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  1. Grassroots - Social/Raiding Guild

    One more bump for the road, we're still active folks! We did drop the Wednesday raids due to low signups. We now raid on Thursday, Sunday, Monday. Our main focus is Redmoon. Classes needed.. Well it varies, everyone is welcome but I think we're especially welcoming of engineers and warriors.
  2. Grassroots - Social/Raiding Guild

    Bump it up ^^ I thought there was a fitting song but apparently it's "pump" and not "bump"... Oh well, here goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-IhCLuvP9E
  3. Grassroots - Social/Raiding Guild

    Currently accepting all classes, we're a little light on Medics (healers). No change, where'd all the medic healers go? :huh: