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  1. Path Suggestion Any one

    I have to agree, it´s mostly about your own taste when it comes to choosing paths. Mind you, you can choose any path and then just forget about it entirely, treating it as just another step during character-creation. Nothing wrong with that. Of course that takes some, some might say a lot, of the fun away. The settler-path seems, to me that is, the most satisfying one as it gives not only you but other players as well certain boni. Only for a limited time though but once you´ve build an enhancer or mailbox or whatnot its existence/time can be prolonged by adding more materials in the build-menu. As far as I know even by other settlers that happen to be around. And I think it remains in game even after you´ve logged out/moved to another area until its time runs out. As for the "parkour-problem"... Have you tried using a mount instead of going by foot? Sometimes a hooverboard gives you just that extra-push needed to reach certain spots. Other mounts seem to be a bit too big vision-wise as their size gets into the way and tends to obscure the surrounding. Or maybe you could try another movement-speed? Often players forget that there are 3 different speed-levels available. Walk, jog and run. ;)
  2. Decor inside the Lazarin's Laboratory FABKit

    Hmmm... Not quite sure and thus guessing but, is that a FABkit where you can earn points by solving a quest/task? If so, I think it´s build to be "unmanipulatable". Just so the challenge/quest can work without problems caused by objects not belonging into the setting. I have the Ice Pond FABkit, the one with the "Ice Anomalies" challenge, installed on my plot and whenever I try to built something even near it I get this force-field-thingy which prevents objects to even reach inside the kit. Maybe that´s the case with your FABkit too?
  3. Bank Slot purchase not working

    Thanks a whole bunch! The first option with the rather simple "Reset All" worked like a charm! Sometimes I really wonder if maybe I should think just a little bit more... ;) :)))
  4. Bank Slot purchase not working

    Well yeah I kinda seem to have the same problem... When you open your personal bank, it shows like 8 slots/bagplaces at the bottom, the ones at the far right and left are almost out of frame. And there seems to be no way to scroll along or move the displayed line... Thus I am unable to equip a new bag because there is no empty slot on display... The in-game store politely tells me that I have reached the limit of available slots with my latest purchase which means I DO have 2 more slots available but I simply cannot reach/equip them... Any suggestions on THAT? Pretty please?
  5. Female Chua? Yes! (Fan Art)

    Cute? Well certainly yes! Evil? Hmmm.... Not sure... I mean... If those lips would suddenly curl up to reveal more and pointy rodent fangs I would not be surprised. Besides. who knows what she´s hiding under that sweater! ;) :))) Oh and btw somehow she reminds me of Happy Tree Friends... I wonder what Chuas would think of that show... Anyways, great job!
  6. You are aware of the fact that most if not all things on sale at the store or being offered as prizes at Madame Faye are purely "optical/cosmetical", have no actual game-changing-effect(s)? Therefore, personally, I think they can be put on hold developmentwise. Although I agree that maybe a little more diversity would be nice. Maybe a new theme based on one of the many map-sectors like Malgrave or Blighthaven for example. Personally I am content with what is on offer right now. I mean, there are still all the architects offering their products and surely they wouldn´t mind a couple more customers right now... You have to keep in mind that there have to be some priorities developmentwise. Either the community wants new game-parts, raids, areas opened or changes to existing game-mechanics OR the community wants optical changes, more stuff to purchase, new gear with matching costume-parts. I think the latter can be put on hold until some of the first mentioned are completed/released. But hey, that´s just my humble opinion....
  7. How do I use a FABkit?

    Note 3: And don´t forget that you can only have 1 harvesting-FABkit + the Garden FABkit Which means you can build the Garden FABkit on a 1x1 slot, the ones left and right to the large "Your House Goes Here"-plot in the center of your plot, and either a Minig, Relic-Hunter or Survivalist-FABkit on any other 1x1-slot. As for the youtube-tutorials:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fabkit+wildstar They´ve quite a lot... However, if anything else fails, just ask the community either ingame or here ;)
  8. I have to agree with the first picture but was wondering if the other blades wouldn´t kinda "remain stuck" upon impact should they rotate in the opposite direction? Apart from #1 and #3 the look more like puncturing rather than slicing when hitting. Course with enough momentum/speed they would puncture and then rip through... *ewwwww*
  9. Housing portal

    Hmmm... True, that can become a problem. I think the best way to solve this would be to have each piece/part of the housing-portal become a placeable object by itself with an option to not place it and instead keep it inside the personal crate for free. Right now you have the platform and the stairs, the resurrection-thingy, the vendor and the teleporter-pad and I´m pretty sure not everyone has use for all of them. The platfrom with the stairs could be replaced by a general "Landing-zone" without any structure, just some general, maybe tube-shaped, invisible border/outline. That way you could place it anywhere on your plot maybe even inside the house. Course, in order to keep it from become a death-trap via falling-damage you might have to add some sort of "glass-floor" to it incase someone gets creative with its positioning. :rolleyes: ;) As for the other objects, well except for the teleporter-pad I would make them optional. The teleporter could become a placeable object with colorshifts and all. Maybe even multiple teleporters with increasing prices after the first, free one, has been placed. I mean, not everyone needs the vendor at her/his plot since they can be accessed in the capitals as well, can´t they? And dying on a plot should be difficult to say the least. Unless of course someone has build an elaborate, all consuming death-trap, which seems, in my opinion quite difficult unless you set up chutes and high cliffs everywhere... Anyways, yeah I´ld support this request!
  10. [Interactive] Wildstar Product Survey

    Well lets see... 1. I usually use IRL currency for purchases either via paysafe or paypal and most of the time I buy Protobucks. I usually spend those on fortune-coins or the occasional pack of service-tokens/lockbox-keys. Sometimes I might see a costume-set or weapon-pack that feels right and then I might feel shopping-spree-ish ;) :P :D I once bought CREDD but it turned out I kinda misunderstood/misread what they were good for and thus quickly sold them for some much needed Plat. 2. Right now I feel rather content with what is on offer but how about some... "Dufflebags" *poke, poke* ? :rolleyes: Ah yeah, Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten from me as well!
  11. The “No Apologies” Steam Award

    Done, done, dooone :P
  12. Ground Remodel: Whitevale is far from white.

    I´m not sure but maybe it´s because of the sky you´re using? There are several skies that might improve your "Snowy experience" For instance, I´m using the Whitvale-ground with the Cold-sky which looks pretty white to me since and the Sky adds actual snowfall. However, if you plan on building structures like houses the snow will ignore the walls and roofs and you´ll have indoor snowfall. ;) :)) NO snowfall however inside your actual house though. The Arcterra-skies however can "unwhite" the ground since they provide northern-lights-like effects that kinda draw out the actual ground-color.
  13. Role-Playing-Rotations or "Gunning them down with Style"

    Oh! That steam-punkish vibe I quite like! I used to be into shadowrun back when I was younger but had to quit due to real-life and suff... I´ll see if I can recreate these outfits with what I have in my character´s wardrobe and then see if old Eisbrand Schweigstill is up for the task... ;)
  14. Hi There! Me again :o Ok, I´ve noticed a whole lot of suggestions for rotations for various playing styles like damage-dealer or supporting-gunner and I´m really thankful for those. But I was wondering if there are any suggestions for Role-Playing-Rotations out there? I mean some of the Spellslinger´s abilities have pretty neat if not self-explanatory names that seem to fit perfectly into/for? role-playing. For example Wild Barrage or Rapid Fire bring a dialogue between Allan Quartermain and Tom Sawyer from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" to my mind even so it´s actual effect isn´t quite like that: Quartermain: Now, would you like to learn to shoot? Sawyer: I can already. Quartermain: Oh, I saw. Very American. Fire enough bullets and hope to hit the target. Assassinate on the other hand kinda just begs to be either "The finisher" or to be used from behind the enemy. The same kinda goes for True Shot although I can imagine a Spellslinger aiming at a target from a distance, read faaaar away, and then, slooowly, pulling the trigger... And Quick Draw is a now-brainer name wise. :) ;) :D As for the Support / Utility-Abilities, I have to admit that although I like them a lot, they kinda feel "out of character" name-wise. Mind you, I´m not that much into RP myself, just wondering if such rotations might actuially exist...
  15. (Wieder-) Einsteiger Fragerunde

    Hallo! "Fragestunde", klingt gut! Bin eher der casual/Gelegenheitsspieler werd also nicht soooo in der Lage sein auf tiefergehende Fragen zu antworten ;) . Was das "gehen" angeht, jau das geht. Auf dem num-pad die taste neben der 0/einfg. Es gibt drei Gangarten: Schlendern - Laufen - Rennen. Jeder Klick ändert die Gangart. Zu den Völkern kann ich nicht wirklich was sagen aber mein Eindruck ist das Aurin und Menschen/Exile ziemlich häufig vorkommen. Granok eher selten und Mordesh agieren so ziemlich im Mittelfeld. Was die Dominion-Fraktion angeht da bin ich eher unschlüssig da ich keine wirkliche Erfahrung mit denen hab. Liegt wahrscheinlich daran das die Völker keine Boni haben als solche haben. Zum RPing, sorry wie gesagt bin eher casual-gamer.