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  1. <The Final Frontier> raiding guild

    Hey y'all, big thank you to everyone who has attended TFF Karaoke Night in the past! Our next event date is November 3rd, 11:30p EST - and Karaoke Night (first Saturday of every month) will continue so long as singers and listeners continue to show up! You don't have to be a guild member, it's a community gathering - and we would love for all our WildStar friends to keep on singin' Have a spooktacular Shade's Eve, a joyful Winterfest - and yes, we are still raiding! May your Shinies ever be the shiniest!
  2. I've seen people asking for an alternative way to get Gladiator Mark costumes, as well as whether or not the Cosmic Rewards program will reward in-store Omnibit purchases so that we can experience the full tier of rewards before shutdown. I myself had asked about the Cosmic rewards in-game. I can't recall any official feedback, so I thought I'd inquire here. Many thanks!
  3. Hey Hella, players are still doing boss hunting even without the event, so it's a great way to require less PAPs. There's more to the game than the Matrix anyway. People are still gathering decor and building in housing. Players are logging in and having fun, and that is what's important. WildStar isn't dead until the server room goes dark, and whoever wants to log in and enjoy, will continue to do so. You don't have to be so negative : ) In any case, the real reason I came to post is this: The Boss Hunter Event was advertised as starting on the 21st, to end on the 28th, however I can confirm that it hasn't started yet on NA server, and I saw in another thread the same is true for EU. I humbly ask that this be looked into. Thanks!
  4. Hi Sunshine, I just want to be sure I understand... even if the exact dates are not the same as previous years, will the events be happening in October and December, such that we can be certain the game will be around for at least another 3 months? Many thanks!
  5. So no official shut down date released yet, but events for October and December confirmed. The two events happening is pretty awesome, especially for our new players who've never seen them before. Many thanks!
  6. A retired set? Aww. I think I started playing mid to late 2016 and only saw it enter the World Boss reward rotation once. Every other cycle I checked was Totemic. Ah well. Thanks for inquiring : )
  7. I would love to see Shade's Eve and Winterfest one last time before we say goodbye, but yes, a follow-up official statement would be awesome!
  8. ...and four days later: Boss Hunter challenge! I say this a lot, but I love y'all. Thanks very much! (Any chance we could see the Heavy Winter costume, instead of the Tribal one?)
  9. Wildstar in meme

    It's not yer mama's tabletop, but by gum, what a game! This is WildStar.
  10. Post your character's costume so far.

    I like all of those helm options, just roll with the one you like best; another option could be the Dominion heavy armor PVP helm, which I think is also a random drop from a dungeon, but I can't remember which one. I do not recall the dye channels at the moment, but if you like the Dominion Commander Helm, the overall look and feel of the helm is similar, but different. (It's also great for BattleStar Galactica Cylon troopers!) Source
  11. I assume since NCSoft acquired Carbine Studios in 2007, NCSoft owns the WildStar IP. It could be that we may see WildStar again. I do hope so. If it does happen, at this point, considering the reality we face, that's really all that matters. If we can use those backups, should WildStar return, great! If not, at least WildStar would be back in some form.
  12. Hi, another big 'thank you!' to the WildStar team, both in general and Re: our monthly housing event (on now! ending Thursday night/Friday morning, depending on your timezone. This cycle is the Dungeon decor theme - Torine/Osun/ProtoStar). I have another request. I have noticed a lot of players are still killing world bosses. There's gold, decor, even gear for newer level 50s that can be gained, in addition to the fun and come together-ness that world bosses provide. I humbly ask that if it is possible, please consider switching on the '40 of 75 PAPs' status of world boss caches that is usually only available during the Boss Hunter event, so that players can spend less time farming PAPs and more time making memories/having fun as we approach (the as yet unannounced) final date. Many thanks again!
  13. That is great news! Thanks very much! <3 *smashes invisible Like button*
  14. Hi, I just had a thought. As there has been no date for shutdown announced yet, what will be happening with the monthly events? E.g. will there be Residential Renovation housing event this month, etc? I know the answer might be that nothing is happening, as the news release included Carbine being dissolved, but I'm holding on to hope and a sense of routine/normalcy to ease into letting go. Thanks very much, once again, for everything. WildStar is beautiful and should never be forgotten.
  15. Why I am not giving up.

    I love the game too, and if there is anyone from NCSoft still reading the forums, if there is a way for WildStar to continue, I humbly ask that you consider it.