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  1. In-depth DPS Warrior guide (Drop 9?) - P1GA

    Answering both your questions, I've tested 160 gloves from STL (Crit + CSev) with 3/3 Basher and Barrage to maximize the amount of stats I could possibly get and it ended up being a DPS loss, and since warriors don't have a source of Assault Power % scaling, the gloves fall way behind. The smash proc and the amount of stats we can get from eldans are better for now. MH is not a good stat on warriors because we don't count with any MH Sev bonuses and forcing it runing Basher + Barrage would only make it worse. Power Hitter gives way too much crit sev to ignore the fact that we have to rune crit hit at all costs to make good use of it since we don't get any crit hit bonuses in combat unless you run T4 AB. Crit hit and/or crit sev are the best stats to rune for and that's not going to change (for now). Rebreather is good for bursty openers but it's still very dependant on RNG, it also falls behind on long fights compared to Mega Charge/Handbook/DIY.
  2. In-depth DPS Warrior guide (Drop 9?) - P1GA

    1. I'm currently wearing these since I mostly raid P1GA which allows me to drop any strikethrough I could possibly get, if you're raiding DS/RMT you can adjust your accessories to your liking to get the strikethrough % goal. Miscreant Gene Resequencer (P1GA, Fetid Miscreation) Breeze-Bound Coagulator (STL, Arcanist) Phageblasted Lens Focuser (P1GA, X-89) 2. You need 11.277... (rounded to 11.28%) for Ohmna, and yes, if you're not having issues with strikethrough you can run whatever crit sev rune you need in your shoulders.
  3. Can confirm it works. Thank you.
  4. Kasted Bloodlust - Do Not Panic | In-depth Tank Warrior guide This guide, as well as my DPS warrior guide, is not an introduction to the basics of warrior tanking. Everything you’re going to read in this guide is related to tank gameplay with the RMT rune set. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— RIVE AND BOLSTERING STRIKES ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive and Bolstering Strikes are both very different skills and also situational. Rive is more about threat and rotation fluency, while Bolstering Strikes focus on a static amount of threat generation and passive shield regeneration. When do I use Rive or Bolstering Strikes? Like I said above, Rive is all about threat. If your dungeon group/raid comp has very good players on DPS classes that can give you some trouble (like espers and warriors), you use Rive. If you’re not having any issues with threat or if your healers are not good, you use Bolstering Strikes. Rive will contribute to a more fluid rotation, increasing your Menacing Strikes and Atomic Spear casts per second which translates into a faster threat generation due to the quick building of Captain’s Revenge stacks. Rive is also way superior to Bolstering Strikes in terms of single threat generation, regardless of the RNG factor. Bolstering Strikes won’t get you a huge lead in threat during the fight like Rive, but it’s a much safer skill to use due to the shield regeneration and the synergy it offers with the AMP “Fortify”. Although, you won’t see this skill being used by the top tanks because warrior defensive capabilities are more than enough to cover the loss of the passive shield regeneration. Personally, I only find this skill being useful on a single fight, and that’s P1 Phage Maw. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BUILDS (LAS and AMPs) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive AMPs: Rive LAS: As you can see, I’m not using the AMP “Health Sponge” since warriors don’t really need the extra HP. The rest of the AMPs are pretty standard. As for LAS, it may or may not surprise you seeing Augmented Blade on my bar. I’ll explain the use of this ability later into the guide. Note: it’s not being shown in the picture, but I’m taking Tier 5 AB. You also count with 2 free slots to bring whatever you need. -- Bolstering Strikes AMPs: Bolstering Strikes LAS: LAS and AMPs are quite similar to Rive except that you take off “Power Hitter” to unlock Bolstering Strikes and 2 armor pierce AMPs. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ROTATIONS? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Not really, unless you’re running Bolstering Strikes. If so, you want to open this way: MS (first swing) → Atomic Spear (MS second swing) → MS x1 → Bolstering Strikes After that, you use everything off cooldown. Doing this will ensure that Atomic Spear doesn’t come off cooldown while you’re casting Bolstering Strikes, if that happens, it will result into a cast count loss. -- Rive has no unique rotation except during the opener where you don’t want to cast it before you intimidate. You want to build as many Captain’s Revenge stacks as possible by spamming Menacing Strikes and Atomic Spear before intimidating, doing this will ensure that you get the best lead of stacks possible before fighting for threat after the intimidate ends. As soon as it ends, you can pop your innate + gadget at the same time and continue with the rotation. Most of the time you’ll end up with a Rive autocrit being available after intimidating which allows you to get the most threat possible from it. After that, as soon as you get a Rive reset, you immediatly cast it. Atomic Spear has no GCD (global cooldown) which means you can cast any ability you want then cast Atomic Spear on top of it. If you happen to get a Rive reset when Atomic Spear is off cooldown, cast Rive first then immediatly cast Atomic Spear on top of it to achieve the most efficiency during the rotation. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— CAPTAIN’S REVENGE STACKS MANAGEMENT ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Warrior threat is very weak at the beginning but strong after the first 25 seconds. If you transition from fight to fight, like in dungeons, you’re not going to have all your cooldowns like in the first pull to generate a safe amount of threat so the adds don’t get to devour your esper or warrior. An easy way to fix this is to manage your Captain’s Revenge stacks that you gain from casting Atomic Spear: Let’s say that your group just got into an STL and you’re going for a gold medal run, your group is going to kill almost every add in the dungeon. You pop your innate and gadget for the first pack but you have nothing for the second pack. You notice a safe lead of threat thanks to your cooldowns on the first pack, right here you want to stop casting Atomic Spear at around 3 stacks unless the buff timer is about to end so you’re able to keep your stacks up for the next set of adds, having 3 or 4 stacks while pulling the next pack will be enough to not lose threat to your DPS since the buff will persist out of combat. Another good example on how this management can benefit your threat a lot is pulling the first boss in STL with 3+ stacks up. This fight is not tank-friendly at the beginning since there are 2+ MoOs where your DPS will generate an unexpected amount of threat meaning they can murder your threat lead even after you’ve intimidated. You want to cast Atomic Spear right after the final add dies so you have 20s to recast it when pulling the boss, this also depends on your group; if they take way too long to pull the boss, it’s over. This might seem confusing at first or you might fail to manage your stacks sometimes, but after doing it a couple times you’ll get down the perfect timings on when to execute this. Developing these small habits will save your group from many wipes in the future. Note: there’s an aura for this at the end of the guide. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— STATS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— You want a combination of glance, multi-hit and crit sev. Warriors don’t need to be capped on glance, even if it makes a great synergy with 8/8 Vanguard, you’d be wasting a lot of potential stats that you need for threat and you’ll be noticing it whenever you have to fight for threat against a very good esper or warrior. Any glance percentage above 50 is completely fine. I personally stay around 60% and 65% (swapping a single accessory) and that’s more than enough: not too low, not too high. Whenever you need to mitigate a round of strong damage spikes but you feel uncomfortable knowing that you won’t be glancing all of those hits, all you have to do is pop Plasma Wall and you’ll be fine (i.e. destruction protocol on Prototypes, Ohmna’s body slam, etc.) Multi hit is a very cheap stat and also quite effective on every tank. Basically, it’s more threat at a very low cost. As a warrior, you want to stay between 20% and 25% out of combat. As for crit sev, you only want to get it from accessories: Antiseptic Reservoir (drops from Ondu in SSM) and Overlord’s Putrid Dice (drops from Skash, also in SSM) will give you around 9% crit sev plus some crit hit and multi hit. You can also rune for 3/3 Ruination which offers 13% crit sev, but that’s completely optional. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— AUGMENTED BLADE AS A TANK ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This is by far the best assault ability for passive threat generation due to 2 reasons: quicker threat (damage increase also transfers into threat generation) and Burning Rage proc rate (KE drain is constant and that will proc the 4/8 special all the time). Managing AB as a tank is not too hard but also not too easy, it depends on which ability you’re using. Rive is very forgiving since it’s only a 0.45s cast, you’ll be returning to the MS + Spear spam in no time to keep your KE up. Bolstering Strikes is a lot more difficult since the triple cast pauses your KE generation for a while which means you don’t want to have a lot of stacks while casting it. If you’re not familiarized with running AB as a tank, I recommend you to practice the management on a dummy before using it right away. A bad management during combat will result on a loss of 2 important AMPs (Kinetic Buffer and Full Defense) and you might not be able to cast Bolstering Strikes until you get out of the KE heavy drain. Holding between 5-8 stacks should make it easier during practice, and of course, make sure AB is turned on while casting Rive/BS/Spear. Also, remember that warrior has a strange KE drain property where the drain becomes slower after some time, then it goes back to normal, then it slows again, and so on. Keeping track of this will make the management as a tank a lot easier. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— POWER LINK ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rive AMPs: Rive LAS: Bolstering Strikes AMPs: Bolstering Strikes LAS: Power Link is useful when you have a second tank in the raid to do all the threat while you off-tank running a buff so DPS warriors don’t have to do it until both of you have to tank separate bosses, if so, you swap to AB. Fights like Genetic Monstrosity and X-89 are very good examples on how this build can benefit your raid a lot. You run T8 Power Link plus T8 Plasma Blast and let the other tank do all the threat, while you soft taunt all the raid-wide damage casts (noxious belch, shattering shockwave, etc.) and keep PL up all the time. On fights like Star Eater, if you don’t have issues with threat you can also run PL to have your innate off cooldown everytime he casts hookshot. For P1GA, you can run PL on these fights: Genetic Monstrosity X-89 Kuralak Fetid Miscreation Guardians Phage Maw (threat is not a problem, and the innate reset helps a lot) Malfunctioning Dynamo, Piston and Gear Ohmna (if you are the 3rd tank) Needless to say that you should always carry T8 PL to dungeons. If you’re going to run T7 or lower, simply don’t run it at all… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— GEAR, RUNES AND AURAS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This is what my gear and runes look like (August 13, 2018). The fusion runes I’m using right now are for Rive. If you run Bolstering Strikes, swap Deadly Blows with Impervious and Flurry with Mountain, although you can run Mountain on any build regardless. Ruthless and Foil are optional runes, if you want more glance you swap them for a 1p Gleaming rune. Ruination 3/3 is also optional, if you decide to not run any of these runes, the correct way to get the most glance possible from a 3-slot piece of gear is: 1p Gleaming + 3/6 Provoker (2p major, 1p minor). Sword: Kuralak Helm: SSM, Deadringer Shoulders: STL, Overseer Chest: SSM, Frog Gloves: STL, Arcanist Pants: SSM, Life-Weaver Guardian Boots: SSM, Deathbringer As for shield and gadget, you want to use supercharged at all times to build Fury and Enrage stacks faster (plus you’ll keep refreshing them during boss downtimes) unless there’s a fight which has a constant source of damage like Tiny’s AoE, in that case, you can use a crit shield, preferably the RMT’s crit shield for the 25% mitigation. The Space Madness/P1GA vigor gadget is the best option for threat if you pop it after intimidating (or at any point in the fight) when you have a Rive reset available. These are the auras you need for warrior tanking: https://pastebin.com/SnRD2Ey7 Taunt auras are needed to not overwrite your soft taunts while another tank has theirs active. LUIAura has pre-made auras which can be imported anytime by clicking on the gear icon at the top right. Captain’s Revenge will be displayed out of combat, and the Rive aura will help you to know when it’s available, sometimes you’ll miss it and waste a Rive cast if the next cast of Menacing Strikes resets it again, so it’s very important to keep track of this. You don’t really need the aura if you're used to listening to the reset’s sound effect.
  5. Kasted Bloodlust - Do Not Panic | In-depth DPS Warrior guide This is not an introduction to the class, this guide will show you in-depth explanations of different aspects such as playstyles, builds and stat optimization. Sorry in advance for those who are looking for a fresh level 50 guide. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— THE ROTATION ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This will give you the maximum damage output (credits to Seres A.K.A. Rerolling Intensifies): Opener >>> Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor + Breaching Strikes → Tremor → Smackdown → Atomic Slash → Rampage → Innate Innate >>> Repeat the opener >>> Repeat Repeat >>> Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor + Breaching Strikes → Smackdown → Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor → Repeat Pre-Innate (situational) >>> Atomic Slash → Rampage → Innate → Repeat You probably know the rotation already, but I want to make sure you're doing it the way it's supposed to be done. If you are still using Savage Strike and if you really want to get better at this class, please take your time to master this rotation before continuing with the guide. Also, don’t even waste your time opening with Atomic Slash → Smackdown... To check if you're doing well, these are the swing rates you should be achieving in 3 minutes: Rampage: 1.12/s Atomic Slash: 0.28/s Tremor: 0.26/s Smackdown: 0.14/s Breaching Strikes: 0.28/s Rampage and Tremor swings can vary depending on what you're doing, if you play around with the T4 Smackdown reset you can cast a double Tremor after using innate and that will result in a gain of Tremor swings and a minor loss of Rampage swings over time. I prefer to execute this at a certain point where I find myself in trouble with high AB stacks while my innate is about to end. If you cast a double Tremor, that means your Atomic Slash will land right after innate ends and that will put you back at full KE. Doing this will also apply an extra stack of Aftershock and reduce the cooldown of your innate by an extra 2s to get it back faster, which is not a huge difference of damage if you decide to not do it all the time. There’s also another variable that you can use in certain situations which is popping innate after casting Smackdown, it will look like this: Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor + Breaching Strikes → Smackdown → Innate Basically, you will be skipping the “pre-innate” ability order and this is why I listed it as “situational”, for example, the first MoO on Fetid Miscreation will happen around the end of a Tremor or Smackdown (depends on how fast your raid interrupts the cast), in that case, you can just end the “repeat” rotation and pop your innate immediatly after casting Smackdown to have full uptime on your innate during the MoO. The more you practice the rotation, the faster you'll execute it. Warrior is all about speed. If you practice hard enough you can reach a constant 1.14 swings per second on Rampage. If you suffer a lot from housing lag spikes like me, you might not reach your full speed during the rotation, in which case I recommend you to practice the execution speed at the capital dummy for cast counts to be more accurate. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— STATS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— These stats will give you the maximum DPS output if you have the Space Madness/P1GA vigor gadget: 38% Crit Hit 240% Crit Sev 30% Multi Hit 10% Vigor If your itemization/runing is around RMT level (no ruthless runes, no 155+ gear) you can lower your multi-hit down to 20% to get more crit hit, you can also drop some crit sev for more crit hit if needed, in this case, priority would be Crit > CSev > MH. The stats listed above are just an example of how they should look like at P1GA, they don’t need to be perfect. RMT example: 36% Crit Hit 225% Crit Sev 20% Multi Hit 12% Vigor Other gadgets like Mega Charge and Darkspeaker’s Handbook also work great for warriors but that requires you to swap your stats to low crit and high vigor, this will help to stabilize your damage output making it more “constant”, but you won’t be able to reach top peak dps, it’s much better to spend some time farming the vigor gadget from Space Madness. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BUILD (LAS and AMPs) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— AMPs: LAS: Assuming full matrix. T8 Tremor gives better results than T4 Aug. Blade or T8 Smackdown. The extra point goes into Smackdown. AMPs are quite the same in every case except that you can take Cheap Shot if the boss fight has a decent amount of MoOs, but it’s very rare to see a damage increase from it. Laceration can do more than 4% crit sev if full uptime on boss ONLY if your crit hit is low, it’s not an excessive amount of DPS gain but you can get somewhat around 400. In this case you can drop 2 crit sev AMPs and take the other 2 remaining points to run it along with Bloodlust. As you can see, you also count with 2 free slots where you can pick whatever you need depending on the fight. Pay a lot of attention to which skills you need, especially in P1GA where you have to take Defense Grid 90% of the time. Personally, I recommend to stop bringing Leap to fights where movement/opening aren’t as important as taking an interrupt, CC break or Defense Grid, even if you’re doing gens on Ohmna, movement abilities aren’t needed. Your low-CD interrupts and one of the best defensive abilities in the game are way more important for your raid. However, Savage Strike is useful for fights with “quick downtimes” since you can cast it to reduce the innate cooldown by 2s, also works to boost your opener (only bring it if you don’t need more than 1 utility). ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— AUGMENTED BLADE STACKS MANAGEMENT ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— If you’ve recently swapped from Savage Strike to the 6 button rotation you might be experiencing a hard time managing AB stacks since T8 Smackdown and the Savage Strike KE gain aren’t there anymore. It’s important for you to realize that AB stacks are managed in different ways regarding some factors: - Where you are in the rotation, this meaning if you can raise up 2 or 3 more stacks or if you have to turn it off - If your innate is becoming available soon - If keelhaul proc'd and what’s the duration at that precise moment If you're not experienced enough at managing AB you'll find yourself exceeding the amount of stacks without having a backup (such as a lucky keelhaul proc or your innate being available), in that case, you’ll be dropping a lot of KE, going below 500 way too fast. An easy way to fix this is to keep the range of AB stacks between 9 and 12 before your second innate, and holding 10-14 after popping it. If you happen to exceed the amount by a lot you can turn AB off during Tremor, Breaching Strikes, Smackdown and Atomic Slash, DON’T turn it off during Rampage, that'll be a good way to recover the balance of the KE drain and regain the DPS you've lost. This should NEVER happen to you or else you’ll be constantly losing DPS during the fight. Keelhaul procs can help you stay around 12 to 15 stacks, but don't forget to pay attention to the keelhaul duration so you know when to start dropping them, this can also vary in situations where your innate could be up soon, since you can go up to 17+ during your innate and start dropping stacks at around 6 seconds after popping it so you don’t get punished by the KE drain after innate ends. In the end, we all have our different methods to manage AB and feel comfortable about it, right? the numbers I listed above are just an example of what has been working the best for me. If you are a warrior main, you’ll slowly begin to realize that keeping high AB stacks isn’t always a smart thing to do in certain situations. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— PARSING ON THE DUMMY & RESULTS COMPARISON ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— If you want to start parsing and compare your old stats/builds to new ones or if you just want to see what your damage is at, the correct way to get the most accurate results as a warrior is parsing around 10 times on every case. Sadly, warrior is still an RNG based class due to keelhaul procs affecting our damage timings a lot, so you want to be persistent to not fool yourself into fake numbers. Parses have to be at least 3 minutes long. Always save your results to look at them when you’re done parsing, which means keeping track of Rampage, Tremor, Atomic Slash and Smackdown so you can compare those crit and multi-hit rates to other parses and see if you got lucky or not. I also recommend using food + boost when parsing. Once you have the 20 results from comparing build A to build B, simply sum all the parses from build A and divide it by 10, that way you’ll get the average DPS from it, do the same with build B and compare. IMPORTANT: remember to swap from Bloodlust to Laceration if you’re parsing, you don’t need to reach the execution range on the dummy since Laceration is still pretty close to Bloodlust. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— POWER LINK ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— One of the easiest rotations in the game, exactly the same as the 7 button rotation. Opener >>> Savage Strike → Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor + Breaching Strikes → Smackdown → Atomic Slash → Innate → Repeat Repeat >>> Atomic Slash → Rampage → Tremor + Breaching Strikes → Smackdown → Atomic Slash → Rampage → Savage Strike → Repeat Pre-Innate >>> Smackdown → Innate → Repeat Doing pre-innate will give you the most innate uptime due to the innate cooldown reduction from T4 Power Link, casting Atomic Slash and Rampage before innate will just waste those seconds. AMPs: LAS: Assuming full matrix. As the warrior running Power Link, the raid won’t be expecting lots of DPS from you, i.e. you can drop T4/T5 Smackdown to run T4 Kick if needed. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— GEAR, RUNES AND AURAS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— This is what my gear and runes look like (August 11, 2018). Note: crit hit and armor pierce are miscalculated, my current percentages are 38.64% and 7.63% Sword: X-89 Helm: P1GA Imprint Shoulders: Tugga Chest: CBC, Gatecrasher Gloves: Eldan Gauntlets Pants: SSM, Ondu Boots: Phage Maw And these are the fundamental auras you need in order to play warrior properly, you can modify them to your liking: https://pastebin.com/aQidY22r ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ANYTHING ELSE? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Now it’s time to get better at warrior, but what to do first? 1. LEARN MECHANICS 2. Practice your rotation 3. Practice your AB management 4. Swap to optimal stats -- As I clarified at the beginning of the guide, sorry for those who are looking for a pre-RMT warrior guide. I started playing WildStar after RMT and the Primal Matrix got released so I skipped most of the pre-RMT set warrior gameplay. If you’re interested in knowing how I play, the abilities I run on some fights, how I execute my rotation, etc., you can browse my profile at https://www.wildstarlogs.com/ and analyze everything you need to know, I do all the raids weekly except P0GA. Since the new forums won’t let me edit this post after a while, I’ll do major updates to this guide directly as a reply to this topic. I might also post a warrior tank guide soon.
  6. About fixing Engineer DPS to other classes level

    Can you link a log showing that engis can do 72k? or a picture of a legit 3 minute+ parse on a dummy? I'm curious.
  7. This whole topic shows that WildStar is the right game with the wrong development team.