore was going to progress; or when there were no concrete plans yet at least share some ideas or concepts? We know that Omechron (Primeval of Logic) provided Jariel with the blueprints of the Protoplasmatic Resonator. Omechron also helped Nazrek to fiddle with the device settings, which resulted in the creation of the Entity. This leaves a few questions though: * How was Omechron able to create such a device, while the allknowing Eldan weren't able? Due to the huge amount of Logic power? * Why did Omechron help Nazrek fiddle with the settings? Did he trick Nazrek by saying with these settings he would become almighty rather than being part of the six? Why would Omechron want to create something like the Entity, something that could destroy the universe? * What is the hint with the Torine Relic in the unmarked room in Omnicore-1, which is accessed using the Progenitor Override from Vault of the Archon? I know some concepts exists, as I found a concept art of Worldstory Episode 3 some months ago (see below). I hope someone is willing to share this information. I would really appreciate it and it would allow me to the close the chapter of playing this game I loved so much in a nice way. Concept art: For people interested where the Eldans can be found on Nexus: Jariel (The Archon) - Genesis Prime Ohmna (Progenitor) - Dreadphage Ohmna (Final boss Genetic Archives raid) Nazrek (Progenitor) - Genesis Prime Nuriam (Progenitor) - Vitara, Primeval of Life Vorion (Maker) - Vorion the Corrupter (Phagelab in Western Grimvault) Zarkonis (Maker) - Genesis Prime Xarophet (Maker) - Xarophet the Executioner (Drusera lore dungeon) Koral (Shaper) - Koral the Defiler (Black Focus in The Defile) Ionis (Watcher) - Genesis Prime Elyona (Evoker) - Elyona the Mad (Nursery in Blighthaven) Yuria (Evoker) - Hydris, Primeval of Water Bathior (Evoker) - Genesis Prime Aviel (Weaver) - Genesis Prime
  7. [Suggestion] Sword Model

    During the Supermall in the Sky dungeon you can encounter the Slicing Prices store. In this store you can find dozens of swords and daggers displayed. The majority are items commonly found in the game, but there are also some more interesting models. For example, as far as I know, this sword model is not in the game. It is not visible in a screenshot, but it has a really nice animation with the floating shards. If you want to check it out, its during the Slicing Prices (or something closely named to that) event on the top left floor. There is also a purple colored project legacy sword, but for the sake of its rarity I leave that out. So my suggestion is to add this model to the game! I mean, the model is there already so I guess it shouldn't be too much work and it is a bit of a shame that such cool model is only visible for like 1.5-2 weeks every year. It could be added to the store, or - to keep it more exclusively - added to some hidden quest like the Lifty mount.
  8. Pinky Mug

    Actually the first draft version used to have set bonuses, but due to the limited height/width ratio on the mug I had to strip them or all text became unreadable.
  9. Pinky Mug

    Little project I finished a while ago, which I forgot to post here. Augmented coffee taste is guaranteed!
  10. Communities - Decor Dislocated

    When I move my house to a community plot a couple dozen of decor objects are moved in the Y axis. There doesn't seem to be a specific pattern on what gets moved, but it is consistent over different attempts and it also tends to focus on one specific area in my house. Moving my house back to its own plot fixes the issue. Placing my house on different positions in the community doesn't change the outcome. On own housing plot: https://s26.postimg.org/mgcyyw9u1/20170907211959_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/qgk4b50ax/20170907211953_1.jpg When placed in community: https://s26.postimg.org/iy0z2i8y1/20170907211705_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/x9kh7er49/20170907211700_1.jpg When I "fix" the placement in the community and then move my house back to its own plot it actually will be broken as well because the Y values are changed, so fixing it by hand ain't an option (and its too much to fix by hand in the first place).
  11. Wildstar Theme On Floppy Drives

    As some sort of hobby project I build musical floppy drives. This time my little army is playing the Wildstar theme, which I wanted to share! > You can watch the video here < It is not 100% accurate and some small parts are skipped, but this is due to limitations on the hardware. Still happy with the result nonetheless. If you have any question about this feel free to ask or poke me in game (Larcer Etaron, Jabbit EU). Huge thanks to Jeff Kurtenacker for providing me the music files to make this all possible.