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  1. Current state of PvP EU/NA

    Our PVP community is small, but strong! While Primal Matrix essence rewards are a main driver, many players still do it for fun. It's hit or miss, of course, but that is life. During the week try at essence reset time. Sometimes just getting one or two matches is a long wait; or you can have several matches within minutes of each other over the course of a few hours. Just like a match victory, there are no guarantees.
  2. A Fresh Start (Wildstar prog server)

    I have a few concerns with this idea. 1. Protogames - are you referring to Ultimate Protogames, or Academy? Academy replaced Stormtalon's Lair as the 'introduction to dungeons' instance due to the learning curve being...unfriendly. So to have that chronologically so late on the list of proposed content rollout... 2. This involves having 20-main raiding as it existed before The Primal Matrix. On live right now, Genetic Archives 5-slot token (pre-RMT) cannot coexist with GAP1 3 slot system. How will 5 slot token in GA be achieved on the 'fresh start' server if the team couldn't keep the separation on live? 3. If we're getting a do-over, the Primal Matrix implementation needs to be rethought and redone. The impact on PVP and PVE powercreep is more harmful than positive. If we can use this to find a workable long term solution for live implementation, great! 4. I'm not sure how viable this will be... Considering that we used to have multiple servers merged now into mega-servers (why are we adding more servers for a mirror of the game vs. more capacity for live) and in any case, server improvement for live is being focused on (see recent server upgrade) You can sort of get a 'fresh start' experience (albeit with Primal Matrix corruption) by rolling an alt The major complaints of late has been disappointment with recycling, and this idea is a wholesale all in of ...same. My interpretation of this whole thing is... fix what needs to be fixed. Give people nothing to complain about that is in our power to change. Preserve the foundation, maintain the solid core, and add the shiny 'n new where the opportunity knocks. We have a lot of good. Also, please, on live, let the cycles work as they should. Seasonal items like the summer costumes/mounts etc, Mme Fay, Boss Hunter and so on. Ya'll have it down for Renovation, which is one week per month. These other areas of the game have longer cycles! Also quick reminder about the hoverboard event (please and thanks!)
  3. When you zone into housing and you're standing on the ramp... Lake Tahoe
  4. stuck at wilderun

    I'm a little worried about Jabbithole. It's very useful for reference data, and it's pretty awesome. It's helped me out a bunch! But for a few days the site hasn't loaded for me, instead giving a message that the site is under maintenance. At first I thought that maybe the author/curator was coming back and doing updates, but none of the Jabbithole social media platforms has any indication of that being the case.
  5. Master Outfitter Bug

    Hi Team WIldStar! I humbly request a quick looksee into the Outfitter talent tree bug. I have specced points into basic material reduction three times (fully spec'd), but the material reduction only occurs once. Found another thread with same issue here. All assistance greatly appreciated! I've found the following referring to [Complexity Transducer]s Also, fellow crafting enthusiasts! I've never seen [Complexity Transducer] in game. Are they still obtainable? Unless/until the bug is fixed, I either have to find some, or I cannot progress at all, which is quite sad.
  6. Cant intereact with Agent Excavex!!

    You can do crafting dailies for every tier to earn crafting vouchers at every hub. The hub changes as you tier up, with Grimvault being Expert. I believe once you hit expert you can continue getting expert tier dailies from that crafting board, so you can continue to earn crafting vouchers that way. I'm not certain, but I believe what you are referring to is a bug, where you get the mail referring to the old crafting system's dailies. I'm not sure though.
  7. A.) Rep grind for decor : ) Housing wins all! \o/ B.) Fully on board for more decor from Adventures, and perhaps a rework of some of the 'exclusively from Adventures' armor skins. The few weapon skins I've seen are great, but the armor? Not so much. Either unique but unappealing, or alternatively available as drops elsewhere/can be crafted. Decor and costumes for Adventures please! C.) I respectfully disagree. I think that the purple time gate intends to slow progression in the hope that by the time we're done with filling out the Matrix there will be content ready for release where the bonus stats can truly shine/have real purpose (but that didn't work out so well) and that the essence exchange is prohibitively costly for the same reason (time gate), and has nothing to do with a money grab. There are better, more mutually beneficial ways to invest in financial support for the game. Your closing point is excellent. After you get to 50 and have the starter gear, you are in a position where you need better gear to farm contracts efficiently (which you want to do for cash to rune your gear with, so that you can improve your stats) but you don't want to be over-geared either, if you intend to do progression GA. Sure there's contracts, and Arcterra, for i90s (and there is a time gate on both of those, which is fine). But what about between 70 and 85? Perhaps adventures could drop gear in that ilevel range. Yes, lower prime Veteran Dungeons also have that level range (I assume), but alternate paths to progression are good. The gear doesn't even need to be Eldan Prime 3 slot gear; the legacy system with blues (and maybe purples) would be fine (especially as an alternative to Contract and Arcterra gear which use the legacy system. This is a good thing, by the way, please don't change that!)
  8. Wildstar's future?

    Pretty sure that the costumes are limited to character rigging (run/jump/sit animations severely limiting the use of skirts, and forcing the panels/flaps on jackets). Certain dye channel issues are also present, however the costumes we do have, plus the mix n match and dye system, can make for some awesome custom combos. Should new costumes be released, however, that would be most welcome.
  9. Hi and welcome! If I understand correctly, you are having issues with your mouse cursor? Try /reloadui first, and if that doesn't work, maybe try pressing esc and checking your mouselook options. If mouselook is active, your mouse cursor disappears. You can set up when it switches on e.g. only in combat, and I think you can toggle the setting on/off as well, but I'm not sure of the button. I think the toggle can use a custom preset, you just have to use esc > keybindings and scroll through to set that up.
  10. Star-Comm Station Wire: April Edition

    I'm really happy with/grateful for the fun stuff that came with that patch : ) My headspace at the time led to my thinking it would have avoided some of the negativity in this thread, but you're right. Patch notes etc. do have their own section! Let me just take another opportunity to say, that time and again, we have seen that Team WildStar delivers!
  11. Residental Renovation - Where is the Caretaker?

  12. KABOOM, BABY! The decor is in!
  13. Hey true believers! Rejoice! EXCELSIOR! As of last Wednesday, the decor is in!
  14. Episode Quest not continuing

    Hoping the previous post will assist others attempting quest completion.
  15. I really think the AH needs a Makeover

    I need to remember to put a screenshot in this thread. The numbers are right justified(?) and their getting cut off makes 'em nigh impossible to read easily.