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  1. Sorry, the file you have requested has been deleted.
  2. Unknown Schematic (Technologist) BUGGED!!

    Also having this problem on Dominion toon. Did not have this problem at all on my Exile main Technologist. I also had scanbot deploy issues but there's a thread on removing one of your files to "reset" or fix this issue, which it thankfully did. I am wondering if there's a similar workaround for this crafting issue. I can't advance without being able to craft those two gadgets.
  3. My main character, lvl 50 Exile is a Stalker Scientist and have never had a problem with drone deployment. I recently thought i'd try a couple characters on Dominion side with Scientist option but despite making 3 characters, Stalker Scientist, Spellslinger Scientist, Warrior Scientist, none of them will deploy the scanbot? I press the icon to deploy but nothing happens. I've tried "G" and nothing happens. I've tried submitting in game bug tickets with no reply and I've even asked in "Advice" chat as well as other players that clearly have their Scanbots deployed. So what in the world am I doing wrong? It's driving me pretty batty because it should work but it isn't working and I'm not sure if I'm just overlooking something or that they are all three actually bugged and if they are bugged, two patches later, why hasn't it been fixed? Any help or hitting me upside the head with a cluebat would be appreciated. It's fairly frustrating having a scientist that can't do anything path related. Thanks!