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  1. Custom Decor Showcase: "Music"

    Haunted Mansion Pipe Organ: Boom Box: Gold Piano:
  2. Housing Directory (NA)

    Just reached 1000 entries!
  3. This bug has been around for awhile now. I didn't see anything posted here, so I thought I would get this one the to-do list. The mannequins placed look white and are swaying like npc; they are not able to be clothed. "Opps! The following error has occurred in this Addon: Costumes. This is a Carbine Addon. You may suspend this Addon now or choose to ignore this error. If it persists, the Addon may be suspended." ui\Costumes\Costumes.lua:1632: bad argument #2 to 'SetActionData' (Game.Costume expected, got nil) stack trace: [C]: in function 'SetActionData' ui\Costumes\Costumes.lua:1632: in function 'UpdateCost' ui\Costumes\Costumes.lua:541: in function 'RedrawCostume' ui\Costumes\Costumes.lua:345: in function <ui\Costumes\Costumes.lua:328>
  4. Housing Directory (NA)

    Yeah. I don't contribute to the EU one or know the person who made it, I just knew there was one and wanted to acknowledge it. If someone EU side wants to use the template from the current NA one and start it up, please do! I'd be happy to assist!
  5. Housing Directory (NA)

    Hello Nexus Housing! Do you have random player names written on scraps of paper littering your desk so you can remember places you want to revisit? Do you think it would be helpful to have all that clutter gone and have access to one searchable document for easy referencing? Well, that is what I finally did after years of being too lazy to type it all out! I have started a searchable/editable housing directory for NA and thought that I would make it open to everyone! My hope that we can all maintain the list as a community by entering plot information and updating it as necessary. This list is for any NA plot that is public (or accessible by comm entry). Plots do not have to be "finished" to be included. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KOVDsF5yw0_pHAjJqGNLnEvbh2iVjHpOWDq32EdBy-Q/edit?usp=sharing **Shout out to Zemti and Kaeret for keeping such great records of their housing tours to assist this directory ** EU directory can be found Here
  6. I agree with Chryseia and think this is a really good idea.
  7. Valentine Housing Competition!

    Happy Valentine's Day! If you missed Legacy's stream touring the most romantic spot's on Nexus, Arcyex has a video up: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/228931861
  8. Decor packs from store got deleted from the account

    This is the same issue that I've been posting about. The items are completely gone from the spot placed, the crate, and the decor placed count. It has nothing to do with where you get the items from: store, ah, or vendors.It sometimes leaves a few of the pieces behind which is extra puzzling. It happened to me with the holo-screens from the store (were restored after ticket was submitted, but no contact was made to speak with me), random vendor decor, and random ah purchases. And it just happened again. . .
  9. Serious housing bug - disappearing decor

    Just happened again. I thought maybe there might have been a fix in this last patch. I just tried to build some things then left the skyplot to get something off the ah, when I came back everything had I just placed was missing. Just lost an Aurin gondola, a sentry tower, some half walls, and cylinder.
  10. Serious housing bug - disappearing decor

    Appreciate it! <3
  11. Serious housing bug - disappearing decor

    Bump! This keeps happening to me and it is discouraging me from playing. I create bug reports each time I notice it. It has happened on multiple plots of mine; but this characters plot seems the most affected. I recently crated a whole section, and now I don't feel like I can't build anything because just lose parts of whatever I'm trying to build whenever I log off. As building is all I do in this game, please fix this bug!
  12. Museum of Natural Talent [XFAC]

    Credit to Serrafin for the TARDIS and diorama upgrade on this one!
  13. [Entity] Winterfest Housing Extravaganza 2!

    Thank you, Judges! I am honored to be chosen as one of the winners for this years Winterfest Housing Extravaganza. Building this plot for the winter/holiday theme was so much fun and I hope that it brings smiles to everyone who visits. Congratulations to all the other winners and thank you to all who entered. It was a joy to visit your plots and I am so impressed with all your creativity and talent!
  14. Serious housing bug - disappearing decor

    Just experienced this today. Submitted a ticket as advised.
  15. [Entity] Winterfest Housing Extravaganza 2!

    Plot Owner: Violet Straza Main Character: Mesha Straza SkyPlot name: Overlook Lodge This plot features a ski resort surrounded by snowy mountains (built outside the wall). At the top of the ski slopes you'll find a hot cocoa bar and if you take the Kurg into town (bunker under their stable) you'll find a festive Christmas shopping village. *don't miss my new housing trick when you get your picture taken with Papa Phineas: Snowy windows!