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  1. Can't interact with the energy switch in Celestion either, to get one of the flags for Staking Claim.
  2. Newbie Question

    Thanks everyone for your advice, hopefully when I get to 50 and start pvp I will be a quick learner and hopefully start to gear up for it. All of your input is very much appreciated! :)
  3. Newbie Question

    Thanks a lot guys for your advice and guides! It was really helpful! :D
  4. Newbie Question

    Hi everyone, I've been around since F2P round about mid-late last year but in general I'm new to MMOs and have never experienced pvp, and I've been told that low level BGs don't ever pop (I started over with a new character as I came back recently) and I'm kind of nervous of when I get to 50 that because of my inexperience and lack of pvp knowledge and gear and whatnot that I'll be a waste of a player on the team if a queue does pop. So I came here to get some of your guys' advice or thoughts, any at all would be really appreciated and I know that my asking this is probably really green but I have to ask and start somewhere.
  5. Steam Wallet and Wildstar?

    Hi everyone! I just linked my account to steam last night due to the thought of a possibility of using steam wallet to pay for things (since I do not want to use a credit card) so I was wondering if I would be able to buy CREDD or Protobucks and such with my steam wallet instead? Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything, also, I live in Australia so I am not sure whether we have NCoin cards here if they are still available to use. Edit: Don't worry just found out I can use steam wallet
  6. Decor Item Question

    Ah okay, thank you!
  7. Algoroc funny bug/glitch?

    Oh wow, that's messed up :P
  8. Decor Item Question

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to find a skull pile decor item like the one you see in Deradune for the Great Hunt where you pile the skulls? I remember seeing a video a while ago of someone with a Draken themed houseplot and noticed they had one. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ_fnD7htRs the one you are able to see at 0:22 top right corner) I'd greatly appreciate any answers. :)
  9. New to the game

    Hi there, welcome. :) I agree that there should be more players, Wildstar really deserves it. As my first mmo, it's been a real fun, easy to ease in and I love everything about it so far (minus the pvp as I've yet to try it). Have fun levelling!
  10. Fell through the map

    Today it happened to me in Deradune after dismounting from the Retroblade, first time I've experienced this and fell into a place called "Dreadmoor" and then immediately died.
  11. Draken ladies are the coolest! (Post your pics!)

    My two new Draken, Rikari and Latia :P
  12. Share Your Artwork

    Everyone here has such great art! :D Here's mine I did today http://miniminccino.deviantart.com/art/Rikari-Spinestrike-WIldstar-OC-611908149
  13. Energy Switch in Celestion

    I am unable to use the energy switch to get the green platforms to get across to plant a flag in exo site n22...As an explorer I need to complete this Staking Claim objective. I've read previous threads about this a while ago, and thought this would be fixed?
  14. Algoroc funny bug/glitch?

    When I'm in Thayd I'll look for the trap! And that kurg is hilarious! Haha!