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  1. Universal Crate

    I'd really love a universal crate. Or even the option to pay gold to remove items from crate back to character inventory, but the proposed crate to crate transfer of decor would be awesome. While not every zone has the option, I think to address this Carbine has Promissory Note exchangers for regional rep increases.
  2. Seriously mannequin fail

    Mannequins also used to be able to be scaled, but now they are one static size. I also happened to notice that the 'sheathed' weapon position does not seem to work. As for costume items that do not show on mannequins, I think that only started happening after Primal Matrix, but I'm not sure. I'll see if I can get some screenshots later to illustrate the issue.
  3. Invalid Transfer Destination - Housing Recall Error

    I recently heard in Nexus chat that the reason players who try to teleport to their houses get an 'Invalid Transfer Destination' error is because a new player (either boosted 50 or lower level doing the introductory house quest) got transferred to that player's house instead of their own. If this is true, and the 'first teleport to housing' glitch can be addressed, both bugs should be covered.
  4. Path Suggestion Any one

    There is a little bit of overlap for flavour in each path, I think. E.g. Settler missions include bounty board kills, similar to Soldier Assassinate missions, as well as setting up 'hides' and cameras for photography... at least one of which has a very jump puzzle/Explorer feel. Whichever path you choose, just relax, have fun with it, and if you're hitting a wall, feel free to leave that mission, go off to do something else, and come back to it later.
  5. Quick follow up: I tried a common fix for hiccups - I exited the client and logged back in. Working as intended now :D Apparently it's not a MoO though - just get the targets as close to death as you can, leaving a sliver of health before you press T. [edit] also the error message was 'target conditions not met' Re: my last post.
  6. Hi all, I'm certain this was fixed at some point, because in late 2016/early 2017 I did the Whitevale questline with no issues. The exclamation mark [!] is showing targets, but I have tried weakening them to roughly 50% and 75% health, but pressing T returns 'invalid target'. I have tried to wait for the bots to cast, then interrupt them for a MoO (moment of opportunity) then press T. Again this returns 'invalid target'. If I remember correctly, the interrupt/MoO should have worked. The quest description says to weaken the targets to apply the hotfix, but in my attempts above, nothing seems to proc the quest ability. I attempted this before placing the spy cams inside the cave, and tried targets marked with an [!] both inside the cave and outside. All assistance would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks
  7. Quest Combating contagin

    While you are in EverStar Grove, head to Whisperwind Hollow. Best of luck!
  8. It is highly likely that the issue is difficult to replicate and/or pin down. Once they figure out why it's happening, then they have to apply and test the fix before queuing the change for roll-out (live implementation) during a Wednesday server reset. Even if it takes some time, Team WildStar has always kept true to their word, in my limited experience. If they say the Dev Team is aware of it, then a solution is being pursued. I do understand that it is a frustrating position to be in, as you feel the need to put housing projects on hold, which isn't fun. However, that also means players are less likely to buy decor packs from the store. Carbine knows that. They will fix this. I just can't say when. All I can say is stay frosty, and keep the faith. The one consistency that Team WildStar has is when they commit to something, they deliver, even in the face of challenges untold.
  9. Kidakadi, If you haven't yet, please submit a support ticket. Team WildStar, hi! Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  10. PvP Queue

    Welcome back! PVP is very niche. We have a small but dedicated group of PVP enthusiasts, but I have been seeing more and more new faces, which is awesome! Unfortunately, due to the speed of leveling and PVP level restrictions, PVP below 50 is difficult. You need 20 players all in the same level bracket, and that's hard to come by. However, if you have a level 50 character try around 8pm EST after world bosses are done for essence. That's peak time for BGs now, and whether or not that peters out or continues past 10p varies from day to day. When the server is in a mood during the week, (or it's a weekend) I've seen BGs start and 8p and not end until after 1a. Rare, but fun!
  11. The MMO Bookclub's Wildstar Cycle

    Burnout while leveling in dungeons mainly happens when the pool of dungeons is small (as it will be at level 20) or if you're not doing progression runs, and your carries just tear through while you run after them. I understand the preference for level rush, because especially in this case you want to get leveling out of the way to focus more on content. Questing is content, and doing mechanics and progression showcases the WildStar experience, but there's no time. I suspect every month the group spends X amt of time per game and then moves to the next selected title. Maybe try breaking up the dungeon spam with expeditions so you don't tear out your hair? Yay Steel! Good egg, that one. He's one of my PVP mentors. His housing plot sounds awesome. Just thought of something. Lower level PVP isn't really a thing...maybe put out an ad, see if there is interest, and do a few sub-50 PVP battlegrounds if enough people are available? They're 10v10 and the level brackets make numbers difficult to come by due to most of the population rushing to 50, but if you can pull it off I think it'll be pretty fun.
  12. Star-comm Station Wire: July Edition

    ...and it's Totemic. Again. Please don't let Boss Hunter be the next Madam Fay. Please please please let the rewards change next cycle! Thanks!
  13. Star-comm Station Wire: July Edition

    Hi Team Awesome! Quick question Re: Boss Hunter. The Totemic rewards have been repeating a while. Can you confirm if the Heavy Winter costume will be in the reward cycle this time? I would greatly appreciate it! Many thanks!
  14. Hmm. I guess unless someone who knows for sure can confirm, we'll have to wait until next dungeon cycle to check the vendor.
  15. Prime Eldan Gauntlet Imbuement

    A new item would have to be made. One with a different internal and external name, coded for 5 slots, else every single 5-slot Eldan Gauntlet that has ever existed since Launch might suddenly become 3-slot purple. Heart of the Claw, we mourn for you. As it is, depending on class, I think Eldan Gauntlets are superior to 3 slot until ilevel 140 or 145. I'm not too knowledgeable about that, but people in the know can confirm or correct me.