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  1. FEEDBACK: Ultimate Protogames

    I have no idea. We did slimy with 10 very hangry stacks, everybody was alive at the end. The problem with gatekeeper was that he go a lot of aoe attacks but we could barely move him and position ourselves because of sentrybot in the same room (that sometimes goes under earth)
  2. FEEDBACK: Ultimate Protogames

    Yea, but it`s kind of shoudn`t be like that, right? I`m about 3-rd mob. This one is a robot and have around 800k health. Um, it says that you should have bronze in all dungeons, no?
  3. FEEDBACK: Ultimate Protogames

    Haha, funny jokes. I love funny jokes. Care to tell some more?
  4. FEEDBACK: Ultimate Protogames

    Just tried to do it for a first time (vet). Master of elements was quite fun. Even while we just zerged the waves boss was quite interesting in terms of balance "get the needed element" and "everybody suffocates". Slimy feast is just... Ridiculous. Lofite puts 4 of your group in the air, no way to bring healer back on feets in time. Fire is just too broken - it damages too much, it travels too fast and it appears too close. Green is pretty bad too, because you should move, which you don`t want to because it will give him a lot more unwanted food. However it was much more "easier" to try to tank'n'spank him. I feel like it`s really bad design - you shouldn't avoid it like that, hell, you shouldn't want to avoid all the encounter`s spice THIS much. I dunno, raise boss`s attack damage but lower "food damage"? Next - spec-ops thing. While i get quite fast what to do (and found it pretty fun) my teammates was not so fast at that. However we got to gatekeeper and, well, after 20 wipes at him we just disbanded. Is it some kind of joke? He hits even harder than slimy under 9x20% buffs and you simply can`t kite him around the room because of sentry bot. We didn`t got him lower than 80%. What the hell? So - why this dungeon is just ridiculously hard compared to all other? There is simply no way to do it at all, i`m not speaking about bronze to get access to buying orange glory gear.
  5. Um, how do you do screenshots?

    Ah, yeah, now i got it. Indeed i have dropbox with that feature on, thanks.
  6. Stalker tank build?

    I just hit 50 with my first character (yay) and decided that i don`t really like stalker`s dps mechanics and rotations, so i decided to be tank. But i can`t find any tank guide. From what i see there are option with nano-dart + nano-virus, t4 decimate looks like must-have and t8 frenzy looks pretty cool. Can i ask for any advices?
  7. PrtScn isn`t working. Well, it is working in a usual way that it stores screenshot in buffer that you can paste, but it doesn`t make wildstar make screenshot. What i`m doing wrong, i clearly remember you could do screenshots in wildstar. I even have a folder with pretty old screenshots.
  8. I don`t think that it`s bad idea. If you are really inspired about that, don`t let this flame die out. Try different approaches.
  9. Freeses every 3-5 sec

    Okay, i found what was the matter. I noticed that there were windows loading cursor instead of wildstar`s, so i thought a bit and turned overwolf off, and immidiatly game stoped lagging but camera instantly faced the ground and there were no way to turn it at all. I relaunched and everything is alright. Conclusion: overwolf somehow messes with wildstar in terms of input and something else.
  10. Freeses every 3-5 sec

    Every 3-5 sec game freezes for sec or two. While it happens gpu usage drops down too. It doesn`t matter what video settings are used - it freezes at ultra high and at ultra low. I played wildstar with same spec normaly a year ago or smth like that. Any ideas what is causing this?
  11. Need help about my computer

    Malwarebytes is realy great. Also you may want to try DrWeb Qureit!(i dunno if there is english version, i bet there are). Also seek for weird programs in"delete proggrams" after you finished with mbam AND qure it. But if something there is realy rooted, you should try to run drweb/mbmam from Live-cd (or get your hard drive out of your pc and connect it to other as additional hard drive and run antivirus there)
  12. Pvp queue time?

    ... dead, right?
  13. Pvp queue time?

    I returned to game and decided to try go more pvp (i`m lvl 33 now) and for some time it was okay, but yesterday (and today) queue time suddenly broke the roof - i`m in queue for 2 hours and still no progress. Is it okay or... game suddenly dead now?
  14. Warrior tank guide?

    Is there any in depth guide where any single skill and amp explained?
  15. Stealth breaks to often, even on low Enemies.

    I was realy surprised when i got that mobs have conus of view where they will find you with much higher chance. No mmo i know do not have this feature. And i find it realy awesome.