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  1. Electro-Drill rework when?

    Bump Nice animation but the only unviable DPS ability across every class in primal matrix.
  2. Some prime dungeons need tuning

    ~4 month bump Please fix your broken content.
  3. Current P1 GA raiding concerns

    Good other points but my statement about well tuned for the time tested still stands. And p1 Ohmna challenge has by done DNP already. Anyways, I hope devs take a look at these concerns.
  4. Some prime dungeons need tuning

    2 simple number changes that would increase the chance people actually do content you created: 1. Prime Protogames Academy Greatly decrease bomb damage scaling from the "Seek-N-Slaughter" boss. 2. Prime Coldblood Citadel Greatly decrease ghost HP scaling on final boss.
  5. Some prime dungeons need tuning

    This is not another "nerf" p13s topic that some other guy started. I just wanted to point out two of the dungeons don't seem to have difficulty in line with their rewards. 1. Prime Protogames Academy I know it's only been out 1 month, but currently on NA no one has completed p11 and on EU no one has completed p12. I personally haven't progressed it yet but I heard it's impossible due to the tuning on bomb damage from the "Seek-N-Slaughter" boss. Greatly decrease bomb damage scaling. 2. Prime Coldblood Citadel P13 has been completed by 2 groups on NA and on EU p11 is not even done. Even when the cap was p9 or p10 CBC was very rarely done due to the tuning of the last boss midphase. Greatly decrease ghost HP scaling. Please investigate these and bring them in line with other p13s.
  6. Current P1 GA raiding concerns

    I have concerns about the current raiding landscape of Wildstar with p1 GA released. Most have been brought up before but not responded to. For guilds that have cleared RMT, they might be facing these 3 issues: 1. Less incentive to do other raids besides GA. When P1 HM came out, RMT still had the best loot or means of getting it (due to upgrade tokens as well). Now, with the new 170 cap there less reasons to do older content for guilds that have done it before besides runes/costumes. 2. GA gear is poorly itemized. Almost any gear with strikethrough is not good. DPS players all have helm and shoulders tokens which are good token pieces and maybe only 1 decent tank piece. As an engi dps, I have no strikethrough anywhere on my gear and only 1 strikethrough rune (required for class set) and I am already at/above the strikethrough requirement for GA. Adding insult to injury, ruthless hardmentor runes and GA P1 set runes give 1.5% strikethrough as their bonus. 3. GA pure RNG fest not suited for raids. RNG for spammable 5 man 20 min dungeons is fine...but for special, once a week only, pinnacle of PVE, 20 man 3hr+ raids.. RNG plus a "pity timer" mechanic is better. This was done fine for tokens gear in RMT but really should be extended to all future prime raid content items. The cost is tweakable (1 GA full clear worth for +5 upgrade on items except 4 GA full clears worth for +5 on weapon, for example). Possible fixes: 1. Not sure. 2. Change strikethrough to be desired somehow. Fix bonuses on HM runes and GA 1 runes. (for example 1.5% vigor) 3. Add "rmt coins"-like upgrade option that work up to 170, possibly purchasable with the current mutagenic diagram drops. If you really want to incentive GA raiding, you could make these upgrade items also work on dungeon/expedition gear drops. PS : P1 GA is well tuned for the amount of time tested.
  7. Swabbie Ski'Li Undying Adds

    1.5 year later bump This bug is still around and last week occurred 3 times out of ~12 times.
  8. No realm first notification or achievement for that boss kill
  9. PapHero

    neat idea but that would encourage people to horde their paps until they get a huge amount instead of contributing steadily which should work better for even distribution
  10. still a problem If your inventory is full, you get a message that your inventory is full..you do get your colored essences BUT you don't get: 1. violet essences 2. dungeon rewards 3. credit for completion of the expedition as silver or gold 4. credit for t2 contract of completing an expedition
  11. There is a lot of news considering how small the team is. Communities for housing is coming out soon. Primal matrix, RMT, and prime dungeons/raids is a lot of content that you haven't finished. There is always more you can do in game to improve your character. Sure it would be nice to have a new class or race but I wouldn't count on it.
  12. The achievement and boss challenge of the Robomination boss in RMT seems broken. I Got A Bad Feeling About This Defeat the Robomination without killing any Cannon Arms while a Flailing Arm is alive Our raid has done exactly the above without getting the achievement. Can you investigate if it is working correctly?
  13. Icequivar Nerf&You

    While I do see the OP's point..people have been permabanned for cosmetic and convenience exploits that affect the game less than this Icequivar. Wildstar is already a more than fair F2P game--it doesn't hurt posting this thread but you know they won't do anything about it. I just hope they take this as a sign that people really, really, REALLY want faster mounts and do implement a higher tier riding speed.
  14. Incidental damage from accidentally flagging PVP (via heals) is not a huge issue for me, nor is getting chased after the WB is downed. BUT... there are a few who see world bosses as opportunities to gank healers (PVP centric abilities on their LAS) and totally ignore the world boss encounter-- sometimes resulting in a wipe for both sides. It doesn't happen every time but it is annoying as hell when it does. When I heal WBs now I take a cc break and some cc abilities.