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  1. Housing Directory (NA)

    You worked really hard on this list and I hope people appreciate all the hard work you did
  2. Fixing Battlegrounds

    I also think that players should only be able to use pvp gear in pvp. I see many using some pve gear.
  3. Realistic chance at a new class?

    I hate that we are still longing for a new class for this game with no hope of getting anything. I wish there was something the developers or even NCsoft would do to. I mean it’s a slippery slope because the existing player base wants new classes zones expedition dungeons to keep us here and if we don’t get these thing they will lose the current player base. So they really need to make some new stuff in order to keep the game going. I never seen a business structure were you want you product to just die.
  4. Ideas: New FABKits!

    I would like to see more plugs that way we can spread the fabkits out more. Increase more the limits of fabkits on a plot would be nice. I like the biomes but rather have them on 1x1. I also wish we could place more then one garden on a plot. Could be a true farmer. Also some of the fab kits in my opinion should just become decor instead. Like the well, outhouse, silo, windmill. These should just be decor items instead
  5. Rep vendors

    Hey devs. Can you please add items to the rep vendors in each zone. Each vendor should carry items you would find in the zone they are in. Like in Ellevar they should have the trees plants rocks etc etc. There are so many items theat the housing community wants and needs also. Any chance we can get some more basic shape building blocks for each race like flat circles oblong triangles. Rectangles. A flat square with an open circle in it to put tube through thanks
  6. Devs.... Let's have a talk, shall we?

    I agree with the original post. Carbine doesn’t seem to care about WS, and that’s sad. I love this game so much. I would hate to see it go. From what I can see a representative from carbine can’t even take the time to chime in and tell us we are right or wrong. If you want to keep the existing customers then you need to make some updates. Otherwise just close it down. I don’t want it to close but if your letting this beautiful game just fall apart. You have players that really care about this game. It’s time for you to care about your players.
  7. - get rid of metal boarders please. They are just plain awful and annoying to work on and or around. - wish we could have different plot lay outs rather the 3 top 2 bottom. We should be able to place them in a straight line, x pattern, z pattern - I understand the portal is still never gonna be fixed but I always hope there would be a better work around. Maybe give us an option to change the look of it. One for each race would be really nice. Tighten up the force field around it so it’s not so bad to work on and around I really love wildstar and the housing system. I think if we had a few tweaks it would be even better.
  8. I was a bit disappointed at the state of the game announcement. It did really say much of anything. In my opinion the way mmos stay around is by bringing in new thing to do. New zone New raid New expedition New class New pvp New housing decor in game and store Character creation updates like faces tails hair I can’t for the life of me why they want wildstar to fail. The game has a beautiful world and characters. But players new and old need fresh things to do. That’s how any mmo will stay Cmon carbine and NCsoft. Start giving the player base new stuff
  9. Character creation

    Will we ever get so new hair and faces for the races. I wish we could get some of the awesom aurin hair styles on the humans. And we need more male human faces please.
  10. Realistic chance at a new class?

    It’s sad cause I would love a kung fu gauntlet class like from Blade and Soul. A staff classs would be nice too. I like some of those classes in b&s but not crazy on the play style. Wildstar has a better open world and story
  11. Can we see some differentiation for Melee Esper?

    I agree with you
  12. Wildstar needs a new class...

    Dear Devs I know your team is small which makes me mad because your game is so beautiful. The animation style and world are everything I love. That’s why I rarely play my other mmos I really think it’s time to unlock the classes to all races. But my dream would to have two classes that I loved in Blade and Soul brought to the world of Wildstar One is that summoner class that use the staff and a familiar. It’s such a fun set to play. This I could see as a new healer dps The other one from Blade and Soul would be the kung fu class hat just uses there fist. But for Wildstar I could see extreme gauntlets that are fueled by thunder and lightning. This I would see and the new tank dps I hope for one day that we would get some new stuff for this game. One can dream I guess
  13. Expansion pls

    Maybe not a new huge expansion but maybe new stuff quarterly and or semi annual. Little things like character creation updates like hair, colors etc. expanding he primal matrix’s. I want more ability points lol. New housing building blocks. And other items. I love this game and we may have a small community then some. But this is a beautiful made game. I don’t want to see it shut down. That’s why we need new little things Please NCsoft. Give carbine some more funds to make the game come alive.
  14. Housing portal

    Hey devs. Can you please do something about the housing portal. The community really would appreciate it if we could build on it around it better. Would be great if we could use building blocks like 2x4, floors, pillars really get on it with the force field blocking every move we try to do. I get we can block the actual portal that lets us on the plot but the force field and platform just plain sucks when trying to design the plot. There needs to be a fix around this for the housing community. Please do something for us to make life easier to build
  15. Player Housing Decoration and Feature Wishlist (Reboot)

    I also wish a community could share each other’s crates