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  1. The Myth of Critical Mitigation

    We used the command /eval Print(GameLib.GetTargetUnit():GetCritSeverity().nAmount)
  2. Warning for all Guild Masters

    They can also use their alts with vote permissions to get more votes in their favor. I abuse this on a regular basis to troll my guild leader but not let any vote that's not for his alt or me (to do other trolly things to him before promoting one of his alts) Re:the warning: There is a one week cooldown after a gvote, successful or not, so don't think you're in the clear just because you shot down one vote. It can also be used on circles with the command /cvote [c1-c5] [yes|no|<player name>]
  3. The problem is that the Heart of the Claw is only obtainable as the 3-slot version, and it can be sold on the auction house, but the auction house doesn't know how to handle an eldan prime version of the item. It's the only bind-on-equip item that exists as eldan prime, which is clearly an oversight by Carbine.
  4. As the engi tank you're thinking of, I need PDU if I don't have a healer still, unless it's two-healing Primementors, in which case I can just have Feedback's 54% mitigation up for minimum every other attack. For other fights where I'm without a healer, I'm usually using a heavy mitigation spec that usually involves T8 PDU.
  5. For Entity raiding groups, there's Do Not Panic, Phobos, and Ascent raiding p1GA, Succless, Unreal, Alura, and Nostalgia working on RMT, and The Final Frontier, Legacy, Death Blossom in Datascape. They all have different raiding cultures and different personalities, and those can and do change over time. Don't be afraid to sniff around each of the groups and see if there's one you like. I'd particularly suggest talking to Laywing Dammit of Legacy, Epsilon Fairbreeze of The Final Frontier, Calvernus Kemp or Roda Starsoul of Death Blossom, or Big Geo of Nostalgia.
  6. Stalker or Warrior tank for raids?

    And if you ever want to come be a real tank, I've got two RMT-geared engi tanks and one post-RMT geared engi tank, so I know a couple things about the class.
  7. The ilvl 52 bug is something they've said elsewhere they're working on fixing, likely due to it being tied to open world lockboxes giving similarly poor rewards, which impacts key sales. Gotta keep selling those keys, after all.
  8. Stalker or Warrior tank for raids?

    The top guilds on NA all use at least one stalker tank, Phobos runs two. It brings two necessary raid buffs, but as keyvis said, it's kinda squishy in comparison. If you're new, please don't go in with the expectation that you're going to tank right away. You will almost definitely be expected to DPS at first until you get good tank gear and learn the fights.
  9. Level 52 GA tokens

    I turned in several Xenogenetic Imprints (heavy tokens from GA) that dropped before the Primal Matrix was released, and they came back as level 52 gear. When I sold that gear back, as players regularly do to get better rune slots, I got a level 52 Xenogenetic Imprint instead of the expected level 100.
  10. High prime dungeon feedback

    Gets engi DPS weapon, shoulder, weapon attachment, support system, and boots, plus a gadget.
  11. High prime dungeon feedback

    re: KV, not every healer is Kattle, most of them probably can't handle the midphase dot at p13 alone. The fight's perfectly doable with tank+2heals+2dps though. re: Skash, the best solution I've seen is all five stand in a circle/pentagram around him as the midphase starts and each eat their own orb. Stalkers can go green stance to lifesteal off their adds while tank grabs all the other adds. D-Grid is helpful as well. I've killed it that way at p13 twice, the first time with Kattle healing and I think a medic healer the second time. Both times I was the (engi) tank.
  12. Noob-Friendly Spellslinger Build

    Sorry, ongoing thing in the NA RMT pug, I was the tank and he was the slinger healer. His defense for that was that he timed his Gate so he'd be out at the last second and was "testing" us or something. Just using your line about it being stupid to troll the raid on that, especially when it kills interest in actually doing that pug.
  13. Noob-Friendly Spellslinger Build

  14. Magnum Tracking

    It's something he cooked up himself, I think.
  15. So would you say the Gear is... malfunctioning?