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  1. Post your character's costume so far.

    YEAH! Starfall login pack! Also, your Mechari looks like an assasin. <3
  2. Credd vendor

    Wait three to five days for a message to your in game mailbox, which will either confirm a successful purchase of CREDD or it will refund your money if another player outbid you. If that is not the case, put in a support ticket. If you want to you can put in a support ticket now with the error message you got, and let the team know that you'll follow up after the time (3-4 days after the transaction) has passed. This has happened to me before. Where the transaction did not go through at all, but the game still 'ate' my plat, I was refunded by Support. Another time, the CREDD exchange message came to my in-game mailbox.
  3. Last Light - My personal little Arcterra

    Is that a black hole house entrance accented with a Chromium arch? Nice!
  4. Bank Slot purchase not working

    Hmm. There are a few things you can try. The first thing you can do is use ESC > Interface > Window > Reset All (at bottom-right corner). All GUI elements should re-position properly and will be movable. If the edges of the window are off screen and cannot be grabbed for moving, there should be an option for UI scaling - I think that is also in the Interface menu. Reduce the scaling until the edges of interaction windows are back on screen, then move them. You can also press Esc, select Interface, choose Positioning. While in the positioning section of the menu, you can scroll through and select what elements you wish to be able to move. You can even set specific behaviour such as do not move unless you Ctrl+Click. Once you set how windows can move you should be able to reduce accidental shifting. Hope this helps!
  5. Does anyone have a Madame Fay Casino fabkit?

    Just a heads up: The FABkit is back in rotation for Mme Fay's current rewards cycle, in case anyone is currently looking for it.
  6. where's pavaler point?

    Just adding to the above, doing the intro quest is necessary to unlock the daily quest at Palaver Point. Also if you are not sure how to get to DeadStar Ravine or Grimvoid Landing on foot to access the teleport terminals, just select the optional task in your tracker and press [F]. This should lead you to Ish'amel's dinghy, which will fly you to those locations.
  7. Avantages d'avoir acheté le jeu en 2014?

    Salut! Bienvenue! J'utilise un traducteur. J'espère que tu comprends. J'ai trouvé une liste d'articles: Édition Standard + Pré-Commande: Élément de décor de logement - Eldan Technology fusée est la maison Item de décor de logement - mini statue de bateau Sac à 10 fentes Titre de Précommande (Choisi des Progéniteurs) Enregistrement du personnage et de la guilde 2 semaines avant le lancement Accès à tous les week-ends bêta Codes d'essai de 7 jours pour les amis Accès Headstart 30 jours de récréation inclus Je ne sais pas si les codes sont toujours valables, mais je pense que Headstart signifie un accès immédiat à votre maison.
  8. Yes. Our housing is the best.
  9. o.O Fancy Pants Top Hat! IT! HAS! A! MONOCLE! wait... are costume pieces coming to the Housing event? Cool. Also, please let Hood of Devotion have ace dye channels!
  10. Post your character's costume so far.

    Tis a costume thread! No such thing as Necro /thumbsup
  11. Introducing The Xcom Raid

    Great to see more people coming together to set up PUG raids! The next generation of raiders starts with outreach like this. Thanks! Couple of things. Re: the site, you can update this section with 'Secret Ops' for Exiles. Personally, I think the RaidCore addon should be listed as mandatory. As you mentioned, it is really very helpful. Also, you should add a section for Comms. If you have a discord for example, you should list the join link, and if there is a dedicated channel specifically for XCOM raids, you can list that too. People who are not the raid lead don't need to talk if they'd rather not; but listening to raid calls is really great for reaction time during fights. GLHF
  12. Need a good melee build

    I don't esper, so hopefully an esper veteran will chime in eventually. Also, try asking in /nexus while in-game. Until then, I've theorycrafted this: Try Psychic Frenzy, Reap, Concentrated Blade as builders Haunt for debuff Crush for Interrupt [any self heal or maybe Pyrokinetic Flame for DoT (not sure if PK is a self heal or not)] Projected Spirit for movement (also a self heal) and Blade Dance as your spender. I don't think I should venture into AMPs. From what I hear, this will be fun for psyblade enthusiasts, as the animations for Concentrated and Dance use your psyblade model. Good luck! *I'm hoping this is okay, as I'm referencing an out of date talent builder for the above
  13. Wardrobe not account wide

    Hmm. That's irregular. Try the /reloadui chat command, and/or log out, exit client, and log back in. Maybe level up the warrior a bit and check again? I'm not sure if some costume items have a level requirement.
  14. While I am aware of all this, I shall remain in i70 Prestige blues. If that's a handicap, I'll wear it with pride. I sort of wish you hadn't detailed the BiS gear and runes, as such behaviour should not be encouraged.